Why The Importance Of Literature IN Reading Books

The Importance of Literature is very simple that we read literature for pleasure and for meaning because it is fun
and because it speaks to us about important things.But here are many important things why literature plays an important role in life.

Why The Importance Of Literature IN Reading Books

Reading for fun:

When we read purely for pleasure, we do not usually care what the work means. We just want to escape from the concerns of the day and let the work perform its magic on us. You may remember your first great reading experience, when you were so caught up in a work that you were oblivious to everything else. Reading just for pleasure is like that. We sit down with a book and say to ourselves, “I don’t want to think. I just want to enjoy.”

Reading for meaning:

But on a more thoughtful level, reading for pleasure and reading for meaning are related. Part of the pleasure of reading com es from the meanings it gives us. On first reading a novel by Raymond Chandler/ the American author who helped invent the hard-boiled detective novel, we may be gripped by the suspenseful plot. We eagerly turn pages just to find out what will happen next.

We move from one level of enjoyment reading for “escape to another reading for meaning. Or, put another way, we read not just for pleasure and meaning but for pleasure because of meaning.

Gives surprising knowledge:

Reading novels and short stories in particular gives us a surprising knowledge and makes us a different person. With a novel or short story we can be part of thrilling events without fear of being crushed by the risks of the incident. Literary reading means to meet more people. Various people with various problems, even people who do not want us to meet in real life as well as the problems that we do not want to happen to us in reality.

  We remember the story of Romeo and Juliet. This literary story we do not want to happen to us in the real world. Similarly, the story of hamlet, we imagine ourselves as hamlet. Spaces are available in the literature. It is an opportunity for readers to observe into a critical ally the, ideology, anxiety, excitement and expectations in the text.

Gives experience of life:.

The literature helps to live more. Some books are real reflection of what is happening in life. The book keeps the scientific discoveries, historical facts, all kinds of necessary information. Good literature requires the reader thinking, emotions, and feelings of the mind. With book brings the reader himself compares his actions with the actions of the characters, looking for examples and ideals. By asking questions, “How the world works? Why do I live? Who am I? “, The man plunges into them, comes to understand him, trying to understand their feelings and actions, a better understanding of other people. And it helps the literature.

For imagination:

Books are also developing our imagination. We do not read the appearance of the main characters; people only read their description manifestation. When people stop to read, they lose the ability to think, to represent and imagine. How does this affect our daily lives? In difficult situations, a person who does not have a good imagination could not come up with unique ways out of the crisis, to create its own model of behavior. If people no longer read books on their own, limited exclusively to movies and listening to audio files, they lose their ability to make their own decisions in life, they act solely on the patterns that have been built up to them.

Facts You Must Know About The Importance of Literature in our Daily Lives.

Reading can change your life

Some books can change your life as you do not expect. Books such as “The Catcher in the Rye,” “Lord of the Flies” or “Flowers for Algernon” made me look at the world differently. These books deeply affected me, I’ve changed, after reading each of them. This is the power of reading – a journey in itself, not just the fascinating story. How and when traveling, after these books – you are no longer what it used to.

The ability to empathize

It is difficult to imagine yourself in the place of someone else, especially if the world is very different from yours. Reading book is a great way to “look into the head of another person”. Instead of looking at life from a single point, you can see the world through different eyes!

Self Actualization:

The more you read, the greater your vocabulary. It is not surprising – after all, you meet regularly in various books so many words, that soon they started to use them in everyday life. Good readers themselves are usually well written. Every successful writer will tell you that to improve the writing skills necessary to read every day. Moreover, reading helps improve confidence. This can help you in many areas of life, such as social relationships or promotion.

Generation of ideas

Ideas are powerful engine. They are based on scientific and technical achievements. They solved the world’s problems and can change our lives. When you read, you get a lot of new ideas.

 Improving the mental health

Just like the muscles of the body, the brain is required “charge” to remain healthy and strong. Studies have shown that mental activity such as reading, can slow (or even prevent) Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. And people who read a lot in my life where after experiencing the age-related deterioration of memory and mental abilities, compared with those who did not like to read.

 Travel the world without leaving home

Traveling is the best way to learn other peoples and cultures. The second best way is reading. It can open up to you a whole new world – there, right at your threshold. It is written a lot of books about different countries, you can read about anywhere in the world and see the life of different nations through books.

 Improve physical health

We usually want to read in silence. When you are passionate about a good book, you’re in a state close to meditation. Reading relaxes and soothes. This helps you to stress reduction, and normalization of blood pressure. People read less suffer from mood disorders.

More topics for conversation

The more you learn about new topics, stories and opinions, the easier it becomes to start a conversation. In the end, you have in your hands an inexhaustible source of new material for discussion!

Examine yourself

You’ve heard the expression “lost in a book?” Reading is an active process, and you are actively involved in it, as if taking part in the action. With reading, you can learn a lot about yourself. For example, you might ask yourself, what you would do in place of the hero of the book. And the answer may surprise you.

Expand the horizons

If you do not read, then you have small world. You know only a fraction of what is happening around you. Reading will reveal how big the world really is. There are many things in which I did not understand anything. Only when I began to read them, I realized how little he knew before!

Improving intelligence:

Despite all the advances of modern technology, reading remains the best way of learning and storing information. Those who read more are getting smarter.

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