Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – location of all upgrade kits

Find out where to find upgrade kits in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The best collectibles in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus help you unlock the hidden potential of all weapons. Each weapon can be upgraded three times – some upgrades will make your weapon even more destructive, or add unique abilities to it, such as ricochet shots, scopes and silencers. The best upgrades will give you more options in combat, and you’ll want to get all of them.

To do this, you need upgrade kits. Each card has one, two or even three of these sets. Some of them are easy to spot, while others have tried to hide from your sight. Throughout the game, you will find enough kits to upgrade each weapon twice.

In addition, if you upgrade all of your weapons, you will receive the “Weapon Fan” achievement.

Eve’s Hammer

Upgrade kit # 1 . Located on the shooting range, to the right of the front door.

Upgrade kit # 2 . Impossible to miss – at the end of the obstacle course. You can come back here later if you have not picked up the kit, or pick up another one. It’s next to the button you press to open the ventilation passage.

Upgrade kit # 3 . The last set of upgrades on Eve’s Hammer is found in Kill House. Deactivate the entrance trap at the range and keep to the right. Look for the kit behind the bunk.

Manhattan – Harbor

Improvement kit # 4 . In the first waterfront building, go up to the second floor and then use the curved fire escape to get to the third. At the top there will be a set of improvements.

Manhattan – Subway

Upgrade kit # 5 . Located in the maintenance department in the second terminal – the same switch that moves the car in the plot – look on the floor in this room.

Manhattan – Ruined District

Upgrade kit # 6 . In the center of the starting area, on a skyscraper, find a ruined staircase. At the top, look to the right and enter the storage room filled with ammo and other items that will come in handy. There will be a set of improvements here.

Manhattan – Penthouse

Improvement kit # 7 . During the main mission, find this kit at the top of the stairs, in the far left corner of the second floor.

Upgrade kit # 8 . The kit is located inside a metal frame on the second floor of the main area of ​​the penthouse. Take a look at the shelves along the walls in the cage. This is the room in which you start the story and side quests in the penthouse.

Manhattan – Anti-nuclear bunker

Upgrade kit # 9 . Find the kit next to the destructible wall and the upper path that you can climb with the combat stilts. The upgrade kit is located outside the control room in a semicircle shape, at the right edge.

Upgrade kit # 10 . In the same place where you enter the area with the Obercommandor down the long two-story hall, at the end of the side quest, go to the corridor leading to the second tier. There is a tiny hole that can be crawled through using the Constrictor Corset. In the secret room on the left is the kit.

Roswell – Central District

Upgrade kit # 11 . During the passage of the mission with the Obercommandor, find this set on the table in the secret lair of one of the characters.

Roswell – Catacomb Region

Upgrade kit # 12 . Find it at the massive train station that you appear in the game. Take the kit from the right side of the paths, near the pile of crates on the first floor.

Mexit – Farmhouse Decorations

Upgrade kit # 13 . On a shelf in the basement of the main house.

New Orleans – The Wall

Upgrade kit # 14 . Located in the control room on the side, along the central wall at the highest level.

New Orleans – Ghetto

Upgrade kit # 15 . Enter the train through the door – you can either break it and enter from above, or use the tapered corset and sneak through the hole. Once on that side, turn left to find a garage with a flag. The update is on the radio equipment table.

New Orleans – Bienville Street

Upgrade kit # 16 . Inside the base with the Nazi flag down the street is the following set. You will see the building before reaching the underground tunnels. Jump off the mechanical dog and look around the desired room.

New Orleans – Lakeview

Upgrade kit # 17 . During the main mission on your way to the submarine, go through the large hole to the left of the center path. The kit is located in the room on the left side, hidden in the corner.

Venus – Balloon Settlement

Upgrade kit # 18 . In the residential apartment, enter room # 1 and take the set.

Venus – Transit Node

Upgrade kit # 19 . In the underground mountain tunnels, you will reach a very high yellow staircase. Head upstairs, then head down to the platform below and find a well-hidden kit.

Venus – Obercommando

Upgrade kit # 20 . Get to the long corridor with offices on the second floor. During the main storyline, you will reach a large room with a laser turret at the end. The set is located on the luggage trolleys.

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