How To Defeat All Enemies In Final Fantasy VII Remake

We show you How To Defeat All Enemies In Final Fantasy VII Remake. If it is necessary to know something to avoid them tanning your back.Final Fantasy VII Remake will confront us with loads of enemies and different creatures . So that you do not have problems when it comes to finishing any of them, in this bestiary we will show you all the normal enemies and how to finish them , including some that, in Hard mode, could take your guts out before you realize what they have done. last. It should be noted that we do not include the final bosses to avoid spoilers . In that other section you have detailed information on each of them, tips for each phase and a video of the Hard mode.

Do not forget that there are enemies that also appear in the Colosseum and virtual battles , check the rounds of each challenge to see if what you are looking for is there.

How To Defeat All Enemies In Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Shinra cannon fodder. If you have problems with these enemies, change the game, this is not your thing.

Elite Sentinel

He’s a bit more dangerous than the normal sentry. The shotgun is quite dangerous on Hard , and melee attacks with the baton are quite fast, but it is still nothing more than a basic enemy.


It can be more dangerous than it sounds if you don’t focus on it as soon as it appears. Use explosives that can knock you down , putting you at a disadvantage against other enemies. However, he has less life than other soldiers , so he will not be a threat for long.

Elite grenadier

A stronger version of the Grenadier. There is not much to say.

Riot gear

Obviously, you can’t hit him head-on . The damage will be reduced, and even hits like End of Eternity will cause you to bounce and lose your balance. The way to finish them off is with Cloud’s Offensive stance, keeping the guard with R1 and thus counterattacking, using a character to hit from behind or simply throwing magic and frying it .

Elite riot gear

Here things get a bit complicated. It doesn’t wobble when taking the first hit of a counter , so you don’t get excited about the offensive stance. In this specific case, we do recommend casting magic so that it does not leave you blocked while other soldiers shoot you.

Incendiary Guard

This enemy is armored so he won’t easily stumble when carrying milks. The cool part is that he ‘s vulnerable to fire, and if you hit him from the back, the tank explodes , making him basically a wrestler to destroy.


An enemy specialized in melee. Dodge most direct hits . What you should do is either spit Pyro or use Cloud’s Offensive stance , which will cause him to go into Fatigue when blocking the first hit.

Elite fighter

Improved version of the Luchador. It has a couple more moves, but nothing that doesn’t counteract in the same way. Do not let them last long or they will turn into a real nightmare.

Armored fighter

One of the toughest normal enemies . He’s not particularly imaginative in his attacks: shots can be blocked, and when he raises his sword, you can counter with Cloud Offensive. The problem comes when you take a certain amount of life from him and he uses Armor Buster – he will cause an explosion around him, quite damaging, and he will turn into a Sonic Fighter .

Sonic fighter

This enemy will appear whenever you fight an armored Fighter , when he explodes his armor . It can also just appear in this basic form. Since it is quite fast and attacks without stopping moving, it is best to set it on fire or use Cloud Offensive to counter its attacks on the run.

Air fighter

One of the biggest ass pimples in the game. Don’t waste a moment and throw Aero so that it falls to the ground . Otherwise, you will have to wait for one of the kicks to counterattack with Offensive. Option B is to use Barret’s or Aeris’s attacks to undermine it little by little.

Elite Airfighter

Like the previous one, but stronger.

3rd Class Soldier

Of Shinra’s troops, he is the most dangerous enemy . He’s fast, attacks with little charge time, casts magic, and has long-distance physical attacks. You have two options: scorch them with Pyro, or hit one with Cloud, maintain the Offensive, counterattack and launch your most powerful attack. Keep in mind that they always or almost always go in pairs or supported by other soldiers, which increases their threat level considerably. Priority in any confrontation in which they appear .

Guard dog

The basic “dog” type enemy. It moves quite fast , which can make it difficult to hit with normal attacks. It is best to use fast electro-type magic, which you will not be able to dodge.

