Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Where To Find Gold

Find out where to find all 50 Gold Bars in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Gold, or more precisely 50 different gold items, is one of the most useless collectibles in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus . They serve no purpose other than being collectibles that are hard to find. On the other hand, after finding all the gold, you will receive the Golden Boy achievement.

Gold was used in the previous game, Wolfenstein: The New Order , but is originally a reference to the original Wolfenstein 3D project. You can inspect all gold bars by visiting the Kreisau Club between missions on the submarine Eva’s Hammer.

There are a total of 50 gold items, and all of them can be found exclusively in combat missions (they are not on the “Eva’s Hammer”). Fortunately, you can always return to this or that location through the mission to destroy the obercommandor.

NOTE . Below will be used the expression “during / during the passage of the side mission.” We are talking about a task related to the destruction of the Obercommandor at the location in which the item is described.

Manhattan – Harbor

Gold No. 1 . On the destroyed pier during a side mission, find a container partially submerged in water on the right side. Gold is located under water. in the lower left corner of the container.

Gold No. 2 . To the left of the same pier, there is a crashed plane in the water. Look inside the cargo container in the water, behind the plane.

One of the gold items of the location

Gold No. 3 . On the destroyed street, enter the far left tunnel under the concrete rubble. On the right, there is a passage with broken vehicles – look into the cab of the truck to get this gold.

Gold No. 4 . Go down to the destroyed lower floor of the first building. The partially destroyed basement contains a narrow shaft with two staircases. There is gold to the right of the stairs.

Gold No. 5 . From the fire escape on the third floor, climb the stairs to the fourth tier and go down to the room below. There will be a small table on the right with a star card. Look under the bed frame on the left to find a gold item.

Gold No. 6 . In the police station, go to the second floor and go down through the destroyed floor to the first tier – be careful not to fall into the basement. On the first floor, face the missing wall, with a hole to the street, and examine the table on the right.

Gold No. 7 . Enter the tall building at the end of the harbor where the Oberkommandor (or regular officer) is hiding to the left of the massive Nazi armored personnel carrier. From the front door, move left to find a gold object near the door.

Manhattan – Subway

Gold No. 8 . In the first terminal from the start of the side mission, enter the subway train on the right side. At the very end, among the stones blocking the tunnel, you will find gold behind the open carriage door.

One of the gold items of the location

Gold No. 9 . At the last section of the terminal, where the Oberkommandor will be, examine the tracks in front of the old car, on the left side.

Manhattan – Ruined District

Gold No. 10 . To the right and below the entrance to the lift, in a side mission. When you are in front of the elevator doors, turn right and go downstairs. Look for gold among the debris.

Gold No. 11 . Enter the building on the far left opposite the destroyed lower tier. From the entrance, follow the dark niche to the left to find cleverly hidden gold.

One of the gold items of the location

Gold No. 12 . Sneak through a destroyed building with a collapsed floor in front of a skyscraper. Move through the bedroom, go down the corridor to the left to find gold in the corner before going up the stairs.

Gold No. 13 . Look in the metro terminal where the Oberkommandor is located behind a massive robot. There is a gold item at the base of the stairs to the right of it.

Manhattan – Penthouse

Gold No. 14. On the wall shelf above the oven in the kitchen.

One of the gold items of the location

Manhattan – Anti-nuclear bunker

Gold No. 15 . Outside the circular control room, on a table at the bottom near the center steps. You will see a table with a small open drawer.

One of the gold items of the location

Gold No. 16 . Use the elevator on the side mission and go to a chamber with four large walls that open and close. Go through the first wall into the room on the right and find an object in the dark right corner.

Gold No. 17 . Leave the room with opening and closing walls. In the next room, you will find a yellow forklift. In the upper right corner of this room, a gold contraption is hidden behind a box.

Gold No. 18 . Use the constricting corset to sneak under the cart and reach the final side-mission area where the Obercommandor will be. Follow to the far right corridor and climb another cart to pick up the golden cat (or monkey).

Roswell – Central District

Gold No. 19 . On the roof of the gas station, look in the corner behind the vent. You can reach the roof with combat stilts or jump over boxes in a Nazi truck in the backyard.

Gold No. 20 . Look inside the Neumond building. Look into the recording studio, go to the back room and look for the item to the right of the mixing console.

One of the gold items of the location

Gold No. 21 . Once you enter the diner kitchen, look at the shelves on the left.

Gold No. 22 . Enter the lair in the basement of Super Spesh to find even more gold, to the left of the front door, on a larger block of shelving.

Roswell – Catacomb Region

Gold No. 23 . When you leave the corridors and go to the upper floor, you will find a covered cargo to the left of the train. Look behind the boxes to find an item.

Gold No. 24 . Enter the control room when you first enter the train. Get to the far room and follow the corridor – go forward to see a bunch of gold boxes hidden in the corner.

