Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Guide – Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Guide for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We help you complete the game 100% with the best tips and tricks and discover all its secrets.

Welcome to our official guide to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , the latest craze specially designed by From Software for the most demanding players and wanting a challenge. On this occasion, we will be fully immersed in 16th century Japan, in a local conflict … but one that involves too many supernatural entities .


  1. Tips to start playing
  2. History
  3. Bosses
  4. Mini-bosses
  5. Appearances
  6. Finals
  7. Bidders, NPCs, and Side Quests
  8. Skills
  9. Prosthetic tools and materials
  10. Collectibles
  11. Objects
  12. Guide to Trophies and Achievements
  13. Frequently asked questions

Tips to start playing

Before getting into the subject, it is more necessary than ever that you understand a series of basic concepts about the game. So that you are not caught by surprise, even if you come from Souls / Bloodborne , we have prepared this entry in which we want to focus on four basic points:

  • General Tips :Global things to understand, whether this is your first foray into a game of this type or not.
  • Combat Tips :There are a number of techniques that you must master as soon as you can.
  • Skill Tips :Not all skills are equally useful, of course. Unlock these as soon as you can.
  • Trick to regain Posture :regain your Posture almost instantly in the middle of combat by doing something very specific.


The story of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice tells us how a shinobi, a faithful servant of his lord, will try to keep his oath. Mortal and supernatural creatures will get in your way , and knowing how to move forward is key to that. However, be very clear about one thing: the journey is going to be extremely long and complicated .


  • Ashina Reservoir :discover how Sekiro adventure begins.
  • Ashina Surroundings :The Wolf explores the area while looking for an entrance to the castle.
  • Hacienda Hirata :Memories overwhelm Sekiro.
  • Ashina Castle –Our hero seeks to rescue his former lord.
  • Abandoned Dungeon –Time to find a place to continue from.
  • Senpo Temple :Sekiro looks for something that gives him more power.
  • Submerged Valley :Following the advice of an ally, we head to a distant valley.
  • Ashina Depths : Thereis a path even deeper than the valley that could hide the place we are looking for.
  • Mibu Village :Worshipers of a strange god don’t seem to have fared well.
  • Return to Ashina Castle :something happens in the Castle, hurry to solve the problem.
  • Palacio del Manantial :a strange journey takes us to an even stranger place.
  • Divine Realm :will the last ingredient we need be here?
  • Ashina Castle (War) :The end of an era has begun.
  • Ashina Surroundings (War) :Something has devastated the entire area around the Desolate Temple.
  • Hacienda Hirata (Purification) :discover the reality about what happened at Hacienda Hirata.


How could it be otherwise, we have a huge amount of final bosses to defeat , each one more complicated than the last. In this case we want to avoid giving you details about them openly, because some can be spoilers if we give you the context in which you fight them . Keep in mind that some bosses are exclusive depending on the route you choose.


The Mini-bosses are an essential mechanic of Sekiro , which allows us to get many of the possible Prayer Beads . We are going to face very dangerous types of enemies:

  • Generals :officers armed with enormous damage.
  • Chained Ogres –Mutant beasts, as brutal as they are stupid.
  • Drunkards –a big and stupid type of enemy, but with a lot of imagination.
  • Flaming Bulls –Giant beasts with fire on their horns. Charming.
  • Seven Spears of Ashina :Isshin Ashina’s special forces still have members alive.
  • Lonely Shadows –A group of special shinobi swarms Ashina.
  • Ashina Elite :The best warriors of the Castle, trained in the deadly iaijutsu.
  • Eyes of the Serpent :The bandits of the Sunken Valley also have special warriors.
  • Long-legged Centipedes –Strange mountain dwellers won’t make it easy.
  • Unique Enemies :A warrior in tough armor, a ninja hunter, a spectral shinobi, and a supernatural creature will stand in our way.


The Apparitions are a dangerous type of miniboss that challenges us to face creatures capable of causing terror and kill us at the moment . So that you do not have problems with them, we want to offer you all the information you need to overcome the confrontations with them.

  • Headless :powerful headless monsters, capable of killing us with a pair of greats. Find out where to find them, how to defeat them and what they will leave behind when they die.
  • Shichimen Warriors :dangerous sorcerers who use Terror as a weapon. We also have their location, rewards, and tips to defeat them.


