ALL Minigames List In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Minigames List In Final Fantasy VII Remake.We show you all the Minigames available in Final Fantasy VII Remake, as well as when they will be available and the rewards you will get if you achieve good scores.If Assignments are n’t enough for you , Final Fantasy VII Remake also includes a few minigames to hang out with . These are complementary activities, some mandatory and others optional, in which you will have to understand the mechanics of each one to achieve the maximum score .

As with the rest of the content, so that you do not have problems about how and when to play, in addition to the rewards you will get , we are going to show you where each minigame is and what you must do to achieve the highest scores and those prizes that await you for doing it. :

ALL Minigames List In Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  • Darts :prove that you are the king of 301. Don’t step on the line, it’s cheating!
  • Bike ride :basic training Soldier includes learning to drive while using a huge broadsword to knock down enemies. The normal.
  • Warehouse Levers :Enter the secret hideout of Shinra’s Weapons Laboratory and steal items from their noses.
  • Box breakers :the children in sector 5 entertain themselves in a very special way.
  • Squats :down, up, down, up … Come on! You can’t get a butt of steel overnight!
  • Dance :if you are a young and sweet dance queen, but you are over 17, at the Posada de la Abeja you can show your skills on the dance floor.
  • Pull-ups :Tifa can also prove that she is an elite athlete.

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