Reading English Literature Books Can Improve My Writing? Which Ones Are The Best For It?”

Writing represents an occupation that a lot of students need during their college or high school studies. But, of course, not only them. People, in general, have always loved to read. Through reading, we imagine ourselves in the most beautiful places and often make it look like in a fairy tale. It is only one of many things that the power of this activity can bring to us. Depending on preferences, people frequently identify themselves with some characters from books. Whether it is English or any other ones. Literature generally is highly appreciable among all of the communities around the globe. It allows us to grow mentally and expand our vocabulary. Alongside it, writing has come to the scene on big doors. But the problem often occurs with it. Students are struggling to write correctly most of the time. That’s why they are eager to seek and find solutions that can help them improve their writing skills. If you are one of them, you can try to get essay help from topessaywriting website.It is only one of the dozens of sites that offer help of this kind. Anyways, let’s see which books English literature has at its disposal can help you with your writing.

Pride & Prejudice

One book that simply must be the first mentioned on our list is “Pride & Prejudice” created by Jane Austen in 1813. When it comes to providing people with help related to their writing, this book will be recommended by everyone familiar with writing for long enough to understand its true values. Although this masterpiece was written almost two full centuries ago, it still represents one of the most remarkable and beneficial books in English literature. Do you wonder why this book is so highly rated? Well, we will try to give you a proper explanation of that. First of all, it is worth mentioning that this book was considered “a darling child” by its own author. Through this, you can easily conclude that it is the most significant part of Jane Austen’s career. But there must be some reason for that, right? It is not hard to notice that this book possesses a higher level of language that younger ones may not fully understand. That’s why it is perhaps more suitable for college students than high school ones. This romantic novel from the beginning of the 19th century hasn’t stopped to amaze its readers with a web of genres that constantly changes, from comedy to romance or drama. That is why it can help you with your writing. Reading this book will allow you to see how it looks like to have a mixture of multiple genres perfectly combined in one piece.


Mrs. Dalloway

If you are familiar with English literature even with the smallest percentage, then you must have heard of the famous Virginia Woolf. She is probably the most significant English writer in the history of their literature. Or at least, the most known one. Of course, each author has its level of importance for their countries and literature itself, depending on how big a mark he or she managed to leave on us as their readers. But what Virginia did for humankind and all book lovers cannot be neglected. “Mrs. Dalloway” is her book that was published on the 14th of May in 1925. Almost a hundred years later, it still represents an excellent piece of art. This novel is known and has been announced as the biggest achievement of its authors’ career. Its plot is focused on describing a single day in a women’s life. Virginia tried to express women’s day in tiny details and ornamented her descriptions perfectly. And naturally, that’s perhaps the biggest reason why it has more female readers. The question remains, why is it important for improving your writing? Well, there are several reasons for that. But the most important thing to know is that narration was expressed on the highest possible level. Besides, transitioning from scene to scene has been done astonishingly. These transitions surpass readers’ vision of time and make them see it differently and from another perspective. All those things can be very useful for your writing. So, try to learn from them.

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Robinson Crusoe

Another book from English literature that can positively affect your writing skills is called “Robinson Crusoe” written by Daniel Defoe. Furthermore, it is fair to mention that the introduction part only was written by Virginia Woolf. This novel is a common book to be found among the students. It describes a story of a sailor who is fighting to survive despite hard conditions. It can help you understand how writing can be creative and how much freedom you should be feeling while you write.


On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft

When you say “writing”, one of the first associations you get is Stephen King, isn’t that correct? If so, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. He is an author of preferably horror stories that left a mark in worlds’ literature as big as the entire planet. At least, he is the most known for it. But this piece of art is something a little bit different. It is not a classic, scary tale about some zombies, ghosts, etc. Stephen made an effort to write his own memoir and experiences he encountered throughout his career. This book, firstly published in 2000th by Scribner’s, and then republished twice in 2010th and 2020th, is particularly focused on motivating others to write. Stephen King, one of the best-sellers, made sure to describe his entire life in this book, from his childhood days and very first beginnings until the end. After all, that’s how a memoir looks like, in the majority of cases. Although it represents its memoir, it is truly an amazing piece of art and the one that will motivate thousands of people to write. Inspiring and written in a friendly manner, this masterpiece can help you to improve your writing by far and quicker than you expect.



There is no need for some fancy conclusion that a theme like this one can have. Just remember that you must read if you want to succeed as a writer. These books will vastly help you to achieve that, you can bet on that!

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