Guardian hound

This time the dog is much more dangerous and has much more life . The moveset is quite similar to the one of the guard dog, so try to use magic to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

Bloodthirsty hound

The strongest version of dogs . The enemy’s own description warns you that he will dodge magic, except electro, which is always right. It has a pretty dangerous grappling attack , so keep your distance whenever you can. If you see him pounce on Cloud, feel free to use Offensive, he will go into Fatigue quickly.


It’s just junk.

Ocelodradora II

This enemy is immunized against the type of attack you use . If you hit him with normal attacks, he immunizes against physical damage temporarily, and if you hit him with magic he does the same. The idea is that you alternate the type of attack you use when you see a barrier deploy. If your magic bounces, hit; If your punches bounce, cast magic. If you don’t stop attacking, he won’t have a chance to use his abilities .

Laser turret

Basic autonomous weapon. It is not particularly dangerous. Barret and Aeris’s ranged attacks can melt them in no time, but if you find it difficult, use electro.

Laser cannon

Improved version of the laser turret. Nothing particularly remarkable.

Missile launcher

Here things get a bit complicated. They are very resistant, and when attacking them, they launch an area electric attack around them . They are also quite damaging, so it is best to throw your electro magics as soon as you see them to neutralize the threat.


Another armored turret that you must eliminate with electro magic . They keep sustained fire on a character, which can cause them to stagger and be exposed to other attacks. As with missile launchers, you should get them out of the way as soon as possible.

How To Defeat/KILL All Enemies In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Defensive turret

An improved version of the previous one. Nothing new to add.

Stun cannon

More scrap from Shinra. All of these spider bots have an area attack around them that is quite annoying . You will identify it because they surround themselves with an electric bubble that they then explode. However, they go down with a couple of attacks.

Stun cannon

Improved version of the stun gun. Nothing remarkable, be careful when they start to fly, it will be more difficult to reach them.

Exterminating cannon

An extremely annoying enemy . It is very easy to leave it in Vulnerable, since the bar rises automatically when taking X damage in three phases. However, it happens that when entering Vulnerable it emits a repellent field that separates your characters . Here what you have to do is use Cloud’s sword beam, Barret’s attacks or fry it with electro. If you constantly attack, he won’t have time to do anything other than use the machine gun , which is not especially dangerous.


The artist formerly known as Sweeper. It is one of the strongest Shinra machines among normal enemies, and it has a few variants. However, they are all vulnerable to lightning . If you put a couple of electros in it, it will fall to the ground, a moment that you can take advantage of to use Cloud’s Piercing Charge and leave it in Vulnerable.

Lethal Annihilator

It is a version of the Annihilator that goes berserk when taking X damage and attacks in an erratic pattern . The best thing is to destroy the arms to neutralize those attacks and that it enters Vulnerable.


It is a version of the Annihilator that carries saws instead of long-range weapons. The best way to finish him off is to maintain the Offensive with Cloud to counterattack and, after each barrage of blows, cast electric magic. Note that he has a sweeping attack around him to take your characters off his shoulder if they are stalking him.


The Sierritas de Sam. It’s a stronger version of the Shredder , but it performs the same.


It is the most dangerous mecca in the entire game, and yet if you know it is going to appear, it is extremely simple to defeat . From the outset, the bug has what we are going to call an “active shield”: the ball saws rotate constantly, preventing melee . What you have to do is launch electro magic against the enemy. It will stop spinning the saws, but now has some powerful electric attacks . Unload, in Hard mode, can do on the order of 5,000 points of damage, and Max Voltage will surely kill one of your characters instantly (more than 8,500 damage).

What you need to do is equip, in combined armor slots, the electrical and elemental matter . If the elemental is at level 2, the electric attacks will not hurt you. If it is at level 3, they will directly heal you. Knowing that is extremely useful for the Hard Simulator phases where this bad beast appears, really.


It is a strong monster, but extremely basic . Give him milk and that’s it.


It is not the most dangerous mecca, but it is one of the most annoying enemies in the game . It will always appear in areas with circles on the ground through which it moves, without the possibility of taking damage during the duration of the animation. He enters Fatigue when he receives X damage , a moment that you should take advantage of to leave him in Vulnerable yes or yes. Otherwise, he goes crazy and starts unloading all kinds of attacks. He can cast Paro on a character who is close to him , then use the Deadly Hammer, a combo that can quickly get you ready for your papers. As soon as he enters Fatigue, cast Electro ++ (you won’t have time to use it before it moves if it isn’t) to fan the fight on the fast track.

