Night nappy: 10 steps to take the diaper off at night

We all know that the times of the diurnal sweeping do not correspond to those of the nocturnal sweeping .

And so it happens that, when we celebrate because finally our child no longer uses the diaper during the day and is becoming more and more autonomous, we start worrying about the night:

  • And for the night now how do I do?
  • ontinuerà to pee without realizing it?
  • How many times will I have to wake him up to not get wet or soak the sheets?
  • Will all this be over soon?

And a lot of other doubts and fears …

To blow them away, let’s see together some suggestions and some fixed points that can help you also experience this second step in the most harmonious way possible.

A few points of reference for stress-free nighttime sweeping

1️⃣ It is natural that daytime autonomy arrives earlier than nighttime autonomy .

2️⃣ Again, this is not something you can “teach” or “recommend” to your child. In fact it is a physiological maturation that will take place over time and therefore the patience and the necessary waiting for everything to happen by itself are the best tools you can equip yourself with.

3️⃣ Queen ” Patience ” will have to enter the field

4️⃣ The uncomfortable ” Expectations ” stepsisters will have to leave the field

I know these 4 pillars are not enough for you.

For this reason, let’s now address the main concrete aspects with the relative suggestions that will be very useful as guidelines to follow when you have to try your hand at the practice of nocturnal sweeping.

As you have already understood, it is not a question of being able to set a biological clock or being able to choose a precise date.

It will not happen that from a specific night onwards we will take off the diaper forever.

Nor that our child will magically be autonomous, he will not wet the sheets, he will go to the bathroom by himself without interrupting your sleep and then he will go back to bed easily falling back asleep without requiring your intervention.

Not only is this fantasy, but it also could never happen.

Simply because this is not the nature of the child, as opposed to what we would like, do things gradually and slowly and in small steps matures the child and the physiology of the body.

10 steps to take the diaper off at night:

And therefore:

1️⃣ After taking off the diaper during the day, continue to use it at night.

2️⃣ Check the diaper in the morning and recognize as a good moment of passage when you find the diaper almost always dry or not very wet.

3️⃣  Avoid creating stress around this moment. Therefore, avoid explaining to your child why he should stop peeing at night, or notice the urge and call you, avoid telling him that he is now big, etc.

4️⃣ Satisfy your child’s thirst even in the evening by remembering not to overdo it (in the evening) with foods that are too salty or dry (which make them very thirsty). Also do not exceed with carbonated or sweetened drinks, prefer water and in the right quantity.

5️⃣ For safety, you can take him to pee before bed even more than once (always without pestering him and without stress).

6️⃣ Avoid waking  your child  at night by pointing the clock. In this way you are not favoring its natural maturation and harmonization which, even if slower and more unfriendly than what you imagine or would like, is still the most perfect.

7️⃣ When you get to point 2 you can switch to the panty (“real” panty and not a panty diaper). If you are concerned that the bed may still get wet every now and then (which is completely normal that it can happen) you can help with point 8

8️⃣ Since:

  • it is not said that you are so available and happy to wake up at night to change it
  • we must avoid getting the message across that we are unhappy or disturbed by the fact that our child has been peeing in bed
  • we can’t even make him feel inadequate

I suggest you make the time of nighttime grooming easier for you like this:

? always keep clean clothes at hand for changing and if you don’t want to go to the bathroom also wipes and towels

? prepare the bed with double sheets in order to reduce changing times. Starting from the bottom you have: mattress – mattress cover – sheet – mattress cover – plastic crossbar – sheet. Just remove the first three layers to find everything dry and in place.

? Also keep a clean sheet and pillow case and a clean, dry blanket handy. You know well that the pee that escapes at night sometimes reaches unthinkable points that go even beyond the laws of physics!

9️⃣ At the cost of a few more washing machines, don’t go back and once you take the nappy off at night, don’t put it back on. Even if it seems to you that this is going on for a bit.

? I remind you: it is essential to avoid rushing him, blaming him, showing yourself annoyed or sorry …

It is a phase of life that is part of your child’s existence and should not be condemned, even if it is preferable for you not to be awakened at night. Everything has its time and whoever chooses to be a parent must somehow take it into account.

Why is spannolination difficult?

I understand that the time to get rid of the diaper generates not only worry but anxiety, nervousness and impatience.

I hope this article will reassure you and provide you with new insights to feed your innate instinct and your ability to observe: they will be the ones to help you deploy truly effective resources in these stages of your child’s transition.

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