Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night guide, cheats, tips and secrets

Welcome to our guide to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night . The creator of Castlevania brings us his latest project, in which he respects those roots that gave rise to the birth, together with Metroid, of the so-called ” metroidvania genre “. It will not be an easy trip, but with our guide, all the questions you have will be answered in an instant.

The guide is under construction. All content will be expanded over the next few days .


  1. Basic tips
  2. Step-by-step guide to history
  3. Bosses and how to defeat them
  4. Side missions
  5. Secret rooms and breakable walls
  6. demons
  7. Objects
  8. Frequently asked questions


Basic advice

In order to play with a minimum of efficiency, and not make things too complicated, we want to tell you a couple of things so that you can start playing calmly:

  • Don’t try to master all weapons – it’snot really necessary. Get used to one style, period, there is no weapon superior to the others.
  • The elements and classes are not so relevant:some enemies suffer more cutting damage, others from lunge … the reality is that this is not so relevant. As long as your weapon is strong enough, you can kill the enemy.
  • Get all the Fragments for killing enemies:every time you find a new enemy, kill him, exit the screen, go back inside and repeat until he drops his Fragment. This will not only allow you to be better prepared, but you will level up constantly until you “break” the game.
  • Magic Abuse:Some Shards like Summon Ghost, once upgraded, are completely brutal abilities against any enemy. They consume PM, but you can quickly recover it.
  • Break lanterns and chandeliers – theywill give you money and, above all, PM to reuse your special abilities.
  • Don’t Sell Items – Younever know what weapon, material, or ingredient you’ll need to complete the next side quest.
  • Try to bring food:at least a unit or two of edible objects will be more useful than potions. Also, the first time you consume a type of food, you will get a permanent bonus for your attributes.

Step-by-step guide to history

In this section and as usual, we will take you by the hand from the beginning to the end of the game, with the minimum content of spoilers . The idea, like many other times, is to point out everything you need to see 100% of the story in a single game .

  • Galleon Minerva Explore the ship that should take us to the castle.
  • Arvantville explore the village to meet survivors and do side missions.
  • Entrance: we advance towards the mysterious castle.
  • Garden of Silence: not being able to enter through the main door, we will look for an alternative route.
  • Dian Cécht Cathedral: Between the walls of the sanctuary you will find the power to move obstacles.
  • Twin Dragons Tower: A kind of clock tower, full of machinery, is our next destination.
  • Librarium Machinae: We are still looking for more power in the demonic library.
  • Twin Dragons Tower, part two: Double Jump will allow us to reach new places.
  • Bridge of Evil: infernal machinery moves around the castle.
  • Underground Wizardry Lab Find a new power in a spawn of spawn.
  • Using Reflective Beam: Explore the area using your new powers.
  • Hall of Term: Miriam reaches the main halls of the castle.
  • Forbidden underground channel: the blood source hides access to a new area.
  • Hidden Desert: Beyond a flooded area, ironically, there is a desert.
  • Forbidden underground channel, part two: with new powers, new paths arrive.
  • Secret Wizardry Lab: Some details begin to make us suspicious of our allies.
  • Hell Cave: We come to what seems like the source of anotherworldly evil.
  • Using the Gravity Inverter: Discover new paths with your new ability.
  • Oriental Wizardry Lab: There is a third lab hidden somewhere in the castle.
  • Den of the begimos: the moons hide a surprising secret.
  • Glacial Tomb: The last place where we will find demons.
  • Using the Dimensional Shift: Using our powers we will be able to face the real threat.
  • 8-Bit Nightmare Discover the secret area of ​​Castlevania.

Bosses and how to defeat them

As it could not be otherwise in a game of this type, in many of the levels we will find final bosses that we will have to defeat to advance. Sometimes they will be a simple obstacle, sometimes they will be the enemy that gives us the power we need to be able to advance. We will tell you all about their attacks and possible strategies to defeat them with some ease.

