How To Tame A Goat In Minecraft;Guide Minecraft Goats

How to tame a goat in minecraft.If you are a Minecraft player who wants to stay at the forefront and know all the game mechanics to achieve the best result within your worlds then you are surely interested in knowing .This time we will teach you  how to tame goats in Minecraft,  their rewards and strategies to get the most out of them in the right way. Ready? let us begin!

How To Tame A Goat In Minecraft;Guide Minecraft Goats

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  1. What role do goats have for Minecraft players?
  2. How can you get a goat egg in Minecraft?
  3. What is the procedure to be able to tame your Minecraft goat?
  4. How can you interact with your Minecraft goat once it is tamed?
    1. What to do if you get angry?
    2. How to use the goat horn?

What role do goats have for Minecraft players?

1.The  goats Minecraft have come with the update ‘Caves and Cliffs’ and the like other animals like cows can be domesticated and bestow milk if the milking within your farm, plus each time these are played will you grant a reward from 1 to 7 experience points.

2.Goats can also grant you  goat horns , an instrument that you can play when you can, at the moment it does not produce any significant action in the gameplay beyond a characteristic sound, but without a doubt this will change in future updates, to get it you have to do that the goat sends a block with its horns (each goat only has 2)

How To Tame A Goat In Minecraft;Guide Minecraft Goats.

How To Tame A Goat In Minecraft;Guide Minecraft Goats

Making a goat follow you in Minecraft is quite simple and requires you to follow quite similar steps for the domestication of wolves and cows, before you start you will need to have wheat, to tame them then you will have to:

Approach the goat with the wheat in your hand, it will follow you for a distance of 10 blocks or less, the idea is to direct it towards our animal farm. You can get goats in high places, regardless of whether it is snowy or springy.

    1. Once you have the goat inside your kennel or a place where it cannot escape (such as one surrounded by doors) then proceed to right click on it, with the wheat in hand so that it enters love mode and does not escape .
    2. If you activate the love mode between two goats, they will reproduce and give birth to a kid, while it grows you can milk them using a bucket or bucket and thus obtain a bucket of milk.

How to interact with your Minecraft goat once it is tamed?

Once you have tamed one or more goats, as with other Minecraft pet creatures you will be able to interact with them and get special objects, experience and we will also teach you to calm your goat in case you attack it by accident so as not to have Than kill her, let’s get started

How to use the goat horn?

Above we talked about how to get the goat horn, now we will tell you how to use it, the first thing you have to do is add it to your inventory in the luggage section and then select it using the movement buttons on consoles or the mouse wheel on PC .

once equipped you will have to use the right button on PC, L2 on PS4 / PS5 and LT on Xbox One or Series X, In case you are on iPhone you can download and play Minecraft Earth . This will make  the goat horn sound , although it has no stat effect for now, it is highly likely that some will be added in future updates, so it is worth keeping in inventory.

How can you get a goat egg in Minecraft?;How to tame a goat in minecraft.

How To Tame A Goat In Minecraft;Guide Minecraft Goats

If you want to get a  goat generator egg in Minecraft you will have to change your game mode to creative, search the inventory list for it and right click with the mouse on a surface to generate a goat, you can also use a generator of creatures, also available in creative mode, to get more goats by clicking on it with the egg.

Unfortunately, you cannot  get the goat eggs in survival mode , however you can use the programmer’s console to enter the goat or goat egg code if you prefer to have the latter.

To do this you have to open the Minecraft command console and copy and paste: ‘/ give @p minecraft: goat_spawn_egg 1’ remember that for it to work the tricks must be activated, for this you have to learn to make a Minecraft server with tricks activated.

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