Best seeds of terror for Minecraft

We offer you the best seeds of terror for Minecraft and that will demand the best of you, only valid for very brave players.

In addition to consulting the new compendium of seeds for Minecraft that we always release month by month, including those for April 2021 , in this text we want to focus on those seeds for Minecraft focused on the environment of terror, fear and chills, and surely already are you interested.

Curiously, one of the least exploited themes in the seeds for Minecraft are those of horror settings, and although Halloween is still quite distant in time, it is never too late to try these horror seeds for Minecraft , ideal for the current days of storm.

So we offer you the corresponding terror seed number (or the download of the map) and a brief explanation, so that you know what you are going to find in each one of them, but without gutting the biggest scares.

Best seeds of terror for Minecraft


A seed in which you are going to lose yourself, and worst of all is that you are going to be surrounded by dangers.

There are a multitude of desert wells, winding caves and abandoned islands. Of course, it is not all bad, because you could find a vein of diamonds that is doubled over and over again, with which you can get this coveted resource.

You have a fortress at coordinates -224.7, -1198 and the aforementioned diamonds at coordinates 1698.13, -2862.


This seed is going to scare you because it has one of the most immense ravines ever seen, and on top with a layer of lava that goes in all directions.

Luckily we have a lot of exposed minerals that you can collect, but it is very difficult to access them and you are going to risk your whole existence in being able to recover them next to the great ravine.


In this seed you will appear directly in a town and surrounded by zombies that will not hesitate to attack all the nearby villagers. You can help the villagers save their life or escape to save yours.


While on the surface it may seem like a quiet seed, once you enter the nether you will understand how fearsome it is. It has an immense fortress inside at coordinates 300, 300 and is full of fire, skeletons and a multitude of projectiles that I do not know if you will be able to withstand.

Black Light ( download )

If you hate mental hospitals, you are going to love this map that basically takes you to one, in Russia, and after a nuclear explosion.

Survival ( download )

Here you are basically asked to survive 25 waves of increasingly powerful ghouls and beasts, and on top of that using only the limited resources you have in a dark mansion.

Asylum ( download )

What is better than a huge asylum to rest after a long journey? The downside is that you will not be alone, and your companions will not be friendly at all.

These are the best horror seeds for Minecraft that we have found, and that you can try for your next games.


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