Resident Evil 2 Remake Guide (Leon and Claire) – Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Complete 100% of the game with our Resident evil 2 remake guide for PS4, PC and Xbox One and discover all the secrets of the history of Leon and Claire.



  1. History
  2. Puzzles and solutions
  3. Locker codes
  4. Safe codes
  5. Key objects and keys
  6. Enemies
  7. Weapons and weapon parts
  8. Collectibles
  9. The 4th Survivor
  10. The Surviving Tofu
  11. Range S, S + and 14,000 steps
  12. The other survivors
  13. Trophy and Achievement Guide
  14. Frequently Asked Questions, Answers, and Troubleshooting


In Resident Evil 2 Remake we are told once again one of the best-known stories in the world of video games: the infection of the T-Virus in the streets of Raccoon City , the first major outbreak of the zombifying virus at the hands of UMbrella. In this story we have two protagonists . On one side is Leon S. Kennedy , a young officer who begins his career with the Raccoon Police Department … and saves his life by being late due to somewhat confusing reasons (a breakup, hangover …). On the other hand, there is Claire Redfield , sister of Chris, one of the protagonists of the original Resident Evil .

Whether you play with Leon or Claire, you should know that they both share their entire route or Scenario, with the exception of two very specific parts . For the rest, and unlike the original game, we only have two Scenarios, instead of four .

  • New Game or Scenario A: it will be your first game with either of the two characters. The story lasts a little longer, at first you are relatively more limited in the police station .
  • New Game 2 or Scenario B: When you are done with one character, you can play the other in what was originally Scenario B. Access to a new weapon and much more freedom early in the game . For the rest, minor details change but the whole game is the same.

You start with who you start and with the exception of the prologue at the gas station, in both story modes you will have to meet the following objectives:


  • Prologue: Leon and Claire arrive in Raccoon City and find that the night will be much longer than it seemed.
  • Explore the police station: Leon and Claire will have to search for a survivor among the carnage that has taken place at the Raccoon City police station.
  • Find the 3 medallions: the two characters have the same objective, to find the medallions that open the secret path to the lower floors of the police station.
  • Find a way out: our heroes think they have escaped, but they are still as trapped as they were at the beginning.
  • Look for the garage key card: Claire and Leon return to the police station, and each has their reasons for wanting to open the garage door.
  • Find the parts of the electrical panel: the garage key card is located behind a fence that requires some parts that we will help you find.
  • Escape from Chief Irons: Sherry, the girl Claire meets by chance, has a serious problem.
  • Rescue Sherry from the orphanage Claire runs to Sherry’s aid.
  • Find Annette: Ada Wong, the FBI agent, steps forward as Leon tries to recover from an injury.
  • Find the Plugs In the sewers of Raccoon City, Leon and Claire face one of the classic puzzles from Resident Evil 2 .
  • Investigate the lab: Leon and Claire arrive at the site of the T-virus outbreak that has infected the entire city.

Puzzles and solutions

While not all puzzles are as extremely complicated as in classic games, Resident Evil 2 Remake brings back to the saga the puzzles that have been lost to the benefit of action in the latest installments. Sometimes it will be enough to find a certain object that fits in the right place, but many times we will have to solve a certain puzzle if we want to move forward. That is why we have prepared an entry with absolutely all the puzzles and their solutions , so that you can advance without problems.

Keep in mind that the puzzles that you must solve to advance have different solutions depending on whether you play one scenario or another , but we will give you the solution for both Scenarios .

  • Lion statue discover the solution to get the first of the medallions from the police station.
  • Unicorn statue: the second statue will not make it very difficult for us either.
  • Maiden Statue A third statue stands between us and our escape.
  • Security deposit lockers: there is a warehouse with weapons and fanny packs to collect at the police station.
  • Portable safes:there are small boxes around the police station, which in turn contain the necessary objects to complete another puzzle.
  • Library Shelves Puzzle One of the classic puzzles, redesigned to give more variety to the game.
  • Clock tower puzzle: we tell you how to overcome one of the new remake puzzles.
  • Private Collection Electrical Panel Puzzle: Claire has to open a security gate to find the garage key card.
  • Cell Circuit Puzzle: Leon needs to free Ben, the journalist, to open the garage door.
  • Toy room puzzle: Sherry will also have to find the solution to a puzzle to escape.
  • Chess Puzzle One of the classic puzzles, complicated and twisted to blow your head off.
  • Sewers Electrical Panel: There is a small generator that you must activate in the sewers to get to the landfill.
  • Greenhouse codes puzzle: in the laboratory there is a keyboard without numbers, but symbols, and we give you the necessary codes.
  • Puzzle of the tubes in the laboratory: if you do not know how to create the herbicide, we will tell you how to do it.
  • Signal modulator: to restore the current you need to fiddle with a special tool.

