How to unlock the AMAX rifle in Warzone

here is our guide on how to unlock the AMAX in Call of Duty Warzone.Warzone remains firmly at the top of the battle royale popularity chart . Even after several years of its release and after countless and constant updates, the title continues to entertain both professionals and simple players. If you fall into the latter category and are working hard to improve in the game, here are some simple tips that will allow you to unlock one of the strongest weapons . So let’s find out how to easily unlock the AMAX assault rifle in Call of Duty Warzone .

Between power and balance

As mentioned, the overwhelming success of the title is due to many factors. If on the one hand there is the high progression in learning the mechanics that allows you to reach high levels of experience , on the other hand, we must always remember that we are talking about essentially free to play title (even if the micro transactions do not are missing, as we will see later). If you are familiar with the various mechanics, weapons and loadouts, and if you do not want to look bad in front of the most experienced players, you are in the right place. In this guide we will in fact find out how to unlock the AMAX rifle in Wazone, the favorite weapon of most players. Before going into the heartof the guide, however, some premise is necessary .

Weapon Specifications – How to unlock the AMAX in Warzone

The CR-56 AMAX is a community favorite. Its peculiarities and its advantages are to have greater precision, as well as a high stopping power and a larger magazine. For these reasons, the AMAX, together with the Grau and the Bruen , is one of the most popular weapons. These weapons have been found to be so strong, that numerous times the developers have remedied their strength with nerfs . This is in order not to unbalance the games too much and not to create too much disorder in the community. In this regard, both the Grau and the Bruen were weakened during 2020. While the AMAX was nerfed just this year..

To be used at its best, this powerful rifle must be mastered well. For this reason, in addition to explaining how it can be unlocked , we will also see which loadout to use. The rifle in question has not always been available to players. In fact, the CR-56 AMAX was introduced in the game starting with Season 3 . The latter started in June 2020 and ended in August 2020. During this time window, the CR-56 could be unlocked once it reached level 31. However, at the end of the season, this was no longer possible for obvious reasons . So let’s go see the different ways in which to take possession of the weapon.

Achieve the achievement – How to Unlock the AMAX in Warzone

If you look closely in the WEAPONS> ARMORY menu you will notice that there is no trace of the weapon. What you need to do is go to WEAPONS> EDIT EQUIPMENT, select a Preset and press the Main Weapon box. So you will be able to see all available assault rifles and see if you had previously unlocked the ” classic ” weapon . If you have not yet obtained it, to unlock it you need to do 3 kills with the weapon butt using assault rifles in 10 different games.

To achieve this, there are no particular shortcuts, just play as many games as possible and try to perform the required action. Once you have achieved the objective and obtained the CR-56 , go to EDIT EQUIPMENT to equip the weapon to your loadout. What we saw was just one of the main ways to unlock the weapon.

Roze Bundle – How to Unlock the AMAX in Warzone

If for some reason you don’t want to or can’t go this route, there is another way to get hold of the weapon. Through microtransactions it is possible to buy Lo Spartiacque. The Watershed , a legendary variant of the AMAX, can be obtained through the bundle relating to the Roze operator . The bundle in question is on sale at a price of 2400 CP . To purchase CPs (Cod Points) you can turn to different platforms, depending on where you play or which one you prefer.

You can buy CPs directly from the PS Store , or alternatively go through Amazon. By getting the Roze bundle, you will also get other items such as stickers, skins and weapons. After having seen both ways to equip the AMAX, we are now going to give some suggestions on how to best use the CR-56 by choosing between different loadouts.

Loadout Makes a Difference – How to Unlock AMAX in Warzone

Now that you have your favorite shotgun, you may be wondering, unless you already know it, what equipment you need to have to optimize the results of your actions in the game. For this we would like to recommend one of the most used loadouts. In practice, to use a specific loadout it is necessary to know the mechanics of the equipment boxes . Once you have launched and reached the in-game chest, you can choose a preset from those you have set by going to WEAPONS> MODIFY EQUIPMENT. These presets allow you to customize the choice of loadout according to your styleof game. To change it, go to the EDIT EQUIPMENT menu and click on the gunsmith box.

Here, the advice is to use the XRK Zodiac S440 barrel . The best ammunition is the 45 Round Mags , while for the rest FSS Close Quarters Stock , Commando Foregrip and XRK CR-56 Rubberized Wrap are very useful . Remember, however, that to make the most of your AMAX you will need to do a lot of training, so it is always advisable to play as many games as possible. If you are not satisfied you can also try other loadouts and use different ammunition and barrels just to experiment and understand the difference.

Training is the key word

Here we are at the end of our guide on how to unlock the AMAX CR-56 rifle in Warzone . To sum up, as we have seen, there are two possible ways to obtain the weapon . On the one hand you can unlock it by completing in-game objectives , on the other you can “buy” it through microtransactions . Finally, let us know what you think of the shotgun in question, as well as the loadout recommended by us and stay on these pages for more Warzone-themed guides and more.

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