Gold No. 25 . Move to the train carriage between the two terminals – on the upper level, go through the third door on the right. The gold is under the cabinet along the right wall.

Gold No. 26 . Leave the train car, go to the massive terminal with the Obercommandor. Jump off the train and keep to the right. There will be a large pile of crates, next to the car you just passed – look for a gold ingot in the same place.

Gold No. 27 . On the other side of the terminal, in which you will find yourself, leaving the car, move to another closed train and look behind the covered cargo on the right. Gold lies in a dark corner.

Gold No. 28 . Go up to the area where the obercommandor is located. There are two offices – enter the right one to get the gold lying on the table near the wall phones.

Mesquite – Farmhouse Decorations

Gold No. 29 . In the room to the left when you enter the barn. Inside the small room, examine the dark corner on the right.

One of the gold items of the location

Gold No. 30 . Found in the pile of crates in the lower left corner when you enter the large basement room of the farm.

New Orleans – The Wall

Gold No. 31. Go through the archway in the starting area. There is a building ahead – move through the left door and look behind the plywood to find a gold ingot on the shelf.

New Orleans – Ghetto

Gold No. 32 . Enter the basement under the building opposite Horton’s hideout. Gold is located in the corner near the two green cars.

Gold No. 33 . In the same place, in the opposite building, go down to ground level and find a dark corridor leading to the steps, and a boarded up window facing the fire escape. Destroy the boards and move through the fire exit. Climb one level higher, make your way through the locked doorway and take away the gold lying to the right of the large hole in the floor.

Gold No. 34 . Return to the fire escape and look ahead. There is a small alleyway between the two buildings with an open doorway. Enter the house and turn right to find a gold ingot on the ground.

Gold No. 35 . Dive into the water near the Nazi wall at the end of the side mission. Look through the windows on the right side of the submerged green bus to collect the gold.

New Orleans – Bienville Street

Gold No. 36 . Enter the sewer tunnels. Before turning right, look into the niche ahead and take the first gold of the location.

Gold No. 37 . Turn left at the donut shop and continue down the road. Eventually, you will see a car with a sign that has fallen on it. Enter the building to the right, to the side of the fallen sign, jump over the barricade and find a dark room with gold. Finding gold is not easy – there is no light.

New Orleans – Lakeview

Gold No. 38 . Exit the building at the start of the side mission and turn left towards the ruined street. Enter the destroyed road and turn left. There is a gold item on the left path.

Gold No. 39 . Continue down the main street until you reach a large walled house with curving staircases at the front. Go on the right side to find gold in the corner with grass.

Gold No. 40 . After leaving the main street, you will need to enter the chimney and go down into the subway. Before doing this, grab the gold item at the end of the pipe.

Venus – Balloon Settlement

Gold No. 41 . Enter Hitler’s office in the main habitat. Turn right behind the entrance and examine the ropes to find gold in the right corner.

Gold No. 42 . Found on the table next to the jukebox on the top level of the hotel / apartment.

Venus – Obercommando

Gold No. 43 . At the main control room of the Oberkommando, look under the console facing the central circle where the layout of the globe is located (or located if you have already broken it). Bend down and take the item.

Gold No. 44 . All in the same control room, go to the exit, and then turn left. Follow this path to the red blocked bulkhead to find collectible gold near some of the tools.

Gold No. 45 . Continue down the stairs. On the right, you will find two corridors with glass cabinets – in the second room, break the glass and inside you will find gold.

Gold No. 46 . Enter the long corridor at the end of the area where the Obercommandor is, and then use the second door on the left. There will be a small office with a gold item.

Venus – Transit Node

Gold No. 47 . Enter the area with the Obercommandor at the bottom of the long staircase. Once you’re in the cave-like garage, look behind the crates to your right.

Gold No. 48 . Instead of entering the garage with the Oberkommandor from the stairs, turn right and look along the right wall. The gold is found near a pile of minecarts filled with stone.

Manhattan – Riverside

Gold No. 49 . This area is very difficult to move and navigate due to the lack of light. To get to this golden item, head down until you reach a large camera with a patrol super soldier. The stairs go down – behind the stairs, find a large locked gray door. Use the combat stilts to climb through the hole in the ceiling, then turn right and look for the item on the minecart.

Gold No. 50 . The last gold is even more difficult to find. Move down until you find yourself in a spacious room with patrol dogs and other super soldiers. There will be two open doors ahead – go through the left one, then look into the large chamber with a red stripe on the wall. Use the open door, and in the next corridor you will see an air vent on the left hand and a hall full of debris. Go through the ventilation hole, go down and use the power brackets to break the grate. Use the combat stilts to get to the upper area, above the yellow door. This is where you find the gold item!

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