Fire Emblem Guide: Three Houses, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to Fire Emblem: Three Houses , where we will help you get the most out of this overwhelming new installment of Intelligent Systems’ excellent RPG and strategy saga .

In a kingdom in which war is always one step away from breaking out, our protagonist will have to teach the young officers of one of the kingdoms and decide the fate of all the known territories.

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  1. Tips to start playing
  2. How to take advantage of the months
  3. Classes
  4. How to see the authentic ending
  5. Marriages
  6. Lost objects
  7. Recruit characters from other houses
  8. Prestige Points
  9. Other content

Tips to start playing

  • The first and most important thing: take the game calmly and without haste. It is a title with a huge amount of content and mechanics that we must learn, so it is advisable to stop to understand everything little by little and as they appear throughout the adventure.
  • Try to recruit all the characters that interest you before the end of Chapter 11. After the main story battle of that episode we will lose the possibility of recruiting other characters, except for a few very specific exceptions on certain routes.
  • Restore each of the four statues of saints until you earn at least the first 10% additional experience for each. Getting additional uses for the Divine Pulse with them is also very important, as it will give you more leeway for when you make mistakes.
  • When using the Divine Pulse to take turns back, keep in mind that if you repeat the same action again, the results will be the same as the first time, so you should try to do something different if you do not want to return to the same point that led you back off.
  • At the beginning of the adventure we will have to choose the house we want to join. This choice will determine the storyline we will follow and the characters with whom we will interact, so meditate well, since then there is no going back.
  • Try to plan the development of your characters in the long term. Study the requirements of the advanced and supreme classes to guide their studies towards unlocking the professions that interest you most for each of them.
  • Always try to explore on the first Sunday of each month. There are many activities that you can do exploring the monastery and that will allow you to organize yourself for the rest of the chapter, obtaining different very useful advantages.
  • Try to complete all the Monster Traps and Battlesthat appear on the calendar. They give extra juicy experience, good rewards and lots of money.
  • We recommend having a dancer or dancer always in your groupwhen you unlock this class for a character. This class can dance to give an extra action to another team member, making it extremely useful and giving us unmatched versatility.
  • Do not forget to always carry at least one rider and one flying unit. These classes have a very high mobility and can move after attacking, so they are practically essential to overcome the adventure without casualties and meeting the optional requirements of each confrontation.
  • Take into account the levels of support between charactersto position them on the battlefield. If they get along with other students and fight in nearby squares they will earn different bonuses.
  • Reserve your tactics to face the monsters. You’ll need them to quickly stun them and control the damage you take.
  • Remember that the game always tells us the units that the enemies are going to attack, the damage that they are going to do to them, the percentage of probabilities that they have to hit and the squares that they can go to attack. If you take all this into account, it will be easy for you to anticipate the turns of the opposite side and you will better plan your strategies.
  • Don’t hesitate to use your techniques. Weapons wear out more, but there will be more than a few times that they will allow us to eliminate someone with a single blow, thus avoiding counterattack. You’ll get enough money and resources throughout the adventure to reform and repair your arsenal, so use them whenever you need to.
  • There are shops that you can only access when you explore, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit them and buy their limited merchandise. These are replenished every month, so it is advisable to acquire certain objects in advance to accumulate spare reserves and that we do not lack when it comes time to use them.
  • Attract enemies into your position one by oneand with units that withstand damage well.
  • If you need to raise your teaching level, tournaments and fishing is a good method for this.

How to take advantage of the months


Since the game has a calendar system, you do not have unlimited time to do everything you want. Although there are infinite ways to face the game, we do want to share with you a series of systems to make the most of each month and, above all, facilitate subsequent games.


The game bases its combat system on the classic, well-known and efficient system of classes or trades . Each of them gives us access to a series of abilities and spells, improvements in attributes and exclusive abilities once we have mastered each one of them. So we want to talk to you about Classes and how they work . Keep in mind that we do not include exclusive classes or those that may be spoiler , to save you trouble.

  • Changing and mastering classes: You can change classes whenever you want, but mastering them has its advantages.
  • Dancer: there is a unique and special class, which you will only get under certain circumstances.
  • Others: Commoner and Noble, the basic classes of the game.
  • Basic: initial development classes in melee or magical combat.
  • Intermediate: specializations already begin here, such as rider classes, specialized fighters, black and white magicians …
  • Advanced: For many characters, it will be the last rung of development. With a squad composed of experts at this level, it is difficult for anyone to face you.
  • Supreme: the ultimate level. We have paladins on the back of dragons, sorcerers who are experts in all kinds of magic, powerful warriors capable of casting animistic magic …

How to see the authentic ending

The game, in principle, offers us three routes: that of the Blue Lions, that of the Golden Deer and that of the Black Eagles . Each of them has its own ending. However, there is a fourth secret route . You can only get there if you follow a series of very specific steps.

So that you can see this route and see the secret and authentic ending, we tell you how to unlock the fourth route .


Throughout the game we will have the opportunity for our protagonist to marry one of his allies . So that you know how it works we want to tell you everything about the marriages of the game:

  • Marriages of the protagonist: discover how to marry one of your companions.
  • Other marriages: If you do what needs to be done, your allies may marry each other.

Lost objects

One of the ways to raise the level of motivation and your relationship with other characters is to find the lost objects and deliver them to their owners . There are a couple of things to keep in mind and that is why we want to tell you about them. And of course, indicate when, where and to whom to deliver each of them :

  • Objects of Chapter 3.
  • Objects of Chapter 4.
  • Objects of Chapter 5.
  • Objects of Chapter 6.
  • Objects of Chapter 7.
  • Objects of Chapter 8.
  • Objects of Chapter 9.
  • Objects of Chapter 10.
  • Objects of Chapter 11.

Recruit characters from other houses

At the beginning of the game, you can only use characters from your house in combat . However, as you progress, it is possible to recruit characters from the other classrooms . So that you don’t over eat your head on how to do it, we tell you how to recruit characters from other houses .

  • Recruitment: We explain the basic mechanics to make other students join your class.
  • Exclusive Characters: As much as you do, some of the characters will not be able to join your home.
  • Deadline to recruit: There is a time after which you will not be able to get new characters to join you.
  • Recruit Professors: Some of the Academy’s professors may also join you.

Prestige Points

As you progress through the game for the first few bars, you’ll see that Petitions (side quests) reward you with Prestige points . It is a type of “currency” that will allow us to obtain certain advantages if we know how to use them.

Yes, you guessed it, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Prestige points :

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  • What are the prestige points? We tell you what these particular points are.
  • How to get Prestige points: they are obtained in a very simple way, and you will get a couple of thousands easily.
  • How to use Prestige Points: Find out how they are used to get special bonuses.
  • Prestige Points in New Game +: from NG + you can use Prestige points to get even more advantages.

Other content

  • Exams: we show you how the exam system works to be able to use other classes.
  • The three houses: which house to choose? What differences are there between them?
  • Teacher level: what it is, what it is for and how to level it up.


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