COD Warzone: All the Easter Eggs and Secrets You May Not Know About

We discover and collect the most curious Easter eggs and secrets hidden on the Call of Duty: Warzone map. Have you discovered them yet or do you need us to help you?

It is common in the industry, in games as large as Call of Duty: Warzone , that developers dedicate part of their work to preparing and hiding little secrets and winks , or curiosities like Easter Eggs , so that the community of players enjoy finding them and sharing them.

Although these do not directly alter the gameplay of the title, we found it interesting to gather all those that are known so far on the COD: Warzone map, since they are worth mentioning and you may want to take a look for yourself.


  1. Maps and traditional locations from the Call of Duty franchise
  2. Access to the Gulag without dying
  3. Military Bunkers
  4. Computers and telephones


Traditional maps and locations from the Call of Duty franchise

Various locations on the great Warzone map pay tribute to old maps of the franchise that we have seen and enjoyed in the campaigns and multiplayer of other Call of Duty games. In case you missed it, we will show you what they are.

Terminal Map

  • Which game does it refer to ?:COD: Modern Warfare 2.

Be careful, it must be made clear that we are not really looking at a recreation of the classic MW2 Terminal map . While this area of ​​the Verdansk International Airport with a crashed plane is very reminiscent of the aforementioned map, it is actually more of a redesign with another arrangement of elements. Precisely the crashed plane seems quite similar to the one that appeared in the Mile High mission of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Map of Killhouse

  • Which game does it refer to ?:COD 4: Modern Warfare.

In this case, we are facing an exact point-by-point recreation of Killhouse, the mythical multiplayer map of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It was one of the smallest maps in the game and here the only difference from the original map is that there is no roof and it is open , only surrounded by walls to separate its areas. You will find it at Airport Maintenance.

Chernobyl Pripyat Pool

  • Which game does it refer to ?:COD 4: Modern Warfare.

One of those small locations that many fans will remember vividly is the pool that we visited during the COD 4: Modern Warfare campaign , during the missions located in Chernobyl. In Warzone we can find in Storage Town with this mythical pool of Prípiat that has the same abandoned and desolate aspect.

Broadcast Map

  • Location:Airport Maintenance.
  • Which game does it refer to ?:COD 4: Modern Warfare.

Another of the most remembered maps of COD 4 is Broadcast , which we can find in Warzone with a practically identical recreation that also has palpable graphic improvements compared to the original version, of course. Also in the Battle Royale it is one of the most populated and visited locations by players.

Map of Burger Town

  • Which game does it refer to ?:COD: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 and COD: Advanced Warfare’s Zombies mode.

The well-remembered fast food chain Burger Town , featured in previous games in the series, also has its place on the Warzone map. In fact, we can find several of these places scattered around the map, with their letters in Russian as they appeared in MW3.

While some of them are smaller recreations than the classic map, which look a bit similar, there is a main location where we find the Burger Town restaurant modeled as it appeared in the other games.

Access to the Gulag without dying

One of the mechanics that this Warzone introduces to the Battle Royale genre is the Gulag . It is a prison (which we actually met in COD: Modern Warfare 2) to which players are going to stop when they die for the first time during the game, and in it 1vs1 confrontations occur in which if we win we can return to the field of battle.

A rather curious Easter egg related is the possibility of going to the Gulag without dying. How? Simple, if we go to the Zordaya Prison Complex which is located in the southeast corner of the map. On one side of the prison we find a large sewage pipe at ground level from which it is possible to access the area where the 1v1 Gulag encounters occur (although they do not happen in real time right there).

Military Bunkers

Throughout the Warzone map we also find some mysterious military bunkers that have their doors closed, blocking the way. Apparently they could only be accessed by entering some type of password or numeric code, as we have already discussed in this other section of our guide .

Computers and telephones

We also want to mention the many computers and phones that can be located on the game map, and on which it seems that it is possible to respond or interact, such as with passwords for bunkers. Although at the moment it is unknown if this is simply a visual detail or can lead to something else in the title.

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