Sekiro has no less than four endings . In our guide we will tell you how you can see them all in just two games .

  • Abandonment of Immortality :Sekiro fulfills Kuro’s wishes.
  • Return :something ends, something begins.
  • Purification :Emma looks for another way to help Kuro.
  • Shura :sometimes violence is the only solution.

Bidders, NPCs, and Side Quests

There are a large number of characters with side quests in Sekiro. So that you can complete them all, we will tell you what you need to know about:

  • Offerors :we will tell you where to find all the sellers of items in the game.
  • Lord Kuro :the lord the Wolf serves.
  • Cauldron Nobles –Two rare guys with a common goal.
  • Emma :the doctor we will meet shortly after we start.
  • The Sculptor :the architect of our survival, and responsible for the Prosthesis.
  • Hanbei, the Immortal :a cursed warrior who cannot die.
  • Innosuke Nogami and his mother :two survivors of the incident at Hirata Hacienda.
  • Fujioka, the Information Vendor :A man survives entrenched in Ashina Castle.
  • Tengu Ashina –A dangerous warrior is hunting through the Castle.
  • Jinzaemon Kumano –An officer has lost his mind in the Reservoir.
  • Kotaro :a huge monk is lost in the woods.
  • Celestial Girl :another immortal lives high in the mountains.
  • Dojun –A sinister surgeon operates in the Ashina Castle
  • Black Hat Badger :One of the “rats” is not as bad as they are all painted.
  • Anayama, the peddler :a bandit has decided to become a merchant.


Although at first you will only have a couple of skills and your normal attacks, as the game progresses you will unlock numerous techniques with which to protect yourself from enemies. We will tell you how to unlock and the effect that all these skills have.

  • Shinobi Arts :Sekiro’s Basic Skills. Perfect to start your adventure.
  • Arts of Ashina :the leader of the Ashina ninjas will tell us the secrets of his fighting style.
  • Mushin Arts –A fighting style for the elite of warriors.
  • Temple Arts –If you’re feeling brave, you can fight with your bare hands.
  • Prosthetic Arts –Our secondary weapons feature their own powerful combat techniques.
  • Ninjutsu –Special abilities that allow you to take advantage of stealth kills.

Prosthetic tools and materials

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you only have one main weapon, your katana. However, there are a number of Prosthetics for your artificial arm that count as secondary weapons. To get hold of them you will have to find certain pieces and then give them to the Sculptor, who will give you the weapon and then equip and improve it. That is, technically, they are secondary weapons.

In addition, we will also tell you how to get the rarest Materials .

  • Charged Shuriken –A very popular and versatile throwing weapon.
  • Augers:device that scares away enemies, and especially animals.
  • Charged Ax –A tool capable of knocking down any shield.
  • Charged Lance –An artifact that allows you to snag enemies and bring them back to you.
  • Sabimaru:a poison dagger specially designed for very specific enemies.
  • Iron Fan:a discreet shield that will allow you to block more easily.
  • Divine Kidnapping –A fan capable of turning enemies around and forgetting about you.
  • Whistle:Get on the nerves of guardian animals with this item.
  • Fog Raven –Dodge attacks with style and fight back in a deadly way.
  • Blazing Conduit –A powerful fire cannon capable of decimating groups of enemies.


Although this time we will not be going crazy looking for weapons and things like that, there are two types of collectibles , directly related to the improvements of your character. We want to tell you exactly how and get:

  • Pumpkin Seeds :where to get all the objects to maximize the number of uses of your Pumpkin.
  • Prayer Beads :where and how to get all the Prayer Beads, which improve your life and posture.


Whether you are looking for a specific object or if it is something general, you are interested in knowing how many there are and if you have seen them all, we have a section with all the objects in the game , of all categories, how to get them and we also explain how they work , as well as their descriptions so you don’t miss a bit of the lore of the game :

  • Quickitems : healing items, temporary enhancements to your attributes …
  • Key objects :keys, scrolls, rarer objects … the most interesting thing about the game at the lore level, ofcourse.
  • Improvement Materials :the materials needed to improve our Prosthetic Tools.

Trophy and Achievement Guide

If you want to get Platinum or 1,000G for getting all the Trophies or Achievements of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , we have detailed and well-organized information so you don’t have problems with it.

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