How to get the secret good ending in Returnal

We give you all the steps you need to unlock the true ending in Returnal, and you will have to invest quite a few more hours.

There is a lot to do after completing the main story of Returnal , and yet one of the things you will want to contemplate is the secret ending and, ultimately, the good ending that every player wants to unlock, and not the one that comes out by default.

While we are going to avoid spoilers in this article, we advise you to only read it after you have finished the game. You just have to be aware that there is an act 3 in the adventure, and that you are going to have to do a very specific thing to be able to overcome it.

So in this guide we focus on telling you how to unlock the secret ending and the good ending in Returnal , so that you are totally satisfied with the adventure.

How to get the secret good ending in Returnal

From here, all that comes are spoilers, although we also warn you that it is a descriptive guide and we will not reveal anything of the narrative.

Basically we will tell you that after finishing the game there is an act 3, and that if we get a series of solar fragments scattered throughout the previous levels, we can unlock the good and secret ending.

The first thing you have to do is obvious, finish the story of the game at the end of Act 2. So go to the sixth biome, kill the final boss, watch the credits scene and you will see that there is much more.

After that, we can freely go through all the previous levels and biomes. In this way we can reproduce all our visits to the previous biomes, one after another, and what we must look for are a series of solar fragments or keys that appear randomly in the rooms .

Here we will not be able to help you because these solar fragments, one per biome, appear randomly in the games.

In any case, it has been shown that these solar fragments are usually in special areas that you can only access with the latest tools or advances that you have achieved in the game . They are also usually accessible thanks to the platforms that shoot out the invisible blue balls.

These fragments or solar keys are not usually behind closed doors, but lie scattered around the map, so you must be very careful. You should also be clear that there is only one per biome, so once you have found it, go directly to the next biome to avoid wasting time.

Once you have collected six Solar Fragments you must face the last boss of the game again, at the end of the abyss biome. As soon as you beat him again, which will be more of the same, get ready to see the true ending.


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