CoD Warzone: What does Meta mean and why is it important?

Especially in shooting games like Call of Duty: Warzone, you hear the term meta over and over again. But what is meta? What does that mean, anyway? And why is that important? You will find out in this article.

You know? You chat with your friend during a quiet round of Warzone, read an article about new weapons for a new season, or watch a YouTube video, and of course the term meta comes up. Drop weapons here, drop charges there, drop settings there. Not everyone knows exactly what meta means in this context.

What is meta?

What does meta mean? The term meta actually comes from the Greek and means “above”, “beyond”, meaning that something is at a higher level or level or is higher than something else. Alternatively, meta can also be used to describe something that goes beyond the actual game.

But especially in shooters an acronym has been formed that sums up the real meaning of the word well: goal is now also an abbreviation for “most effective tactics available”, that is, the most effective tactics available.

What does it mean when a setting is meta?

What does meta refer to in Warzone? If you’re only talking about meta in Warzone, this is mostly referring to weapons. The term is also often used with respect to builds, equipment, playstyles, or options. The meaning or direction these terms take with the addition of “Goal” remains the same:

  • When we talk about meta weapons, we are referring to the most effective weapons currently available. The deciding factor is usually the shortest possible time to kill (TTK), but other properties such as recoil also count. Since Warzone is a live service game and there are always balance patches, the meta changes over and over again, meaning the most effective weapons.
  • Regarding meta configurations or metaloads, the meaning does not change. Reference is made here to weapon builds or character orientations, including gear, which are currently emerging as the most effective in composition, so the focus here is also on transporting the opponent to the virtual afterlife as quickly as possible, either in general or at certain distances.
  • It is also no different with meta options. It refers to the attitudes with which you enjoy the greatest advantages in combat at any given time.
  • The goal is determined by the players and does not always have to be logical. Sometimes a herd movement occurs and suddenly it is “the only weapon” that rules everything.
  • In Warzone, the TTK doesn’t determine the meta as much as it does in regular CoD multiplayer. The 5.56 gray assault rifle has long been a part of the meta, but it’s pretty weak in terms of damage. But their high stability coupled with the strong iron sight (rear sight and front sight) makes them a superior weapon.

What does time to kill mean?

The term “Time to Kill”, or TTK for short, is used primarily in shooters. Describes the effective time it takes to eliminate an enemy at full health (and possibly also armor), that is, to bring them to 0 health.

A shorter time to kill means less time is required to eliminate your target. With a longer time to kill, the opponent has more time to react to fire.

The TTK is an important value, especially in the competitive area, which has a strong influence on which weapons are used more and more (with the shortest possible time to kill), that is, which weapon is currently target.

Bottom line: if you hear the term meta or if you see meta as an addition somewhere in Warzone, then it’s basically about the (mostly) most objectively effective options that are currently available to you in combat, whatever meta refers in the specific case.

By the way: Meta does not necessarily mean that you automatically get along better with the corresponding weapons, equipment or options. Generally, a weapon can be considered a meta, but due to your individual abilities or preferences, you may only be able to use it to a limited extent or not be able to use it at all. Therefore, goal means “currently most effective due to various factors” and not “best for you.”

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