Chapter 3: The Seventh Heaven to 100% in Final Fantasy VII Remake

We tell you how to overcome Chapter 3: The Seventh Heaven of Final Fantasy VII Remake at 100%. Leave nothing undone in your fight against Shinra.After finishing Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters in Final Fantasy VII Remake , the Avalanche group returns to Sector 7, where they have their base of operations. Well, something like that. They have a bar. And he who has a bar, has a treasure. Go straight west until you see a stream , because there is nothing worthwhile at the station. Then continue west until you reach the neighborhood of sector 7 .

At the moment they only let you go to Tifa’s bar . Zoom in to see another sequence. Then talk to Barret, Tifa and Marlene; then get out of the bar and go after your partner. Enter the apartment when you arrive.

When you regain control of Cloud, go to the apartment next door to see what happens. When you can leave your apartment, do not go down to the street. Go around the building and climb a ladder. No, your party is not waiting for you upstairs, but a chest with a phoenix tail is waiting for you . As soon as you go down, you will meet Marle . Through the central area you can enter a lot, where there are cats and a chest with 2 stimulants . Now, if you go to the central area of ​​the south bank, you should find some stairs that lead you to a chest with an ether . Behind Tifa’s bar, you should find another with 2 ultra potions , as well as some stairs that lead you to a tunnel, and from there you will in turn reach theextreme northwest, a lot with another chest with 3 grenades .

There is nothing else you can do for now before advancing the story. Head to Tifa’s bar to watch a sequence. Then go following Tifa to get the job done. You can take the opportunity to buy objects, we recommend that you take an icy material . Follow after Tifa and talk to a couple more characters. They will teach you how to modify your weapon .

With Tifa on the team , go southwest. Once on Junk Boulevard , you can start by going southwest, skirting the entire map without getting close to the center, to defeat monsters and get used to Tifa . In the extreme west there will be a chest with 2 antidotes . By the time you get to the north bank, your partner should say that there are no more enemies. For now you cannot go to the north zone . Go through the cave and grab the icy stuff that you can see glowing in a nook and go back to Biggs and Wedge.

With the sequence finished, speak to the clerk at the weapons store . You will receive an iron sword and you will be able to buy weapons and accessories … although for now you will be short of money. Then talk to Wymer , the next objective, and you will meet Chadley , who will give you the subject of analysis .

Before continuing, you must complete, at least, The Squatters of the Factory (any order will do, in principle). Shortly after, you will see a sequence near the bar, you will lose freedom of movement and you will have to follow Tifa . Beat up the Sentinels, including an elite one. Nothing special. Then you will regain freedom of movement. Now, make sure you have completed:

  • The squatters in the factory(if you haven’t done it before).
  • Chadley’s report.
  • The siege of the rodent front.
  • Pussycat escape.
  • A dog with very bad fleas.
  • The new foreman of Tallaga.

Already put, make sure you have eliminated 50 enemies or more, and go to this point on the map in the southwest area. Talk to the woman in front of the sign to receive 5 potions (for defeating 10 enemies), a Phoenix Earrings (for defeating 20 enemies) and an ethereal matter (for defeating 50 enemies). You can also speak to Chadley to submit Combat Reports. If you can, take at least one Aeolian Materia, for having more variety of elemental attacks at your fingertips.

Before moving on , go back to the apartments to watch a sequence with Marle. Go upstairs and change the filters in your apartment, in the sink, and try to do it with the apartment next door before entering Tifa’s and talking to her. Choose the answer you want, but make a note of it for later games . Going down, you will get a New Moon Amulet . Finally, go to the back of Tifa’s bar and talk to the NPC by the record player to get track 27. Chocobo Hip Hop .

After, yes, go to Seventh Heaven to continue the story. Ponte to play darts and try to get the highest score before you sit at the bar again.

Get out of the bar when you can and get up close to those … gentlemen … so … bloody … suspicious. Go after them. You will have to defeat four enemies, be careful not to turn your back on them or they will grab you for a few seconds that the rest will use to beat you. After the victory, go to your apartment to rest and you will see a sequence. Upon completion, you will get Ifrit’s Summoning Materia .

Do a manual save before talking to Jessie , because starting Chapter 4: Mission at midnight will have an event with a lovable trophy .

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