COD Warzone: How to activate and complete Challenges, Missions

COD: Warzone offers a series of challenges, missions and contracts that players can overcome during their battle royale games. We tell you how to activate and complete them successfully.

Daniel González ·11:22 AM 4/30/2020

Call of Duty: Warzone is a Battle Royale that drinks a lot from the great games of the genre, therefore one of the mechanics that Activision has rescued for this free to play is to offer different challenges, missions and contracts that players can overcome in the games.

In this entry of our guide we tell you how to activate the challenges, missions and contracts and how you can complete them successfully to earn various rewards .


  1. Challenges: What are they and how are they activated?
  2. Warzone missions: How do they work and what rewards are there?
  3. Contracts: How to activate and complete them?


Challenges: What are they and how are they activated?

Challenges are different tasks that propose us to complete a series of determined individual objectives . The list can be accessed from the Barracks menu. There are two very different kinds of challenges .

  • Weekly Challenges –New ones are added each week and last a full season.
  • Daily Challenges –Change every 24 hours.

As you can imagine, COD: Warzone challenges are active from the moment Activision releases them and several can be completed at the same time. These are usually tasks that are easily accomplished during the games, such as starting a contract in X location, getting X amount of kills, using armor plates, opening caches, etc … Regarding the diaries, there is no way to change or replace them more than waiting for them to rotate naturally.

Challenge rewards

Most of them reward XP that will increase your Profile Rank and Battle Pass levels much faster. Some sometimes also give emblems or other cosmetics .

Warzone missions: How do they work and what rewards are there?

The Warzone missions, also in the Barracks menu, are more special than the group of challenges since here we talk about missions that have a series of objectives or phases and many more rewards. These missions are renewed with each season of the game. Your goals often resemble those of the challenges.

However, Warzone missions can only be done one at a time . That is, at the moment in which you have a mission active, you will not be able to complete the objectives of a different mission (even if you do the relevant tasks). Therefore, make sure to activate the follow-up of the one that you are interested in doing at all times from the menu, to speed up the process.

  • Note:If you decide to activate a different mission before completing the objectives of the one already in progress, you will not lose the progress you have made and you can always continue it again at another time.

Warzone mission rewards

Among the rewards of the missions we also have the obtaining of XP , but in addition you will get many more rewards of cosmetic items such as business cards, sprays, emblems and, most importantly, sometimes the final reward is the unlocking of a seasonal weapon for your weapons section.

Contracts: How to activate and complete them?

Finally we have the contracts. These are also part of the Battle Royale gaming experience. These are small tasks that can be completed in the game with the help of our squad to earn extra money , in addition to XP for our character and the weapon we use.

You will easily recognize them on the map because they have a yellow shield icon . Keep in mind that you can only have one active at a time. You can approach their position to pick it up and start the contract. The more you overcome in the same game, the greater the bonus you will get towards their rewards.

There are 4 different types of contracts that we show you below.

Reward Contract

When activated, the game will add an objective to which you must find and kill in a limited time . The objective will be another player in the game and you will be able to see their approximate position on the map, to make it easier for you to find them. Once you eliminate it quickly, you will be asked to kill the other members of the platoon.

  • The downside you play with is that the target player will be notified that they have been targeted by the contract, so they may be waiting for you.
  • It can be a good contract to make for when you want to go kill enemies.
  • It is a good option for the end of the game, to locate the position of the last enemies.

Recognition Contract

This is a type of contract that resembles the Headquarters or Dominion game modes in COD: Modern Warfare . That is, the game will mark an area of ​​the map that you must go to to defend the position for a while.

  • Entering the capture zone will launch a luminous beacon into the sky that can be seen by nearby enemies.
  • It is one of the most risky contracts, since they expose your position to enemies.
  • If all the members of the squad are in the area, you will make sure to capture it more quickly.
  • Upon completion of the capture, the next safe area in the ring will be marked for you on the map.

Scavenger Contract

In this type of contract, your objective will be to find and open up to 3 stash boxes in a limited time . The game will mark the boxes one by one, so you just have to follow their icon on the map to locate and open them.

  • Caches are usually fairly close to each other.
  • It is one of the easiest contracts to make.
  • You may find equipment that is helpful to you.
  • In the third cache, the probability of rare or higher equipment drops increases.

Most Wanted Contract

Following a free game update, this type of contract was added. It is the most difficult and risky of all . When you activate it, you become the most wanted player in the game. That is, a price is put on your head and all other enemies will be able to know your location on the map. If you manage to survive long enough, a good reward awaits you.

  • All players will be able to know where you are and go after you to earn the reward.
  • The contract lasts for 5 minutes.
  • If you manage to survive the established time, you will get a reward of $ 3,000 (for each member of the squad and a revival).
  • It is not advisable to do it in the last bars of the game.
  • Value doing it only if you need a lot of money quickly, or if, for example, your teammates have fallen and you must revive them or you want a bit of adrenaline.
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