  • Vepar: a sea demon attacks the galleon.
  • Zangetsu: A demon hunter samurai stands in our way.
  • Vitralus: the Cathedral itself turns against us.
  • Andrealphus A mechanical spawn that unlocks Double Jump.
  • Valac: the fearsome twin dragons are upon us.
  • Voracious train: getting on a train that is obviously cursed is a bad idea.
  • Bathin: In the laboratory, a demon has mastered the art of the speed of light.
  • Nether Guardian: A dark dragon has settled in the Librarium Machinae.
  • La Exangüe: a very powerful vampire hides on top of the Cathedral.
  • Gebel: The sorcerer who has caused all the trouble waits in the throne room.
  • Alfred: The alchemist is looking for his book in the Hidden Desert.
  • Doppelgänger: An experiment has created an artificial entity to deal with.
  • Orobas: a skeletal monster survives in the fire.
  • Zangetsu, second fight: we face the demon hunter again.
  • Valefar: a demon obsessed with money.
  • Gremory: The demonic presence will finally die.
  • Dominique & BaelEnd the threat once and for all.
  • Orlok Dracul: It is possible to face the librarian in full swing of his power.

Side quests

The game offers us a host of side quests to complete as we progress through the game’s story.

The vast majority of these missions are summarized in carrying such an item or killing a certain amount of a certain enemy . All the side quests, how to complete them and the optimal time to do them are indicated in the step-by-step guide to the game’s history.

  • Missions in Arvantville
  • Missions in the Garden of Silence
  • Missions in Garden of Silence
  • Missions in the Oriental Wizardry Laboratory

Secret rooms and breakable walls

In order to complete the map 100% you will have to locate all the secret rooms of the game . In them there is always some interesting treasure, material or object to help you on your journey.

It’s also in your best interest to destroy breakable walls , which, while not revealing new locations, do provide materials, weapons, and even key items to create new pieces of gear.

Got damn

There are over 100 different enemies to defeat. The “Demons” section of the menu will list those that you have already defeated, as well as those that you have already obtained the corresponding Shard. In this section we want to explain to you where to find each Demon, the Fragment it drops, where to find it and other objects of interest such as materials, weapons or anything else that the bug can drop.

  • Demons # 001 – # 010
  • Demons # 011 – # 020
  • Demons # 021 – # 030
  • Demons # 031 – # 040
  • Demons # 041 – # 050
  • Demons # 051 – # 060
  • Demons # 061 – # 070
  • Demons # 071 – # 080
  • Demons # 081 – # 090
  • Demons # 091 – # 100
  • Demons # 101 – # 110
  • Demons # 111 – # 120
  • Demons # 121 – # 127


There are a ton and a half of items that we can get. We have weapons, armor, crafting materials, ingredients, food … So that you do not have problems when completing this section of the game 100%, we will show you in detail all the complete lists of objects and how to get each and every one of them .

  • Healing items: potions, remedies, teleportation stones …
  • Food dishes: all the dishes you can cook and taste.
  • Ingredients: you will need these products to be able to cook.
  • Materials: all the mineral, animal and esoteric resources that are needed to create the best team.
  • Key objects: here we have keys, recipes and other objects that will allow us to unlock all the contents of the game.
  • Tomos: there is a library from which we can extract books … and the power they contain.
  • Weapons: From simple armored boots to a laser sword, all the weapons you can use to end evil.
  • Ammunition: shells for your firearms.
  • Helmets: head protections. They also add aesthetic changes to your character!
  • Armor: protections for the torso. In some cases, they also change Miriam’s appearance.
  • Accessories: Lots of special effects to activate at your fingertips.
  • Scarves: special accessories that will slightly increase your capabilities.
  • Fragments: source of the power of your magic. We will show you how to get them all.

Frequent questions

In this part we want to anticipate the doubts that many of you will have before you even know that you are going to look for this information. These are very specific things and we want to solve all of them:

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  • Celeste’s key: where it is obtained and used.
  • How to empty the blood source: you will not be able to do it at first, but it takes to get to hidden places.
  • How to dive: the game will not explain how to do it, we do.
  • Opening Chests Underwater: In addition to diving, you have to learn how to open chests underwater.
  • How to cross the entrance spike area: there is an armor that will make you immune to spikes, knife traps, lava …
  • Puzzle of the Oriental Wizardry Laboratory: if you get lost between the tori gates, we will tell you how to overcome this area.
  • Carpenter’s key: where it is obtained and used.
  • Race against the ninja: we show you where to find the Tracker and how to defeat him to get the Accelerator.
  • Millionaire’s key: where it is obtained and used.
  • Secret Enemy 044 – Kunekune The game’s most secret enemy is … pretty well hidden, yes.
  • Warrior Steed’s Key: Where to get and use.
  • How to carry all the books at once: it is possible to be a walking library and accumulate immense power.
  • New Game +:we show you how to start a new game keeping the progress of the previous one.


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