Best HDR Sniper Rifle in COD Warzone

We know you love using HDR, known for being one of the best snipers of COD Warzone Season 3, but we show you how to make it even better. 

COD Warzone Season 3 is now underway on PS4, Xbox One, and PC , and we know you’re already setting up the best classes to raze the Verdansk battlefield. There are many nerfed and upgraded weapons in this new season, but customs don’t usually change in Activision’s free to play.

Being a sniper in Warzone is an art, and you have to know how to use the best tricks to take advantage of this class of weapons . Taking down an enemy with a clean shot is too exciting a feeling, although every sniper rifle has its pluses and minuses (in terms of stats, of course).

The HDR Sniper Rifle is arguably the most effective and deadly in the COD Warzone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be upgraded. Its damage, recoil, zoom and other parameters are the best if we talk about ” snipers ”, although, as in everything, it can always be improved .

Do you want to be a real shadow assassin with your HDR rifle? Then follow our tips to get the best setup for this weapon. Get the best HDR sniper rifle in COD Warzone .

Best HDR Sniper Rifle in COD Warzone

Before explaining what are the best accessories, perks and equipment for your HDR sniper rifle, you have to review its base statistics. The HDR has a damage rate of 250 to the head, 112 to the torso and 102 to the body , while its reload speed is 4.1 seconds.

As for its range, it is less than 100 meters , and it takes 300 milliseconds to alternate the aiming zoom with the standard sight. Its rate of fire is 31.5, which ensures good firepower in the shadows. Let’s see how we can improve it with the following accessories, benefits and equipment.

The HDR is a fairly heavy sniper rifle and does slow your movements around the map quite a bit , but its high damage rate and rapid fire rate are real life insurance in COD Warzone. We recommend applying the following configuration :

  • Barrel accessory : Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel : 26.9 ”HDR Pro
  • Laser : Tac Laser
  • Optical sight : Variable Zoom Scope
  • Cylinder head : FTAC Stalker-Scout

You have to keep one thing in mind: to use HDR correctly, you must not move around the map and accumulate kills while changing position. This sniper rifle is more lethal if you find a good location, settle down and eliminate each target (even in helicopters) to complete contracts during the game.

To complement this slowness of the HDR, and in case the enemy ambushes us by surprise, it is advisable to carry a secondary weapon such as the FFAR 1 or the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle . The key is to boost the HDR zoom, ensure the lowest possible recoil for each shot, and, of course, sharpen your aim with the tactical laser.

One tip when using HDR with this setting is to be patient, and not resort to close range attacks . If you do that, you will be dead, because HDR limits your movements quite a bit and they will eliminate you before you can do anything. Try to maintain your elevated position and take down your rivals with a single shot.

There are many great sniper rifles in COD Warzone , such as the Rytec AMR, LW3 Tundra, Dragunov, or Pellington , but HDR will certainly provide you with an experience like no other in Call of Duty Warzone. Worthy of ” Enemy at the Gates ”, come on.

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