Brain carrier

This is a pretty stupid mini-boss . It just poisons you, uses life-absorbing magic, and multiplies to try to outdo you simply by being more than you. No specific strategy is necessary , one Electro ++ can ventilate several with a single impact.

Suspicious guy

A simple human with a razor. The most dangerous thing he can do is Immobilize , an attack that he will only do when you turn your back on him. This is a grappling attack that doesn’t hurt, but leaves you at the mercy of your teammates’ blows. It is just another enemy of the pile.

Minion of Corneo

Practically the same as the previous one . Nothing remarkable.

Beast tamer

More human rabble. The real enemy will not be him, but the beast that accompanies him , the most dangerous thing he can do is use Spider Thread, which causes you to brake.


More common humans. It remains a basic and uncomplicated enemy.

The Chungo

I refuse to repeat the same thing over and over again about human enemies.

The Pardi

No, no matter how much they change, human enemies of this type are still mere cannon fodder.

The Broncas

Let’s see, how do I put it: normal humans pose no threat of any kind .


Here the thing changes a bit. The Thug is the only truly dangerous human enemy . It happens that (I get tired of being a man) he does not wobble from attacks , and when you hit him a couple of times, he makes a grabbing movement and smashes you into the ground. The trick is to take a step back each time he starts to move , which will lead directly to Fatigue and you can pound him a bit until he recovers. Watch out for the knee , it covers more distance than it seems, and the shoulder charge is a two-phase attack , so dodge a second time when using it.


An ordinary beast, nothing remarkable.


A subspecies of Toxirrata, stronger and more dangerous , but still a lesser enemy.


Another common enemy in landfills. He has a nasty habit of using Feast to grab a character , exposing them to other monsters’ attacks.


Larvoraz subspecies – bigger and stronger, just as stupid and easy to kill.


One of the first flying enemies you will meet. If you see that it is annoying, a blow with Aero brings it down to ground level , where you can land your best shots.


A bigger and more dangerous version of the Minibrillópter. Use Aero or better versions to get him down quickly and prevent him from using his ice attacks.

Alpha Glow Copter

The most dangerous Glimmer . When he launches the wormhole, the characters are drawn to that point, and Gravity ++ does terrible damage, but it will never kill you . The key is to give him milk while he prepares Gravity ++: the spell casts him at ground level, and if you damage him, you break the attack and he becomes vulnerable to magic.


As you can imagine, it can cause Poison . However, it will fall almost instantly with an Ice +.

Toximantis queen

Much more dangerous version of the Toximantis. It can fill the area with threads , causing the Brake state to get in the way, and of course, it can poison you. Cast ice magic to get her out of the way before she poses a real threat.


Strongest subspecies of Toximantis . You can end her in the same way.


Although it falls with a couple of blows, it is extremely dangerous . The reason for this danger lies in his Bubbling Siege attack , which can put your entire team to sleep . Considering that it usually appears with Sahuagines, the effect can be devastating.


A normal enemy without much risk. When he starts spinning, cast magic on him or defend yourself with Cloud Offensive to knock him off balance and into Fatigue.


Basic enemy, falls with a couple of hits, nothing special.

Sharp pork

Spin subspecies. He throws buffs on himself and the enemies that accompany him , which makes them more dangerous than normal. You should focus on him when he appears, because it sucks to fight enemies with beneficial states.


mecca vulnerable to Lightning quite resistant. If you see the Maddening Gas attack , try hitting it quickly – it goes into Fatigue instantly when charging the attack, and you can knock it to the ground before it starts charging by filling the zone with gas that causes Altered States. Be careful because when it dies it explodes, and it can do a lot of damage .


Giant subspecies of the Smoker . In order for it to enter Vulnerable quickly, you must cast electrical magic on the wrecking ball . The ball cannot be destroyed and is almost immune to physical damage, but if you hit it with electricity, it raises its Vulnerable bar faster than hitting directly on the mech’s body.