Locker codes

As you play, there are a handful of lockers with security locks , which hide quite useful items inside. In this section we will tell you where each of the lockers is, what is the combination to open them and the content that is hidden, so that you know if it is worth the detour or not.

  • West Office Padlock (Police Station, 1F): Inside the desk you will find parts for Leon and Claire’s pistols.
  • Men’s Locker Room Shower Locker (Police Station, 2F): Opening this locker will find fire grenades for Claire and shotgun ammo for Leon.
  • Landing locker (Police Station, 3F): a small magazine with ammunition for the submachine gun or magnum.
  • Control Room Locker (Sewers, Upper Level): A last refuge for some more ammo for the submachine gun or magnum.

Safe codes

As in the original game (although they are more numerous here), in Resident Evil 2 Remake we will find several safes , closed with classic left-right combinations and that you are interested in opening.

Inside them there are very important objects, since they hide pieces for weapons and fanny packs . Both of these will be very useful to us as we explore all areas of the game.

  • West Office Safe (Police Station, 1F): This safe contains a handy Fanny Pack to expand our inventory.
  • Safe in the Waiting Room (Police Station, 2F): in this case, we will find an upgrade for the barrel of Leon’s pistol, or a magazine for one of Claire’s pistols.
  • Bridge Safe (Sewers, Med level): In the last box there is an upgrade for Claire’s revolver, and Leon’s shotgun stock.

Key objects and keys

As in any adventure game, we have to find key objects to advance . We have all kinds of things to look for: from lifelong keys to cranks that allow us to activate mechanisms, batteries to give current, parts to close circuits, to something more esoteric like medallions that activate special mechanisms.

  • Keys: they are not frequent, but we will tell you how to get all the keys for the closed doors of the game.
  • Key Objects in the Police Station: We show you the location of all the objects necessary to advance through the longest stage of the game.
  • Key Objects in the Sewers: The sewers of Raccoon City also require us to find some things to be able to leave them.
  • Laboratory: there are very few, but we will also have to find certain objects to overcome the NEST laboratory.


If you are stuck with a boss, you have problems killing monsters, you need a little trick to advance or you are not sure which is the best option for each encounter, we will tell you about all the enemies and how to kill them . It is always helpful to understand what you are dealing with and where it may appear , so that you are not caught off guard.

Although personal experience is always important to have some strategic advantage and that is why we want to tell you calmly about all the enemies that you will face in the main story:

  • Zombie: the basic enemy, present everywhere.
  • Licker One of the most gruesome and fearsome mutations in the series makes its first chronological appearance.
  • Zombie dog: not appear when you open a door, but these Dobermans also scared.
  • Adult G: The head of the sewers in the original game is now everywhere in this scenario …
  • Alligator: Leon will have to face a supercharged lizard.
  • Young G: a parasite whose sole mission is to infect new hosts with the G Virus.
  • Ivy: rare and deadly, Ivy is a symbiosis between zombie and plant that will give you a lot of trouble.
  • Tyrant / Mr. X:the “camouflage” Tyrant deployed by Umbrella to cover up her dirty laundry.
  • Super Tyrant Umbrella’s monster at its best.
  • G:the absolute mutation of one of the key characters in the saga, who will go through several stages of transformation, phases 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 .

Weapons and weapon parts

So that you do not have problems with facing the zombies, we will explain where to find all the weapons in the game . Nobody survives a zombie apocalypse by taping the things out there (except Frank West), so it is convenient to know everything from knives to rocket launchers , through shotguns and submachine guns. Many also have parts that allow them to be modified.

In addition, as is customary in the saga, we will also have in mind the classic weapons with infinite ammunition with which to cause real havoc among the monsters we will face.

  • Indestructible knife: a knife that will not break no matter how much we stab and cut enemies.
  • Samurai Edge with Infinite Ammo The standard STARS pistol, now with no ammo limits.
  • LE 5 with infinite ammo This machine gun with infinite ammo is one of the best weapons in the game.
  • Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher Nothing will stand in your way with this weapon.
  • Infinite Ammo Minigun A gatling whose ammo never runs out, capable of destroying everything in its path.
  • SLS 60: Claire’s basic revolver. Its pieces allow to make it much more powerful.
  • Matilda Leon’s famous pistol, which can be modified into a burst-firing weapon .
  • MQ 11: Claire’s submachine gun, which we can customize with increased capacity and stability.
  • Grenade launcher: Claire’s weapon that we can provide with greater precision .
  • JmB Hp3: Claire can use this semi-automatic pistol, which supports a magazine upgrade .
  • Shock Launcher: Claire’s tool lets you shock enemies and has a performance boost .
  • Minigun Claire’s ultimate weapon, a deadly gatling.
  • Quickdraw Army Exclusive New Game 2 weapon featuring Claire. A powerful classic revolver.
  • Shotgun W-870: Leon’s “fire stick”. Its parts allow to put a better stock, a longer barrel and expand its magazine.
  • Lightning Hawk The most powerful gun in the game. Much more lethal when you put thebarrel pieces on it and look at it.
  • Flamethrower: the fire is very effective against the creatures of the sewers, and allows to improve their fuel consumption .
  • Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher: Nothing resists the impact of this weapon.
  • M19 A powerful .45 caliber pistol, exclusive to Leon’s Stage B.


