CoD Warzone: What does the Battle Pass bring

Buy a battle pass or not? This is the question that many players ask themselves at the beginning of a new season of Call of Duty: Warzone. DLPrivateServer explains why it is not required and shows who it is worth the purchase for.

What is the Battle Pass about? Battle Royale CoD Warzone, as well as the respective annual main branch of the CoD series, currently Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, continually receive new content through free seasons. Part of it is also the so-called Battle Pass.

This free pass offers players additional incentives in the form of additional rewards, as here with the Battle Pass in Season 4. But if you buy the pass, you get more. Many people wonder if they are missing something by refraining from purchasing the Battle Pass. Is this really necessary to be able to enjoy the season to the fullest? You can find out here.

All about the Call of Duty: Warzone battle pass

Since Modern Warfare 2019 there have been no annual passes or loot boxes in CoD. Instead, new content is released, such as maps or basic weapons, and free to all players through the seasons and a structured Battle Pass, where rewards without any random factors can be unlocked simply by playing.

Loot boxes are history in the current branches of CoD

The structure of the stations and the battle pass has remained the same since its introduction until today, thus it remains generally representative for all other stations for now.

What exactly is in the Battle Pass anyway? Additional items, mostly cosmetic, such as emblems or operator skins can be unlocked through the Battle Pass in the respective season. Bonus XP tokens, new base weapons or blueprints for alternative cosmetic weapon variants, and even CoD points (premium currency) are also available.

This is how the Battle Pass is structured: The pass offers 100 levels, the so-called levels, and is free in itself, but consists of 2 reward branches:

  • a premium branch for buyers (costs around € 10). Here you get some cosmetics like new operator skins or XP tokens immediately after purchase. In 100 levels, you can unlock another reward in each level by leveling up the Battle Pass (simply by collecting XP, that is, playing).
  • and a free branch that offers rewards for all Warzone players, regardless of whether you purchase the Battle Pass or not. On the free rewards track, however, there is no reward in each of the 100 levels. So you get less rewards here, but still everything relevant to the game, like new basic weapons.

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There is also a traditional Battle Pass package for 2,400 CoD Points (just under € 24), where you get 20 Level Jumps in addition to the Battle Pass and thus match 20 levels in the Battle Pass and immediately claim the corresponding rewards. Level jumps are charged and cost 150 CoD points per level jump.

Interesting for frequent players: If you fully unlock the purchased Battle Pass, you will earn enough CoD points to roll over a Battle Pass for a new season. So you don’t have to spend any more money.

You can also buy the Battle Pass retroactively. If you have 100 full levels in a season and you haven’t purchased the Battle Pass yet, be sure to get the pass. The game briefly deducts 1,000 CoD points and pushes the 1,000 pass points to your account (300 points were already available through the free rewards leg).

What happens if I play multiple CoD titles? Bottom line: you can currently level the Warzone Battle Pass in 3 games:

  • in Warzone itself
  • in Cold War CoD
  • and in Modern Warfare 2019

Because Battle Royale has acted as a kind of link between the major annual releases since Modern Warfare. The Seasons focuses its content on Warzone and the younger branch, currently Cold War. There is no new content for Modern Warfare, not even through the Battle Pass. But the current Battle Pass content can still be unlocked through Modern Warfare and then used in Warzone and, if available, Black Ops Cold War as well.

Here are some highlights of the Battl Pass from Season 4 of Warzone and Cold War

Who is the Battle Pass worth in CoD Warzone for?

Battle Pass in CoD Warzone – To Buy or Not? This question really just depends on how important cosmetics are to you and if you play Warzone or other parts of CoD a lot or regularly.

The Battle Pass is by no means essential to enjoy a season to the fullest. All essential content comes as an update during the season or through the free reward track in the Battle Pass, as in the case of new weapons, for example.

If you buy the Battle Pass, it just expands the rewards pool and gives you some XP bonuses, CoD points, and lots of cosmetic items, as long as you play long enough. Because only those who regularly play CoD and invest time will make their way through the 100 levels of the Battle Pass until the end of a season. You have to reach level 74 to refinance the pass; most casual gamers shouldn’t be able to do that.

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Conclusion: Do you play a lot and regularly and / or is additional cosmetic bling-bling important to you for character and weapon customization? Then you can buy the Battle Pass with confidence and secure access to the premium rewards track. There you will have a chance to win all kinds of great and sometimes outrageous cosmetics for € 10 plus all the free content for the respective season.

If, on the other hand, you play little or from time to time, you will not miss anything important apart from the additional cosmetics and you will be able to do without the Battle Pass without regrets of conscience. You can get all the relevant content for the game that way, without having to spend additional money.

So yes, you can enjoy the seasons and new content to the fullest without a battle pass.

What do you think about that? Is the Battle Pass in CoD Warzone a must buy for you? Or are you completely having fun in Battle Royale without all the extra cosmetic.

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