Guide;Kirby and the Forgotten Land Rapid Water Treatment Plant

Here’s how to beat the Swiftwater Sewage Stage 100% in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Check the quests and the location of the Waddle Dees to get them all.

Rapid Water Treatment Plant is the name given to the fourth phase of the world Coastal Eternity in Kirby and the Forgotten Land . This stage is available after completing the previous one: Grounded Summit . Next, as part of our guide, we are going to show you all the missions of the phase, how to complete them and where to find the Waddle Dees that hide in it. So you can beat it 100% without any problem!

These are the 5 Rapid Water Treatment Plant missions and how to complete them:


  1. Beat the stage
  2. Rescue the Waddle Dees
  3. Eat 3 cans of preserves
  4. Win the fight without falling into the water
  5. Find the goldfish

beat the stage

  • This is the main missionof the phase and it consists simply of completing it until reaching the end. Beating it will automatically rescue 3 Waddle Dees.

Rescue the Waddle Dees

This mission consists of rescuing up to 5 Waddle Dees that are hidden in different locations on the level; are the following:

Waddle Dee #1

  • At the end of the first water tunnelwith spiked tubes, the Waddle Dee is inside a stone ring.

Waddle Dee No. 2

  • It’s at the end of the secret boat sectionthat you have to get to before the time limit runs out . To enter this secret room, after the mandatory fight, lower the platforms and break the bomb box on the right, thus destroying some metal blocks on the left that leave access to the room free.

Waddle Dee No. 3

  • It ‘s behind some barsthat you can open by placing a ladder on top of a button (right after you get the second can).

Waddle Dee No. 4

  • In the same area as the previous one, but this Waddle Dee is behind another barred gatethat can be opened by placing the ladder at the end of the burning logs on top of the two buttons in the hole in the ground.

Waddle Dee No. 5

  • At the final swirling part of the second big whirlpool, go up a few steps on the right hand side to press a star button and create a path in the air that leads to Waddle Dee.

Eat 3 cans of preserves

To complete this mission you have to find a total of 3 cans of preserves scattered around different places in the phase and eat them (simply by running over them). These are their locations :

Tin of preserves nº 1

  • At the end of the first water tunnel at the beginning of the phase, before crossing the red door with stars, go up to the cabinets on the rightand touch the glitter to make the can appear on top of the cabinets on the left side .

Tin of preserves nº 2

  • In the area with stairs where you can transform, go to the second ladder and to the right of it press the star button under the burning logs. This will create a metal catwalk so you can move the ladder and position it so you can climb up onto the logs. Put them out with the Ice skill and you’ll hit the jackpot.

Tin of preserves nº 3

  • It is in the final part of the phase with large eddies of water; circling around the first big eddy.

Win the fight without falling into the water

To complete this mission you will have to overcome the mandatory combat of this phase without falling into the water at any time during the fight. The complication of the confrontation, which takes place shortly after the start of the phase, is that it takes place on top of a narrow catwalk , so enemies could damage you and push you straight into the water.

  • You will have to nimbly dodgethe enemies while eliminating them without falling into the water; you can take damage, but remember not to touch the water.
  • Once you manage to defeat allthe mission will be completed (only if you have not touched the water in the combat).

Find the goldfish

To perform this mission you have to find a goldfish in the phase.

  • This fish can be easily located in the section where there are stairsto transform into them.
  • Shortly after this section begins, stick to the bottomof the screen and jump into the water in the area, after passing the first ladder.
  • Soon you will see the goldfish in the water surrounded by other smaller fish.

Simply swim close to the goldfish to scare it away and the mission will count as completed.


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