Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Guide, Tips and Tricks

Free America from the Nazi yoke with our Wolfenstein Part Two guide.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus went on sale last Friday, October 27 and at Vandal we want to solve some of your doubts so that you can better face the experience of one of the most outstanding FPS of this 2017.

In this guide we are going to talk to you about different sections that you can read in the index that we leave below and, after this, you can also find some basic tips to make your life easier in the Bethesda and MachineGames shooter.

Basic tips and tricks

Set the sensitivity correctly: Wolfenstein 2 is a game that will subject us to high doses of action and in which our aim is really important so, during the first minutes of the game, make sure to configure the sensitivity of the control to your liking. you are with the control of consoles like PS4 and Xbox One or with the mouse of your computer. You will end up noticing it.

Take cover: The game has a system that allows us to look over some covers or in the corners of the walls. Use it to more comfortably eliminate your enemies while exposing only a small part of your body reducing the chances of being hit by their shots.


Finish off the commanders first: On many occasions, we will see a radar at the top of the screen that indicates the proximity of the Nazi commanders. It is important that we finish them off first since, if the enemy detects us and gives the alarm, it will not stop until we end their life, causing waves and waves of enemies to arrive that will complicate the game, and much.

Customize the weapons according to your style of play: Throughout the different levels you will be able to find improvement kits that are used to carry out, worth the redundancy, improvements in the weapons. It is important to choose them carefully and always keeping in mind our style of play.

If you get stuck … lower the difficulty: In Wolfenstein 2 there are moments that can be really complicated, difficult to overcome. This can make some players very frustrated, but luckily the game allows us to change the difficulty at any time so if you find yourself stuck, desperate to get through a phase and you think you can’t take a break anymore, lower the difficulty level, overcome it and return to the original level.

We know that some moments are difficult so, if you get stuck… lower the difficulty (but do not abuse it).

Stealth is tremendously useful: Despite being an action-packed shooter, Wolfenstein 2 has stealth mechanics well-adapted enough to be really useful at certain points in the game. Use them.

Destroy enemies with hand-to-hand combat: Another notable factor in the game is the power of the protagonist in hand-to-hand combat. If you run out of ammunition and an enemy is nearby, in many cases it will be much better to attack him with the ax and destroy his skull instead of reloading the ammunition, something much slower and dangerous with an enemy in front of our beards.

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