A common enemy, but quite annoying . When using Defensive Guard don’t use physical hits, instead cast an ice magic to quickly air out the combat.


Extremely dangerous . If you see the Harpoon jump, get as far away as you can . He will lose his weapon, but he will turn you into a frog, leaving you with a couple of special attacks and nothing else. Ideally, use fire magic as soon as you appear.


Subspecies of Sahuagin, considerably more dangerous than the original . The main difference with the previous one is that it usually stays still when attacking, except for the Jump attack . When it takes X damage, it is permanently in Fatigue, making it easy to remove it. Watch out for Curse of Sahuagin, it dodges by rolling.


An ordinary enemy. No problem.


It is one of those enemies that protects itself from the type of attack you use . If you use physics, it becomes immune to them, and if you use magic, cast Mirror to make them bounce. If you just start throwing a Pyro +, it should be enough to wipe them off the map. And without the need to cross the proton beams!


A subspecies stronger than the ghost . With Dispel Barriers, of the dissipative matter, you will nullify the Mirror and you can remove it from the middle instantly with fire magic.


It is extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to fight it , but it has a trick. It is very simple, do not attack him, start walking around him, but without being completely attached to him . His attacks are not such, but counterattacks. Your two allies’ AI typically doesn’t hit enough to trigger the Blade or Eye for an Eye, and when it takes a few steps toward a target without being hit , it goes into Fatigue . That’s when you can hit a couple of times, before he recovers and repeats until you finish him off.

Monstrous insect

An enemy that appears in swarms. It does not have anything special.


This is a normal enemy, but if you stay close when he uses Shout, he will paralyze you for a few seconds. Throw ice to get it out of the way quickly.

Mutant Tentaguard

One of the most annoying enemies in the entire game . It is extremely resistant, which does not make it dangerous. Turns out it can spawn a clone, if you take it down, the original will go into Fatigue . The problem is that it is still very, very hard. The positive part is that when there is only one left, you can attack almost constantly without being able to respond to your blows.

Floating Tentaguard

Variant of the common Tentaguarda. It will not give you more trouble than the original.

Infernal hound

This unique enemy has a rather curious vulnerability: you must throw ice and a healing magic at him . This will cause the flames around him to go out and he enters Vulnerable almost instantly, allowing you to slap him until he recovers. When the flames reappear, repeat the ice + cure so that it falls back to the ground.


To safely defeat a Bom, you must hit it while it spits fire . At that point he is quite vulnerable and if you deal enough damage he will go into Fatigue. You have to be careful when you see Warm-up, if you hit there it will grow and get stronger. If it grows too large, it will explode and will almost certainly take one of your characters ahead.


Winner for years of the “Most hated monster in the saga” award. If you protect yourself from altered states with Resistance , it becomes a real joke. If you want more details on where to find it and how to deal with it, you can consult our entry on how to find and defeat a Molbol .

Specimen H0512-OPT

They offer support to Specimen H0512 . They are not much of a threat until the combat progresses and they start using Self Destruction , kill them quickly or try to dodge them.

Aps breeding

They appear to support their mother during the combat against Aps and Baby Aps . They are not too dangerous.

Naughty Aps Breeding

Breeding subspecies of Aps. You will have to hunt him down as part of the story, it does not pose any challenge.

Secret specimen

Mutants product of the experiments with Mako. They usually appear in groups and use high-level magic like Electro ++ , so you have to get them out of the way before they pose a serious threat. Fortunately, they do not have a very high standard of living.

Behemoth zero

A gigantic bad beast . When confronting him during Dangers Underground , you should focus on destroying the legs (hind legs first, then front legs). At that moment you can damage the horns until they break . It is vitally important that you manage to destroy the horns, because if you do not, when you die it will roar and cause the roof to fall on your head , which can cause considerable damage. Their attacks are fairly simple, but they cover a lot of ground and are difficult to dodge . Notably, he will not use the roar attack upon death if you engage him in the Combat Simulator.


A special enemy. In principle, it only appears during the fight with Fat Chocobo , and will fall with a couple of blows.

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