Dragon Quest Builders 2 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to Dragon Quest Builders 2 . Here you will find the tips to become an expert builder who helps a multitude of characters thanks to your skills in construction and combat.

This is a block-based RPG and construction game with a single player story and an online multiplayer mode for up to four builders. Customize your builder, team up with Malroth, and take on the Sons of Hargon, an evil sect that worships destruction.

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The keys

It’s a new story

You won’t need to know the first Dragon Quest Builders or the main Dragon Quest saga. Its story begins after the end of Dragon Quest II –explained at the beginning of the game-, but everything else is original, including the protagonist. If you are a fan of the saga you will recognize many winks and enemies of the saga, but it can be fully enjoyed without prior knowledge.

The main story is for one player

Although one of the new features is the cooperative, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is still primarily a single player adventure. In the confrontations with bosses and stories that you know on your trips around the different islands, Malroth will accompany you – controlled by artificial intelligence, but not other players.


First-person camera and other news

Dragon Quest Builders 2 makes building more comfortable than ever with various exploration and build improvements over the original. One of them is the first-person camera, which Minecraft fans will love.

You can use the camera in first person at any time. In combat it may not be as useful because distances cannot be calculated correctly, but it will be very practical for you to build indoors, place decorations or simply explore your buildings as if you were inside.

Build freely in company

The Island of Awakening is your world, and you can modify it to your liking with the materials, recipes and plans that you learn. And best of all, you can do it in company.

Of course, the option to visit and invite other players will not be available at the beginning, you will have to overcome at least the first great adventure in history, which can take you about 10 hours. On your return, you will be explained how a portal works with which to invite up to three companions, adjust various options on what they can and cannot do on your island and work together to build any building you imagine.

Share your images

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has an option to capture similar to many other games. For action, find the best angle, focus, adjust expressions, and apply filters. As usual they will serve you to share on social networks.

The most interesting thing is that you can also show them within the game, to other users, participate in contests and, if you’re lucky, appear during loading screens. Find the Island of Awakening photo board, climbing up to the small temple and upload your best shots. The game will explain this option to you shortly after the start, so don’t forget to photograph those wonderful places you meet on your travels.


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