Resident Evil 8 Village: 100% Guide, Cheats, Secrets and Tips

This is everything you need to know to complete Resident Evil 8 Village 100%. Do you have what it takes to survive the fearsome village?


Welcome to our guide to Resident Evil 8 Village , a new entry in Capcom’s action horror saga. This time we return to face a game in the first person, more focused on the action than the previous one . Throughout this complete guide in Spanish we will show you how to complete the game 100% and without spoilers , how to get all the weapons, parts and collectibles , how to get the SS Rank in Mercenaries mode and much more.


The story of Resident Evil 8 Village presents us with an Ethan Winters seeking revenge for something he does not understand. Throughout this guide without spoilers we will guide you by the hand indicating where to get each weapon, piece and collectible to optimize your game to the maximum.

  • Prologue :Ethan and Mia have a very peaceful life.
  • Casco viejo :we are in a rather sinister place … and dangerous.
  • Plaza :is anyone alive in this place?
  • Dimitrescu Castle :we know you are looking forward to meeting the giantess.
  • Return to the village :we return to the village, looking for new clues.
  • Casa de Beneviento :Our next destination is a sinister house on the hill.
  • Moreau Dam :an aberration awaits us south of the village.
  • Urias Fort : Rarelyhas a trap been so obvious.
  • Heisenberg factory –one last hurdle on our way.
  • Become a hero :the moment of truth has come. Ending explained : do you have any doubts? We talk about the end of the game in detail.



In Resident Evil 8 Village there are more than 20 different weapons , which we can use to kill the creatures that harass us. In this section we will show you where to get each weapon and its parts , as well as the price and effect of each of its improvements.

  • Infinite ammunition :we tell you how to get unlimited ammunition for all weapons.
  • Samurai Edge Pistol – AW Model-01: Only available via DLC. A pistol of little use is bought from the Duke for 200 lei.
  • LEMIpistol : a pistol that falls off by clumps. Better than throwing with stones it is, of course.
  • M1911 pistol –a real pistol, military grade.
  • M1897 Shotgun –A classic shotgun, designed to hunt … something bigger than a rabbit.
  • W870 TAC Shotgun –A powerful pumping shotgun.
  • Rifle F2 –a sniper rifle to stalk enemies.
  • GM 79 Grenade Launcher –A powerful cannon that launches explosives and blinding grenades.
  • M1851 Wolfsbane :a powerful revolver, capable of stopping almost any enemy in their tracks .
  • LZ Answerer Lightsaber :If you can’t use the Force, at least use this deadly lightsaber.
  • Magnum STAKE –A powerful semi-automatic magnum.
  • WCX Assault Rifle –A powerful combat rifle, lethal in experienced hands.
  • Karambit Knife –An exotic combat knife, lethal at close range.
  • V61 Custom Pistol –A powerful submachine gun to keep enemies at bay.
  • SVG-12 Shotgun –A powerful automatic shotgun with a huge magazine.
  • USM-AIpistol : a special pistol, highly modified for a specific soldier.
  • Dragoon Assault Rifle :An assault rifle prepared for combat against BOWs.
  • PZ Hand Cannon :Five bullets, more than enough to kill anything.
  • Rocket Gun : Itis nothing more than a flare gun with pretenses.


The story of the game will confront us with the leaders of the village where we have finished for things that we will not comment on. Again, we are dealing with a people subdued by leaders who seem to control, in some way, the infected. Here we will tell you how to remove all final bosses , as well as mini-bosses and optional bosses .


Resident Evil 8 Village presents us with several puzzles to solve if we want to advance. Here we will tell you where they are all and the solutions themselves.

  • Puzzle of the War Room of Dimitrescu Castle .
  • Puzzle of the statues of Dimitrescu Castle .
  • Puzzle of the bells of Dimitrescu Castle .
  • Puzzle of the masks of Dimitrescu Castle .
  • Village Workshop combination padlock .
  • Combination padlock from the Casa de Beneviento workshop .
  • Puzzle of the music box of the House of Beneviento .
  • Puzzle from the movie Casa de Beneviento .
  • Puzzle of the door of the symbols of the House of Beneviento .
  • Cabinet with combination from the luthier’s house in the village .
  • Dam control room puzzle .
  • Puzzle of the castle treasury .


