10 tips for completing Wolfenstein 2: the New Colossus

A few tips to help you adapt in Wolfenstein 2: the New Colossus


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How health and armor work

Bandages (first-aid kits) and armor that Blaskowitz finds right in the heat of battles are the only items that allow the protagonist to survive in this madness and chaos. After an intense battle, be sure to explore the location to pick up armor and health using the E key. Armor protects you from enemy fire and drops out of opponents when you damage them (armored targets). Armored opponents always drop armor and scrap metal, which are used to replenish the corresponding scale. For this reason, it is important to collect them all.

First aid kit

Along with restoring your base health, restoring items can also add extra health above your norm. Any selected medical item that raises Blaskowitz’s health above 50 points is already above the norm. Thanks to several selected first-aid kits, you can increase the hero’s health up to 200 units, but at the same time it will continuously decrease over time until it returns to its original value – 50 points. The best strategy when using over HP limit is to grab a first aid kit and rush into battle right away. Why would health just disappear like that? Better to let it happen in battle!

How to act stealthily

It will almost always be a great idea to start exploring a location by stealth, especially where the enemy commander (officer) is. You can always tell if there is an enemy officer nearby by the icon that appears at the top of the screen. The numbers inside this icon indicate the distance from the target. If this white icon fills with orange, then get ready for battle – you have been noticed, and the living commander will raise the alarm and call for reinforcements.

Silenced pistol

There are several different ways to stay out of sight. You can sneak up on opponents and perform silent kills, use a pistol with a silencer and make several silent shots to the head, or throw axes from a distance (the ax flies slowly, so you need to do this at a more or less close distance). If you choose the latter option, then be sure to pull the ax out of the killed target. It is better to study the location, and do not look thoughtlessly around the corner, because the enemy may be waiting there.

Don’t worry about the dead bodies you leave in your path. Although other opponents may detect them (and even then not always), the alarm will not be raised. Although everyone will get up and running and start exploring the location. A good stealth strategy is to kill the enemy with an ax, sneak up behind him, or use a silenced weapon. Then carefully move to another enemy and do the same.

Using the card

If you are obsessed with collecting various collectibles, then Wolfenstein 2 is a real treat for you. In total, there are about 400 different collectibles in the game, which you can find at different levels and even aboard the Eva’s Hammer. Luckily, you don’t have to check every corner and go blind to collect them all. A handy map located in the mission menu shows where and what is. This makes finding most collectibles much easier.

Location map

Also, additional maps (tubes) are scattered across the levels, which provide even more information on interesting objects.

Two-handed weapon selection

In Wolfenstein 2, Blaskowitz can wield two-handed weapons. This means that you can carry two identical weapons at the same time or combine two different ones. For example, hold a shotgun and a machine gun at the same time. There are some good strategies you can use when choosing specific weapons.

Weapon in two hands

Not a bad option to pick one ranged weapon and one melee weapon. Thus, you will be able to eliminate opponents who are both in the distance and in the immediate vicinity. In fact, there is no single, most effective solution when choosing two weapons. You will need to assess the situation and plan your actions in accordance with what you see. For example, if you are fighting a Panzerhound, then you need range. A shotgun that appears to be powerful will not work against them due to its limited range. Put on two assault rifles and start attacking the enemy from a distance.

Two weapons in hand can also be used in cases where you are acting stealthily. Equip two silenced pistols to quickly and silently destroy the Nazis. However, it is possible to use two weapons at once! Keep in mind that shooting with two weapons is not as accurate as you can only enter the scope when you have one weapon in your hand.

Weapon upgrade

Upgrade kits are scattered throughout the game world and are designed for one-time use. While you may want to use these items to upgrade your gear, check out a few things before doing so. Each weapon has three upgrades, which are unlocked using three sets. You can disable these upgrades at your own will through the weapons menu, but at the same time, they can all be equipped at the same time. Once an upgrade is unlocked, it cannot be canceled (return the upgrade kit).

Weapon upgrade page

Take a close look at how to use these sets as they can be spent depending on your playstyle to further enhance your playstyle. If you want to stick to the stealth mode during the passage of missions, then first open the silencer for the weapons that can be used with it. Since there is no sniper rifle in the game, you will need to unlock the scope for the assault rifle – this, by the way, is a good option. Each of the proposed updates is usable, so one cannot say that some will be useless and unusable.

