Solution to ‘Could not verify username in Minecraft’ – Error in Minecraft

Every game has a chance of having its own problems no matter how solid it manages to be on the surface. Or, no matter how prestigious your development company is. Therefore, no matter how up-to-date your applications are, these errors can vary on each console, game or player, different server or even the internet. Even game apps, it’s almost certain that at least one bug or small detail out of place will show up at some point.

In most cases they have been able to solve many failures in different ways. Either through patches, or ‘troubleshooting’ libraries like PlayStation has on its home page.

‘Unable to Verify Username in Minecraft’ – Error Connecting to Server

That’s the beauty of today’s technology: if you’ve bought a game legally, you’re perfectly entitled to talk to support .

While it is true, some errors become a little more difficult

While others are usually a little easier to solve. When it comes to internet connection, hardware, or software errors, they can be fixed on your own if you have the proper knowledge about software or how gaming systems work.

In Minecraft, for example, it is common to find all kinds of errors linked to different aspects of the game, whether in the field of performance, in terms of FPS or graphics; or in the subject of access , the connection with the Aternos, as it may be that you are playing and it stops for no reason.

Among the most frequent errors that occur in Minecraft is the ‘ Unable to verify username in Minecraft ‘, which seems to be a more common error as time goes by. And, if this has proven to be a conflict for you, do not despair, because below we will show you how you can solve this problem.

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  1. What does the error ‘Unable to verify username in Minecraft’ mean?
    1. Why does the error ‘Unable to verify username in Minecraft’ occur?
  2. How to fix ‘Unable to verify username in Minecraft’ error?

What does the error ‘Unable to verify username in Minecraft’ mean?

The error “could not verify username in Minecraft” is a specific error when logging into your account. This problem means that the user you entered is not registered in the database. And the verifier doesn’t recognize the name and so it throws you as failed to verify. It does not matter if you do it from the computer or using the application on an Android mobile phone. It does not mean an internet error, or a problem connecting to the Minecraft server or Aternos.

Why does the error ‘Unable to verify username in Minecraft’ occur?

The ‘Username could not be verified in Minecraft’ error is an error that has begun to be documented in the latest available versions of Minecraft Java, and also when you play from an Android mobile phone. This error can have many reasons, but it is usually rooted in a user error and not server or Aternos related.

When you buy Minecraft through the official Mojang page , the process of registering all kinds of information, including a username and password, is very important.

With these data we will enter our game account, it does not have to be the same email that you write where the user is placed, you can create a new name for this purpose. Through the client, but if you don’t remember it or enter it wrong, you will get this error automatically.

How to fix ‘Unable to verify username in Minecraft’ error?

Continuing with what we said in the previous section, the error could not be verified in the Minecraft username. In large part it may be due to the user’s own error when entering the user data. Since they don’t use the correct ones within the designated fields when we try to connect and not from the server. Something common that we usually do if we write the information very quickly. It can happen to you in your email, your social networks or even with the password of your mobile phone.

In order to fix it, you first have to make sure you’re entering the correct name into the client (as said, it can be different than your email). Also, that it does not have any type of special character and that it does not have spaces or misplaced capital letters.

Now, if what happens is that you do not remember what your username is , you will need to change it through the page. However, you should keep in mind that Windows 10 users will have to enter the website directly. Then, you are going to replace the name, which cannot be changed for a maximum of 30 days at a time.

In order to make this change, you just have to enter the official Mojang web portal . Where you must click on ‘Account’ and then log in following the instructions that will appear on the screen. Enter your profile name and password and access your account. Once inside, you will have to go to ‘Profile Name’ and click on the ‘Change’ button.

Follow the instructions on the screen. A system very similar to recovering the password of your email or one of your social networks. Then try again to log in to your account through the game client, taking care of the above. At this point the error should be resolved, and the verifier should be able to connect you to Aternos or to the main server on the internet.


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