All BEST Minecraft Seeds

We tell you how the Minecraft seed system works, how to find the latest ones that have been created, and some of the best ones available today.

Daniel Gonzalez ·11:44 4/1/2022

Each world in Minecraft has a unique and unrepeatable code that is called a seed (or seed in English). Anyone with the world code can create the same world , and this is what the seed system is based on to create worlds that have already been discovered and/or created exactly the same for all players.

Obviously, if we stop to think that there is at least one world per player in Minecraft, we are talking about several million seeds all over the planet. Making a complete list of them would obviously be impossible, but how could it be otherwise, there are gigantic collections of seeds .

One of the most practical that we can show you is this glossary of Seeds that has filters to search for seeds according to the version and platform of the game.


The best Minecraft seeds (April 2022)

Next, what we want to show you in this entry of our guide are the best Minecraft seeds in April 2022 (for version 1.18) . Take a look below, it’s a wide selection to suit all tastes (oh, and remember you can also use seeds in Creative Mode).

the lonely peak

  • Seed:-6537256334104833826

This very curious seed takes us to a world in which there is a great lonely and enormous mountain peak in the middle of the immensity of the sea. It’s a terrain that offers a lot of original possibilities to create a base, although it’s not really the only explorable area on the map…

key locations

  • Spawn on the island:-416, 128

frozen world

  • Seed:991919396

Do you fancy a trip to a fresh world of snowy landscapes ? Then this seed is what you are looking for; offers a frozen setting where you appear directly on top of a mountain and at your feet you have an entire icy biome to explore. In addition there are also mystical and huge caves in the subsoil.

key locations

  • Cave:-429, 35, 585

fish island

  • Seed:622277024144507548

Have you ever seen an island shaped like a fish ? Well, if you want to see it with your own eyes, you can now travel to this very particular seed. In this world you also have a nearby town, a pyramid, various desert and wasteland biomes and more to start an exciting new adventure.

key locations

  • Fish Island:823, 67, -400
  • Town:9, 74, -462
  • Pyramid:144, ~, -288
  • Cave:304, ~, 192

Big mountain with a cave inside

  • Seed:1947644297

In this seed, the main scenario is a huge mountain whose interior is hollowed out by a cave of gigantic proportions. In it you will find stalactites, outposts to loot, some broken portals and more mysteries.

key locations

  • Spawn:-37 140 -26
  • Mountain cave:233 171 -1

Cliffs and caves on the island

  • Seed:816802188

In this world you will find an island that rises several hundred meters above sea level and has fascinating lush caves to explore inside. Its mysteries don’t end there, as there are also a couple of mysterious shipwrecks to loot.

key locations

  • Spawn:-64 118 58
  • Lush Cave:-109 111 63
  • Wreck #1:-163 61 64
  • Wreck #2:14 64 205
  • Ocean Monument:352 61 193

Snowy Mountain Mansion

  • Seed:633155865

This seed offers you a splendid view of an impressive mountain on whose peak there is a mansion built. Adventure awaits you in this world, you can propose to climb the mountain from its foundations, explore its waterfalls, or venture into its surroundings.

key locations

  • Spawn:98 67 155
  • Mansion:544 213 368
  • Looting Station:237 63 129
  • Town:-219 66 528

bamboo forest with pandas

  • Seed:1959330209

In this curious world, one of the most difficult animals to find in Minecraft makes an appearance: pandas . Set in a jungle biome, there is a whole huge bamboo forest in this world waiting to be explored and tons of pandas that will cross your path as soon as you take more than two steps in a row.

desert pyramid

  • Seed:-1665911630

With this seed you appear directly in front of a strange pyramid in a desert . Inside there are a lot of rare objects to loot, but also trap-filled challenges await you in which you can meet death if you get lost. Will you be able to get diamonds, gold and more valuable materials?

