5 Johnny Incidents In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Johnny Incidents In Final Fantasy VII Remake.We show you how to complete every encounter with Johnny in Final Fantasy VII Remake, so you can easily get the Johnny’s Life Trophy.As you progress through the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake , you will meet Johnny , a character who was already present in the original and whose presence is now somewhat more frequent. Johnny has a series of optional encounters after the mandatory one during Chapter 3 . If you manage to complete all these encounters, you will get the Johnny’s Life Trophy . It should be noted that they can be completed in any order . That is, if in your first game you see all the matches except those of 9, when you repeat and do those of 9, you will get the Trophy.

So that you do not have any problems, here we will show you all the Jonny encounters available in the game, except for the mandatory history ones. As prevention is better than cure , we have included all except the history ones, so it is possible that some, like the one in the Colosseum, are not completely necessary . You just in case do them all, it costs nothing.

5 Johnny Incidents In Final Fantasy VII Remake


  1. First time at Mercado Muro
  2. In search of recommendations
  3. Johnny picked up his rifle at the Colosseum
  4. Complete Don’t stop the party
  5. Complete Thief on the Run

First time at Mercado Muro.

When you get to the Mercado Muro the first time (Chapter 9), as you approach the steps leading to Don Corneo’s house , Johnny will enter the scene. The “Talk to Johnny” Find will be activated . Go after him to the Bee Inn to the northwest and talk to him. Answer “Yes” just in case .

In search of recommendations.

This part also takes place during Chapter 9 . Although we can’t 100% confirm that this counts, better safe than sorry . While you are completing the objective that takes you to the Bee Inn, the chocotaxis stop where Sam is and Madame M’s massage parlor, you should find Johnny in front of each objective . Make sure to exhaust your conversation options at all three sites (at the chocotaxis stop, it will be right around the corner).

Johnny picked up his rifle at the Colosseum.

When you have to fight in the Corneo Cup, enter the second room of the Colosseum corridor, before the first fight . You will find Johnny, who is sitting at the table. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogues .

Complete Don’t stop the party.

Like the other parts so far, this is a Chapter 9 mission . You simply have to complete it and just in case, exhaust all of Johnny’s options in front of each objective . If you have doubts, just check our entry on Don’t stop the party .

Complete Runaway Thief.

The last thing you need to do is complete the Runaway Thief Mission during Chapter 14. Once you’ve seen all the encounters, you’ll earn the Johnny’s Life Trophy.

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