As usual, throughout the game you will find numerous collectibles , which serve both to expand your knowledge of the events of the story and to get the odd rewards. In the case of fanny packs, which increase the size of our inventory , the factor of directly affecting our game also comes into play.

So that you do not have any kind of problem finding them all, we have included entries with videos and images that show you the location of absolutely all these objects:

  • Documents Find out where to find all the letters, journals, notes and books in the game.
  • Raccon: find and destroy all the pet dolls in the city.
  • Fanny packs: we tell you how to find all the improvements that allow you to expand the inventory of your characters.

The 4th Survivor

In the sewers of Raccoon City, there is someone who did not die and who never dies, but now he is on the verge of it. The secret gameplay of the original Resident Evil 2 is back, and Hunk returns, one of the most charismatic characters in the series despite his short presence. Just like the first time, you will have to get from the sewers to the police station , to be able to get on a helicopter that takes you out of the city.

Find out how to unlock the 4th Survivor bonus mode and how to beat it. Or at least try.

The surviving Tofu

Be careful, someone else is prowling the sewers trying to survive. Something that was nothing more than a little joke with a model intended to serve as a test during development came to life in character form for another secret game mode . And how could it be otherwise, Tofu and all its variants are available again.

Find out how to unlock The Surviving Tofu and how to overcome it … or at least give it a try.

S, S + range and 14,000 steps

The greatest challenge of the game, for those willing to face it, is to achieve the S or S + ranks . It is a fairly demanding challenge, which requires finishing our game in between two and two and a half hours, in addition to certain special requirements if we want the S + . For the most completeists, in addition, we are challenged to finish the game by taking less than 14,000 steps , something that you will surely achieve in the case of going for Rank S.

As always, we want to give you the most specific solutions for each of these challenges:

  1. Rank S: we tell you the requirements to reach Rank S with either of the two characters, as well as the rewards for doing so.
  2. Rank S +: this is somewhat more complicated, and nothing tells you exactly how to do it, but we will explain what you must do to reach this qualification.
  3. Guide for the Range S / 14,000 steps: for the most demanding, we have a millimeter guide so you can optimize both your time and the steps you take.

The other survivors

From February 15 you can enjoy completely free DLC content , available to players of all platforms. It is something similar to the 4th Survivor mode, or the Mercenary modes of other installments. That is, it is about getting from point A to point B with limited weapons . The main difference with previous installments is that this time we are told a story , that of some of the people who survived in Raccoon … although not all of them actually made it out alive.

In this section we are going to tell you how to overcome all the extra chapters, find all the collectibles and get infinite ammunition for the other survivors .

  1. Raccoon: find out how to get all the Mr. Raccons in the extra mode.
  2. No regrets: it is possible that Kendo, the owner of the weapons shop, did survive the night.
  3. Runaway: Although we know not to be, it is possible that the mayor’s daughter saw a happy ending in some way.
  4. Forgotten Soldier: Alpha Team had more than one survivor to the NEST assault.
  5. No way out: Sheriff Cortini, alone, is able to face dozens of zombies with a pistol.
  6. Infinite ammunition: be careful, not to be confused with infinite ammunition for story mode, but for The other survivors, you can get infinite ammunition for all weapons.

Trophy and Achievement Guide

Do you want to get the Platinum or the 1000G of the game? Do not worry, we will briefly tell you how to do it in the simplest way.

  1. Trophy and Achievement Guide.

Frequently asked questions, answers and troubleshooting

Of course, in Resident Evil 2 Remake not everything is going to be shooting zombies and finding objects, but on more than one occasion you will find yourself with a slight setback or you will have doubts, that is why we have also compiled the most frequent doubts they have had our readers at the time of passing the game and completing it 100% as:

  • Avoiding Mr. X: Umbrella has deployed Tyrants around town, and this one is especially annoying.
  • Start with Leon or Claire: Don’t you know which character is better to start with? we show you the differences.
  • Herb Combinations: All Herb Combinations You Can Make
  • Gunpowder combinations: how to get the best out of ammunition creation.
  • Endings: How many endings are there in Resident Evil 2 Remake?
  • Difficulty levels: in case you don’t know how difficult it is to start the game.
  • Reels of photos: there are five reels of photos, one of them secret, and we will tell you how to find them.
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