Abandoned mine in the village

  • Seed:141280768

At first glance, this seed may seem simple and normal, like the vast majority. Spawns you next to a peaceful village. However, nearby, if we head towards the desert biome in the vicinity we find a huge abandoned mine that runs through the ground below. Chests, materials, lava pits and mysteries in the depths for an exciting adventure.

Islands and survival

  • Seed:67080907

Would you like to see how long you manage to survive lost among small islands in the immensity of the sea? Well, this seed offers you just that. Survival becomes crucial from the first moment you appear, although you can always try to travel to the mainland to trade and visit a coastal town .

mountain in the jungle

  • Seed:708126700

This seed takes us to a world based on the jungle biome . Everything here is populated by lush vegetation that covers as far as the eye can see. The beauty of the jungle presents temples, villages and caves on the surface , but underground we can also find mysteries and all kinds of minerals.

key locations

  • Jungle Temple #01:-152 216
  • Jungle Temple #02:568 200
  • Village #01:-392 156
  • Village #02:-488 344
  • Lush Cave:34 118

mushroom peninsula

  • Seed:992826707

Through this seed you can visit a world full of mushrooms and, more specifically, a peninsula in which there are several islands and also land with plains and forest biomes . The views are amazing and there are plenty of resources and rare materials to get here.


  • Seed:-78688046

This is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive seeds in Minecraft version 1.18. In it you travel to a world of inhospitable lands dominated by an overwhelming crater that crosses the wasteland. In the surroundings there are also coral reefs and two ecosystems that coexist throughout the enormous map.

key locations

  • Village:-360 -360
  • Abandoned Village:-872 -296
  • Jungle Temple:40,696
  • Strength:-812 -844
  • Portal to the Nether:120 -280


  • Seed:1613969106

This seed takes you to a world near huge cliffs with an imposing and beautiful view , where nature makes its way. Beneath your feet is a long, winding river, and it’s not far to reach a village that you can make your home if you wish.

key locations

  • Portal to the Nether:40 8
  • Village #01:344 88
  • Outpost #01:40,520
  • Village #02:392 -216
  • Outpost #02:328 -488

caverns and caves

  • Seed:292038360

If you like adventure, in this world you will find a large cavern that goes into the ground.

key locations

  • Spawn:0 68 0
  • Cavern:-505 55 590
  • Nether Gate:-350 65 170

An ideal world for adventure

  • Seed:1613969106

This seed may right now be one of the best options for those players who want to get started in Minecraft and live an epic adventure in the purest style of old fantasy tales. The fun is guaranteed by its extensive world, with a port city , an outpost, a portal to the Nether and a huge forest full of mysteries.

key locations

  • Port city:40 296
  • Mountain ranges:-430 200
  • Outpost #01:296 392
  • Outpost #02:-872 376
  • Portal to the Nether:280 328

mountain ranges

  • Seed:700682

This seed shows us in all its splendor the beauty and versatility of the Minecraft mountain generation.

key locations

  • Spawn:32 78 -288
  • Nether Gate:70 73 -308
  • Abandoned Village:-140 71 -295
  • Mountain ranges:-315 140 -315

all the weird stuff

  • Seed:917317491

In this seed you will find a world where most of the weird things in Minecraft are found next to each other . Also, near the initial spawn point is a mansion with more resources to loot.

key locations

  • Mansion:548 -1077
  • Jungle and mesa biomes:1065 -1060
  • Ice Spikes Biome:120 -2120
  • Mooshroom Biome:-650 700
  • End Portal #1:985 -1060
  • End Portal #2:810 -813

A carpenter’s dream

  • Seed:-3457725174793594040

A world of the most special since it has all the types of wood available. A highly recommended seed for players who want variety when creating bases.

key locations

  • Stronghold #1:1396 40 -125
  • Stronghold #2:-956 40 -1292
  • Mine #1:100 30 20
  • Mine #2:-55 30 105
  • Skeleton Spawn:-45 35 -149


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