How to activate the night light using your Chromebook? – Work at night

On many occasions, we are on our computer for a long time , already doing some work or presentation to our school or company and we say that our eyes begin to tire and we do not know why.

This is due to the ultraviolet lights that computers radiate , especially when being in the dark for a long time, without adequate protection for our eyes; which makes these get tired and does not allow you to see the letters you are writing very well.

How to Activate Night Light Using Your Chromebook? – Work at night

Therefore, the use of anti-reflective or photochromic lenses is always recommended , when being in front of the computer for a long time, it is also advisable to place said device in dark mode in this way also helps reduce that fatigue.

For this reason, we decided to make this guide so you can learn how you can put your Chromebook in dark mode and thus protect your eyes from these harmful lights.



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  1. How to turn on the keyboard of a Chromebook?
  2. How to activate night mode on Chromebook?
    1. manually
    2. automatic activation
  3. What to do to lower the screen brightness on Chromebook?

How to turn on the keyboard of a Chromebook?

The Chromebook keyboard is just like a normal keyboard ; However, it changes many of the shortcuts that you can use to search or perform functions on the computer, which I am going to mention below.

To be able to do a search on this type of computer, you must use the search or selection key ; In this way you can search for Google applications, and also be able to interact with its assistant.

In order to activate and deactivate Caps Lock, that is, capital letters on that computer, you must press the Alt + Search key ?, or press the Alt + Selector keys.

To be able to go to the previous page ⏪ and to go to the next page, ⏩ in this way you can advance or return to where you were. If you want to update said page, you must press the ? key, in this way you can refresh the page.

If you want to decrease the screen brightness or increase it, you will need to get the following keys, the first one is for decrease ☀ and the second one is for increase.

If you want to increase the intensity of the keyboard light, you must press the spatial option that these keyboards bring, so you can see the letters more clearly when you are in low light.

However, it is very important, that you don’t just put your computer in dark mode; but also your phone, especially the dark mode like Instagram , in which you spend a lot of time on it, so you should activate dark mode, this way when you are inside it, your eyes will not get tired and you can continue enjoying of your content.

How to activate night mode on Chromebook?

The use of night light on our computers is very essential to avoid damage to our eyes; Therefore, on all computers, whether on Chromebook, Windows or Mac, it is relevant to keep this night light activated.

In this way, you will be able to control the colors emitted from your computer, and in turn they will be able to help you fall asleep if you are on it for a long time, that is why we are going to explain how you can activate it in night mode on your Chromebook computer.


To do it manually you must go to where it says the time at the bottom of the screen and then you will click on configuration. When you are in the center of the configuration of your computer, you will give it the screens and then you will give it the night light. 

After this you can adjust the colors, it is  the color temperature option, which helps you adjust the intensity of the colors that are emitted, when you are in low light in this way it will show warm and pleasant colors for your eyes.

automatic activation

To activate the night light automatically, you must do the first step that we already mentioned; which is to go to the time option, then configuration, and you must choose the screens option, then in night light.

After this in the option to schedule;  You can choose when the night light begins to activate and when it will be deactivated, that is, set specific hours for when it begins to activate the night light, and when it ends.

In this way, when the computer detects that the time has come to activate the night light, it automatically activates the function without having to activate it every time you need it.

What to do to lower the screen brightness on Chromebook?

In order to lower the brightness of the Chromebook screen, you will have to press the keys that I mentioned before, which are; the first one is to reduce the brightness of the screen ☀ and the second one is to increase the brightness when necessary.

So you can control the brightness and intensity of the light that your computer emits and that your eyes are not affected by these lights. However, it is also of great importance that if you manage your email a lot, that is, you spend your time viewing emails and responding to them, this also activates the dark mode, for example, in Outlook so when you are browsing said page, you will be able to be calm without getting tired.


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