Wolfenstein Guide: Youngblood, Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Bethesda, Arkane Software and Machine Games have teamed up to offer us a new adventure full of first-person action. Entitled Wolfenstein: Youngblood , this new installment will take us to a Paris completely invaded and occupied by legions of heavily armed Nazis , and now, in context with the era in which we find ourselves, equipped with the highest technology. In Youngblood we will play Jess or Soph Blazkowicz, JB Blazkowicz’s twin daughters on a risky mission: they must search for their father.

An action game with RPG overtones

Do not worry. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a first-person action video game , just as the saga has us used to, but this time we have chosen to include certain very light role-playing elements that will make us be more aware of certain parameters that to date had not made an appearance on the license. In this way, players will progress in their statistics, leveling up and improving their qualities . In general, it is as if we were playing Destiny or Borderlands , with rivals who have weaknesses and armor, characters that increase their skills and missions that reward us in experience.

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Better accompanied than alone

Jess or Soph Blazkowicz are the main protagonists of this spin-off . We can embody either one , and it doesn’t matter, because they are the same, both in terms of abilities and control. The only difference between the two is the initial weapon they carry at the beginning of the adventure. However, it should be noted that Wolfenstein: Youngblood is thinking to play cooperatively . The enemies, the routes of the levels and some small puzzles or routines are designed to be enjoyed in the company of another player. Although it is possible to play alone, and the AI ​​is not too bad, we recommend that you play with someone through the internet.

The stages are huge and stealth is a good idea

Don’t expect an overly linear video game. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is programmed and designed by Arkane Studios, creators of Dishonored and Prey , and that shows a lot. The Paris of the video game is huge, full of routes, houses to visit, secret places and enemies . We can find our way without overwhelming ourselves, using stealth , and sometimes bypassing Nazi soldiers and their patrols of improved mechanical wits and fighters. We recommend the latter especially, since saving ammunition is not a bad idea.


Improving weapons and skills is essential

Wolfenstein: Youngblood , as we say, has a progression system that makes it a kind of RPG shooter . In the game we will find gold and silver through the stages, a virtual money that will help us to improve weapons and buy new motivational signs. The signals motivation are key in fighting, they allow us to obtain bonuses and increases damage, health and armor at peak times, look very useful in combat. Just as important is improving weapons . If we improve firepower or ammunition capacity , we will have a better chance of being victorious against more skilled enemies or with greater resistance, as well as if we addpeepholes we will be more precise and accurate.

Attentive to the classes of enemies

Wolfenstein: Youngblood bases its gameplay on killing Nazis , yes, but there are many types of Nazis. Some are especially strong, and others very weak . Some are battleships , have flamethrowers and armor, and quite a few are even cybernetic. You have to look at the type of troop that we are going to face, taking into account its armor , a gray icon that will appear next to the red life bar and its name or level. Until we destroy their armor, we won’t be able to weaken or kill them, so a good tip: look for the weapons that remove armor and then use the most destructive one possible to give them the finish.


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