Guide;Forsaken Beach in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

We show you how to beat the Forsaken Beach stage 100% in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Check the quests and the location of the Waddle Dees to get them all.

Forsaken Beach is the name given to the first phase of the Coastal Eternity world in Kirby and the Forgotten Land . This stage becomes available after completing the last stage of the previous world: Mall Brawl . Next, as part of our guide, we are going to show you all the missions of the phase, how to complete them and where to find the Waddle Dees that hide in it. So you can beat it 100% without any problem!

These are the 5 Abandoned Beach quests and how to complete them:


  1. Beat the stage
  2. Rescue the Waddle Dees
  3. Crack open 3 walnuts knock knock
  4. Destroy the sand animal statue
  5. Complete the rooftop light billboard

beat the stage

  • This is the main missionof the phase and it consists simply of completing it until reaching the end. Beating it will automatically rescue 3 Waddle Dees.

Rescue the Waddle Dees

This mission consists of rescuing up to 3 Waddle Dees that are hidden in different locations on the level; are the following:

Waddle Dee #1

  • After the Wild Bonkers mini-boss fight, keep going right up some yellow laddersand hit the wooden stump with the Hammer ability. This will lower a stone block and below you you can rescue the Waddle Dee in a hole in the wall.

Waddle Dee No. 2

  • In the area with swirlingwater, stick to the right side until you can climb some rocks. Upstairs hit the stump with the Hammer to open access to a secret cave in the water. Go into the cave, hit another stump and a path to the Waddle Dee will be created; you have to complete it quickly before time runs out (if you fail, exit the cave and try again).

Waddle Dee No. 3

  • In the watery area at the end, when you use the Ring morph, get on the boat and sail to the northwestern partwhere there is a cracked wall (to the left of the dock). Break the wall with a boost and you’ll be able to reach a hidden area with the Waddle Dee in the background.

Crack open 3 walnuts knock knock

To complete this quest you have to find up to 3 Knock Knock Nuts throughout the level and break them (for example using a skill power against them). These are the locations of the three nuts:

Knock Knock Nut No. 1

  • At the beginning of the level, you will see this nut on the first island with a palm treeon the left side.

Walnut Knock Knock No. 2

  • This second nut is located under the palm tree on the islet where you have to get on a trailer starto fly to another area of ​​the stage.

Walnut Knock Knock No. 3

  • In the last area of ​​the stage, just to the right of the dock where the level ends, you’ll find this nut floating in the water around a rock (you can break it by hitting it with the boat and ring transformation).

Destroy the sand animal statue

This quest asks you to destroy an animal statue made of sand.

  • To find this statue pay attention right after you face the Wild Bonkers mini-boss.
  • After defeating this enemy, walk to the far right sideof this area and at the end of the path you will find the aforementioned statue next to some wooden boxes.
  • Just hit it with the Hammer ability , for example, to shatter it.

Complete the rooftop billboard

To carry out this mission you will have to complete a luminous sign that is in the roof area; the last zone of the phase. The specific place is the same place where you use the Ring Transmorphosis.

  • As soon as you transform into the ring, walk south theway you just came.
  • Place yourself exactly where we show you in the imagethat accompanies these lines, so that Kirby stays between two letters on the illuminated sign.
  • Standing here in the form of the Transmorphic Ring will immediately complete the quest.

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