Apps To Read Books For Free;Best Reading Apps

Apps To Read Books For Free.You love reading so much that you don’t have a favorite genre and you use your trusty smartphone to read practically anything: from comics to novels, through essays and short stories … you are even reading this article with an out-of-the-ordinary hunger for knowledge ! In short, you devour everything that is written on printed paper and in digital format! After investing a fortune in books and perhaps having already read them all, now, however, you are looking for something else without spending a cent.

I got it right, but do you think it’s an impossible feat? You are wrong and very wrong too! I can show you how. How do you say? Do not you believe it? Well, then continue to consult this guide of mine. In the following lines, in fact, you will find reported how to do it using those that, in my humble opinion, represent the best apps to read free books on the square.

Below, therefore, you will find illustrated in detail some apps that you can use on Android and iOS / iPadOS devices and take advantage of them to read great classics of literature for free and even make new discoveries, thanks to the stories of emerging writers. All of this, of course, without having to put your hand to your purse. What you need is just your favorite device, nothing else. Download the apps with me and choose the one or the ones you prefer. Are you ready? Yup? All right, then let’s get started!

Apps To Read Books For Free;Best Reading Apps.


  • Amazon Kindle (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
  • Audible (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
  • Kobo Books (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
  • Wattpad (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
  • App to read books for free without registration
  • App to read books in English for free


Amazon Kindle (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Amazon Kindle (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

The first of the free book reading apps that I suggest you consider is Amazon’s Kindle . As can be easily deduced, it is Amazon’s free application to replicate the reading experience offered by Kindle eBook Readers on mobile devices. In fact, you can download the books on the store and read them.

The direct download, however, is only allowed by those who have activated Kindle Unlimited , a service through which you can access a catalog of over 20,000 digital books by paying the fee of 9.99 euros / month and which can be tried for free by new ones. subscribers for a month, as I explained to you in detail in my guide on how Kindle Unlimited works . Other content available for download via the app are those that can be used by Amazon Prime subscribers , using the Prime Reading service , which I described to you in my tutorial on how Amazon Prime works and which costs 36 euros / year, but available for free. for the first month by new subscribers.

To download and install the Amazon Kindle app on your device, proceed as follows: if you are using Android , access the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button (if you have a terminal without Google services, see if it is available on some alternative store ); if you are using iOS / iPadOS , access the relevant section of the App Store , press the Install button , then the Get button and authorize the download using Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password. Then, start the application by touching the relative icon that has been added to the home screen.

Now that you see the main screen of the app, log in to your Amazon account by filling in the appropriate fields. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create it right now, following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on how to register on Amazon .

Once logged in, touch the word Discover located at the bottom of the screen and explore the categories of books, looking for some title that may interest you. Scrolling down the screen you can view the various genres available, while at the top there is the text field to carry out direct searches for the titles of interest.

When you find a book you want to download, tap on its cover and, in the screen that is subsequently shown to you, press the Read now button . Afterwards, the download of the book will start and you can access it from the Library section , by selecting the appropriate item at the bottom of the application screen.

Please note that if you do not want or cannot subscribe to either the Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading service, you can still download and read books for free through the app by taking those available on the Kindle Store, searching for titles from the Internet, connecting to this specific Web page , by selecting the book at no cost of your interest and pressing the Buy Now button with 1-Click . Subsequently, the eBook will be accessible from the app and you can read it by proceeding similarly to how I just explained to you.


Audible (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Audible (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Audible is Amazon ‘s subscription service for book lovers, offering a vast catalog of audiobooks , podcasts, audio series and original content ( Audible Originals ).

However, it is also an excellent solution to read books for free , as it can be used for free for 30 days. At the end of the trial, however, it is necessary to take out a subscription at a cost of 9.99 euros / month , to continue using its platform, which includes over 50,000 titles, for more than 200,000 listening hours. Furthermore, the subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the trial, but it is possible to cancel it without contractual restrictions, by acting on the official website of the service , in the Account Details panel .

That said, if you want to subscribe to Audible , download the app on the device you intend to use: it’s available on Android (version 6.0 or higher) and on iOS / iPadOS ( iOS / iPadOS 15.0 or later).

To download Audible on Android , connect to the Play Store via the link indicated and first press the Install button and then Open , both located in the app tab.

On iOS / iPadOS , on the other hand, after identifying the Audible app in the App Store , first press the Get button and then unlock the download and installation of the app using the Face ID , Touch ID or by typing the password of your iCloud account. At the end of this procedure, press the Open button you see on the screen, corresponding to the app tab.

At this point, an Amazon account is required to activate the Audible 30-day free trial . So, on the main Audible screen , press the Login button and log in to the app with your Amazon account data ( email and password ).

Now, in the next screen that is shown to you, to use the service for free with its 30-day free trial, enter the details of the credit or debit card you intend to use and enter the data relating to the billing address . Finally, click on the Add your card button and then on Subscribe .

If you have any doubts or problems related to activating Audible, please refer to my guide on how to subscribe to Audible .

After activating your free trial, to listen to audiobooks you must first add them to your Library . Then locate an audiobook of your interest through the Explore section , then press the Add to Library button .

To browse the Audible catalog , you can also access the Explore section at the bottom of the screen and refer to the Featured and Categories sections : the latter is especially useful for identifying an audiobook relating to a specific literary genre ( for example Yellow and Thriller ). Alternatively, you can also use the search engine at the top (the magnifying glass icon ) to type in the title or author.

