Guide;Invasion on the House of Terror in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Here’s how to beat the House of Terror Invasion phase 100% in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Check the quests and the location of the Waddle Dees to get them all.

Invasion on the House of Terror is the name given to the third phase of the Viva Maravilia world in Kirby and the Forgotten Land . This stage is available after completing the previous one: Race Circuit . Next, as part of our guide, we are going to show you all the missions of the phase, how to complete them and where to find the Waddle Dees that hide in it. So you can beat it 100% without any problem!

Here are the 5 House of Terror Invasion quests and how to complete them:


  1. Beat the stage
  2. Rescue the Waddle Dees
  3. Clear the stage without touching any Fat Ghosts
  4. Eat 3 sweets that hide the ghosts
  5. Destroy 13 planks with the Transmorphic Dispenser

beat the stage

  • This is the main missionof the phase and it consists simply of completing it until reaching the end. Beating it will automatically rescue 3 Waddle Dees.

Rescue the Waddle Dees

This mission consists of rescuing up to 4 Waddle Dees that are hidden in different locations on the level; are the following:

Waddle Dee #1

  • In the first area of ​​the stage, before goingthrough the door with stars, go through a passage on the right hand side in the hallway and you will see a floating crate that alternates between a Waddle Dee icon and a spiked ball. Break the box when the Waddle Dee appears to rescue him.

Waddle Dee No. 2

  • In the dark area, go forward until you reach the thirdpower generator. On the left wall, a little further back, on a higher platform you will see a door with stars that allows you to enter a secret room . In the room, with the Knife skill , throw the knife through the crack in the fence (keeping the B button pressed) and position yourself right where we point you in the image, on the left side. Then release the B button only when the box has the Waddle Dee icon, so the knife will come back towards you and break the box on its way.

Waddle Dee No. 3

  • At the end of the dark area, after turning on the third power generator and climbing to the platform above, go to the right handside until you find another generator . You have to turn it on to open the barred door behind where the Waddle Dee is.

Waddle Dee No. 4

  • It’s in the last section of the stage, when you’re moving on a self-moving platform, on the left side just a bit before you reach the end and behind one of the planks that emerge from the wall.

Beat the stage without touching any Fat Ghosts.

To complete this mission you can not let any Fat Ghost enemy get to touch you . These enemies are like the one we have pointed out in the image above, the ones with a circular shape with spikes and an eye in the center .

The peculiarity of the mission is that the Fat Ghosts are attracted by the light that Kirby emits when you are transformed into a Transmorphic Bulb , so you have to be careful during the dark section to only turn on the light in the essential sections and during very little time. The longer you spend with the light on, the closer the Fat Ghosts will get. Luckily , if you turn off the light and wait a while , these enemies will move away again, so take it easy and don’t go in a hurry .

Eat 3 sweets that hide the ghosts

To complete this mission you have to eat a total of 3 sweets that are scattered throughout the phase. These are their locations :

candy no. 1

  • After passing through the first floor that collapses on your way, the sweet is in the corner ahead, behind some plates of lights.

candy no. 2

  • Right at the end of the darkened room, it’s in a hole in the floor to the left of the star door that you need to continue the stage through.

candy no. 3

  • In the section with false falling walls, after climbing to the top of the second wall, you’ll see the candy behind a stage obstacle, to the right of the main path.

Destroy 13 planks with the Transmorphic Dispenser

Throughout this phase you will see some ghost-shaped planks that sometimes come out of the walls to scare you (like the one in the image above). This quest involves destroying a total of 13 such planks, but only when you’re converted to the Transmorphic Dispenser transformation .

  • You can turn into the Transmorphic Dispenser near the endof the stage, in the area where false walls drop.
  • Specifically behind the third false wallis the soda machine next to a bench.
  • Once you’ve transformed, make sure you shoot the cans at all theghost boards you come across.
  • On the two self-scrolling platformsyou climb on, almost all of the planks will appear coming out of the walls, you’ll have to be quick to hit them.

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