In Resident Evil 8 Village , as in all the games in the saga, we will find a lot of documents or notes , which will allow us to know more about what is happening in the village. In this section we will show you where to find the 47 documents of the game.


The goats are one of the collectibles of Resident Evil 8 Village . In this section of the guide we will show you where to find the 20 goats so you can destroy them.


The Mercenaries mode returns with Resident Evil 8 Village . We will face 8 phases with different difficulties. By purchasing weapons and upgrades, you can get SS Rank at 8 o’clock and unlock the lightsaber , the LZ Answerer weapon. Here we will show you SS Rank tips and video guides for all levels , to make things easy for you.

  • Tips before trying to get the SS Rank :tips that we give you before going for the maximum score.
  • Essential Skills for SS Rank :Increase your chances with these skills .
  • SS Rank Video Guides and Tips– Everything you need to overcome this challenge.


There is a special type of treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village that can only be obtained by completing the 4 mazes that are scattered throughout the 4 main areas of the game. Here we will show you where to find the ball and the model to complete each one, as well as the video solution for each:

  • Floral swords .
  • Sun and Moon .
  • Sirena .
  • Iron horse .

Duke’s Store

In Resident Evil 8 Village we will meet the Duke , who serves as a merchant to sell our treasures, buy objects, weapons and improve them . This implies that he is a fundamental character in the adventure. Here we will show you everything you can buy , as well as the dishes to cook and where to find the animals necessary to prepare them.

  • Inventory:all items in the shop and how to unlock them.
  • The duke’s kitchen :all the dishes and ingredients.

Village treasures

There are 8 village treasures scattered throughout Resident Evil 8 Village . They will appear marked on the map automatically, as you advance in the story, but you will have to know how to get to them . Here we will tell you which is the exact route to reach them and when you can do it, because they will not be available from the beginning .

  • Luiza Relic : you willget the Luiza Necklace treasure.
  • Explosive weapon :here you will find the GM 79 grenade launcher.
  • Master’s Collection :This time you will get the Steel Hraesvelger, as well as the Large Capacity Loader for the F2 Rifle.
  • Beneviento Treasure : Youwill get the Berengar Chalice treasure.
  • Moreau’s Hidden Weapon :This time around you’ll find the deadly M1851 Wolfsbane, a powerful (and stylish) magnum.
  • Treasury of the river :here the Statue of the golden lady awaits you, a most peculiar piece.
  • Cannibal’sPlunder : a sinister mill hides the Angel of Nichola’s father.
  • Treasure under the fort :the last treasure is the Guglielmo Badge.

Frequent questions

  • Toilets in the village :you will have to locate all the toilets that the villagers use for … for their things.
  • How to complete the game with only melee weapons :this challenge has crumbs, we give you a few tips to make it easier.
  • Combinable treasures :we show you where are all the objects that you can combine to increase their value.
  • How to run away from Lady Dimitrescu :not that she haunts you for too long, but you better know how to escape from the vamp.
  • Luiza’s key :have you found the key and don’t know where to use it? There is a secret closed chest waiting for you.
  • How to use the wells :We show you the location of the well crank.
  • Key to the luthier’s house :we show you where to find the key to the master craftsman, the location of the house and what you will find in it.
  • How to open the cemetery gate :The cemetery gate will always be closed … except at a specific time.
  • Who is Ethan Winters? :we tell you who your protagonist is, as well as his past.
  • Who is Mother Miranda? :we tell you what motivates the villain of the game, her past and why the Umbrella logo is the same as the emblem of the village.
  • Glass objects :how to get them and what they are for.
  • Rescanning zones :is there really backtracking? We tell you where you can go back and where you can’t.
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