Getting the most out of your skills

After taking the time to destroy the Nazis, be sure to open the perks page to check the progress of unlocking skills. During the passage of the game, hints will sometimes appear, notifying that you have performed a certain action, scored the required number of kills and unlocked the next level of skill. For example, skills will be unlocked for stealth kills, headshot kills, or heavy weapons.

Skills page

Open the skills page to see the current progress of the perks, divided into three categories – Stealth, Anxiety, and Tactics. As soon as you fulfill the conditions for obtaining a new level, you can start unlocking the next one, while simultaneously using the privileges of the current one. If you see a perk that you like, then switch to the actions necessary for it – start killing stealthily, etc. Always check the skills page and do your best to unlock new levels. Showcase your own style of play!

Heavy weapon

As you destroy the Nazi mountains, you will eventually face more brutal, armored targets that require additional efforts to destroy. On the other hand, after killing such an enemy, a heavy weapon will drop out of it. It can be a grenade launcher, a laser cannon, or a shotgun. These cannons are comparable to the efficiency of the Diesel Kraftwerk and the Laser Kraftwerk. While they do massive damage, the heavy cannons slow down Blaskowitz. In addition, before you shoot from a heavy laser cannon, you need to charge it (hold down LMB for a couple of seconds).

Heavy weapon

It is best to assess the situation and decide for yourself whether it would be appropriate to use heavy weapons. If you are surrounded by a crowd of Nazi infantrymen, and a laser cannon is lying under your feet, then perhaps it is better to avoid it. If you see an armored enemy or a huge robot ahead, then of course use a heavy weapon. While powerful, the heavy weapon turns you into an easy target. Remember that heavy weapons only work well against huge enemy robots (vehicles).

These heavy weapons are a good way to save ammo. Like their smaller versions, the Diesel Kraftwerk and the Laser Kraftwerk, the Heavy Cannon runs on electricity or fuel, which you can find in terminals attached to the walls. If your inventory is low on ammo, then heavy weapons can help you out.

Navigating the Hammer of Eve

The huge submarine that Kreisau hijacked from the Nazis is the main base of the American rebel resistance. Eve’s Hammer can be challenging to explore, especially for quests, activities, and collectibles. The boat has long, numerous corridors and dozens of different rooms in which the crew is. As the story unfolds, the number of crew on the boat will increase and you will be able to explore new areas.

Eve’s Hammer

It’s a great idea to research the submarine as early as possible, and then only check new areas and emerging crews. If you love collectibles, then know that “Eve’s Hammer” is simply dotted with them. Don’t go crazy and don’t try to collect them all from the very beginning, despite the hint that there are many more of these collectibles on the “Eve’s Hammer” than you managed to find. Many collectibles are found behind closed doors and can be found later as new areas are unlocked.

“Hammer of Eve” is intended not only for commonplace acquaintance with each new mission. It can also be used to research your weapons. Go to the shooting range, located at the bottom of the ship, and select the desired weapon to familiarize yourself with it in the shooting range. There will even be a leaderboard to see who is the best shooter on the team. Don’t put your hopes on it, there are no rewards for it.

What to do with Enigma codes

Examining the bodies of the killed commanders (officers), you collect Enigma codes. Although they seem useless at the beginning of the game, collecting them can increase the level of a perk that extends the time between Blaskowitz being spotted and the alarm sounding. Later in the game, you can use these codes to unlock the location of the chief commanders, who will be encountered at previous locations, but already within the framework of separate, side missions. You can then go to them and kill them, receiving death cards.

Dead Officer with Enigma Code

You will learn how to use the Enigma codes at Eve’s Hammer after returning from the New Orleans dossier.

More frequent saving

In Wolfenstein 2 has its own, a good system of control points, which automatically saves your current progress of the operation. This happens every time you reach a marker, kill an important target, or enter a new area. But you can save and load yourself, manually – the F5 and F9 keys, respectively.

Manual save

If you do not trust the automatic save system, then be sure to use these functions. Manual saves can be especially useful when completing missions to destroy the Chief Commanders.

There are no checkpoints in these missions! If you die in the middle of the battle or while trying to destroy the chief commander, to whom it took about ten minutes, then without manual saving you will have to complete the task from the very beginning.

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