Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – who to choose (Fergus or Wyatt)

What gives the choice of Fergus or Wyatt at the beginning of the passage of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The first action that is imposed on you in the game is to make a choice and save Fergus or Wyatt. If you have not played the previous part, Wolfenstein: The New Order , then it may seem to you that there is practically no point in this. At the beginning of the previous game, William Blazhkovich had to make a choice about which friend to save. Whom he chose remained for the rest of the game. This decision also provided access to various side characters and perks, none of which seemed to carry over to The New Colossus .

So it was in the first part with General Skull (and it will be the same in the second)

As with the choices in the previous chapter, it’s hard to know which character is best to save. You can of course choose who you liked with in The New Order, but that decision will also determine what special weapon you get.

Save Fergus

Save Fergus to gain an outspoken and experienced companion. During the introductory mission, Fergus will lose his right arm. Ket will help attach a new mechanical one with its own mind. After Grace Walker appears on the ship, Fergus will prove himself as a competitor for leadership. Sarcasm, wit, cynical humor – it’s all about Fergus.

Fergus and Grace

If you decide to save Fergus, you will be rewarded with a lasercraftwerk. This weapon fires a laser beam capable of instantly destroying opponents. This is especially useful for destroying armored opponents. You will have the opportunity to improve capacity, add scope and use a more powerful, charged explosion. Laserkraftwerk is also capable of melting thin sheets of metal. Some walls and boxes can be destroyed with this weapon. Look for the blue charging stations scattered throughout each level to charge your weapons.


Save Wyatt

Sacrifice Fergus and you will be rewarded with a very loyal companion as Wyatt. With a much softer temper than Fergus, Probt Wyatt will get along with most of the people aboard the Eva’s Hammer. It seems that Wyatt now has a new hobby – he uses reaction drugs that allow him to make some discoveries throughout the story. If you prefer a more relaxed companion, then your choice is Wyatt.

The very “discoveries” of Wyatt

If you decide to save Wyatt’s life, you will be rewarded with a Dieselkraftwerk. This weapon fires small and sticky projectiles that can be attached to anything from various surfaces to opponents. Fire this projectile with LMB and then detonate at any time by RMB. Also with the help of this weapon you can blow up certain doors and hatches. Look for the red charging stations located on each level to charge this weapon.

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