Once this is done, the audiobook will be visible in the Library section : at the end of the download, click on its cover to start playing it.


Kobo Books (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Kobo Books (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

In an article focusing on what are the best apps for reading books for free, it is practically impossible not to mention Kobo as well . This is the application of one of the most famous digital book stores on the Net.

It allows, in fact, to access the many contents on the relative store and usually available through the Rakuten Kobo reader, many of which are paid, but many others are free. The download of the app, on the other hand, can be performed completely free of charge.

To use Kobo on your device, download and install the app from the relevant section of the Android Play Store or from the relevant section of the iOS / iPadOS App Store , then launch it.

Once the main screen is displayed, sign in with your Kobo account or create one right now, or log in with your Google account or Facebook account .

Once logged in, to view the contents at no cost, call up the application menu by pressing the button with the three lines horizontally , then touch the wording free eBooks . Alternatively, you can search by keyword by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top right.

Once you have found a content that you think might interest you, select its cover and tap the Add to my books / Free button . You will then find the downloaded books in the My books / eBooks section of the app , accessible by selecting the relevant item in the Kobo menu, and you can open them by pressing on the cover.


Wattpad (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Wattpad (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

I suggest you take a look at Wattpad as well . In case you have never heard of it, I inform you that it is a free downloadable application that can be used without spending a penny, which allows you to read works by “budding” authors from all over the world.

It was initially born as one of the many platforms to write mainly fanfiction, but it spread very quickly, so much so that some stories and / or novels written on Wattpad have then been successful with the publication in the bookstore.

To use Wattpad on your device, download and install the app from the relevant section of the Android Play Store or from the relevant section of the iOS / iPadOS App Store , then start it.

Now that you see the Wattpad main screen, log in with your account or create one right now. Alternatively, you can log in via your Google or Facebook profile.

Once logged in, go to the Wattpad home by selecting the house -shaped icon located at the bottom, identify the works that you think may interest you and press the Read button to start reading the one of your interest. You can also search for books directly, by tapping on the magnifying glass icon located at the top.

If, on the other hand, you want to add a story to the app’s virtual library to read it later, press the (+) button and, in the menu shown, tap on the Reading list item to add it to the public list or touch the word Library to add it to the private virtual library. In either case, the added books can be consulted at any time by pressing the icon with the book symbol located at the bottom of the screen.

App to read books for free without registration.

App to read books for free without registration

None of the solutions that I have already proposed has convinced you in a particular way because it annoys you the idea of ​​having to create ad hoc accounts for consulting the books of your interest? In this case, I suggest you turn to the apps to read books for free without registration that you find reported in the list below.

  • FBReader( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) – free and cross-platform app that acts as a reader for ePub files and for all other popular digital book formats. Therefore, it does not integrate an internal library from which to take free books to read, but you can use it to consult those already downloaded from other sources, such as from the sites that I pointed out to you in my guide on how to download free eBooks . It should be noted that it is also available in a paid variant (downloadable as a separate app for Android at a cost of 6.99 euros and activated through in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad, at a cost of 4.99 euros), which allows you to use some extra functions, such as text translation.
  • GuteBooks( Android ) – it is a totally free solution which is considered as one of the best apps to read books for free on Android . It offers a huge network of books to read online and to download for offline reading. The proposed works are all free from copyright.
  • eBook Search( iOS / iPadOS ) – excellent app for reading free books on iPhone , as well as iPad, through which you can access a catalog with over 2 million free eBooks and audiobooks. All the books available are original works by lesser-known authors who have chosen to make their work public on the Net. Basically it is free, but possibly it is available in a paid variant (costs 1.09 euros) that allows you to remove advertising. and offers additional functions.

App to read books in English for free


Finally, if you are passionate about reading in a foreign language and more precisely in English, you will surely be happy to get acquainted with the apps to read free books in English , which I have reported to you in the list below.

  • Skyeng( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) – this is the official app of one of the largest online English schools. It offers private lessons for adults and children from 4 years of age with mother tongue teachers and flexible days / hours to be carried out directly from smartphones and tablets or from computers. Skyenghas over 160,000 students, 11,000 teachers and 115 courses, including those for IELTS and TOEFL and professional English dedicated to various sectors with the possibility of obtaining, at the end of the course, a certificate that confirms one’s level of English on the CEFR scale. It also includes a free simulator for 7 days that allows you to access multimedia content, including books, which is why I have chosen to report the application to you in this guide. Downloading the app is free, but the service is paid: prices start at € 9.90 for each 50-minute lesson and you can buy packages of 4-64 lessons and make an initial free trial. It should be emphasized thatusing the code ARANZULLA10 in the reserved area (before or during the trial lesson) you can get a 10% discount on packages of 16 or 32 lessons .
  • 50000 eBooks & AudioBooks( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) – free app for Android, iPhone and iPad that allows you to read over 50,000 eBooks in English and about 15,000 audiobooks always available in foreign languages ​​at no cost. It is easy to use and has a nice user interface. Basically it is free, but to remove the advertising you have to make in-app purchases (with prices starting from 9.99 euros).
  • My books( iOS / iPadOS ) – is one of the best apps for reading free iOS and iPadOS books for what concerns English language content. It makes available to users over 50,000 books that can be read without limitations and at no cost. These are above all great classics of literature no longer protected by copyright, but also fairy tales, fantasy books, science fiction, mythology, poetry and many others. Basically it is free, but to access the section with audiobooks you have to make in-app purchases (at a basic cost of € 1.99).

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