Best apps for reading books

Are you a lover of reading and would like to carry all the books with you always? Or maybe you travel often and find it impossible to always fill your backpack with a few books? If you identify with one of these cases, then you can once again rely on technology.

In fact, thanks to some applications very valid and simple to use, you will be able to take with you, wherever, your books to read on the train, on the bus, in the room of your hotel when you are away from home or simply on your device if you want a library within reach of your smartphone.

To meet your needs, therefore, we at ChimeraRevo have created this guide in which we will show you the best apps for reading books from smartphones or tablets.

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  1. The best apps for reading books

1.1. Google Play Books (Android / iOS)

1.2. Books (Apple)

1.3. Kindle (Android / iOS)

1.4. Wattpad (Android / iOS)

1.5. Kobo (Android / iOS)

1.6. ReadEra (Android)

1.7. Epub Reader (iOS)

  1. Read books with an Ebook Reader

The best apps for reading books

Below, therefore, you will find a list of all the applications that, in our opinion, are worth trying if your intention is to have your library within reach of your smartphone. Some are free , others even offer subscriptions to unlock additional features. In short, the choice is yours!

Google Play Books (Android / iOS)

Google Play Books is certainly one of the best apps to read books and to always have them at hand. Within the application, in fact, it is possible to consult a vast library consisting of books, comics and manuals of all kinds. Furthermore, Google Play Books does not provide for any subscription obligation, as it will be sufficient to select the book of your interest and, if free, download it.

In the event that the book was paid for, all you have to do is buy it and, subsequently, save it on your smartphone. The application, available for Android and iOS , also allows you to customize the reading experience according to your needs: it is possible, for example, to adjust the size and font of the text , the brightness and the background color .

Google Play Books also provides a feature dedicated to the organization of books, called Shelf , with which users can organize their entire library by genre or other filters. In short, if you want to read books from your smartphone, you can’t not try this application!

Books (Apple)

Do you use an iPhone or an iPad ? Then you can’t not try a pre-installed application, or Books , which can be seen as a real portable library. In fact, you can buy, download and import books in different formats and synchronize them across all devices containing your Apple ID .

Furthermore, Libri continually recommends new readings that may be of interest to users, thanks also to the artificial intelligence that “learns” habits and tastes over time. Also in this case, it is possible to organize the bookcase according to your preferences, in such a way as to have all the books at hand in an orderly manner.

Kindle (Android / iOS)

Kindle is certainly one of the best applications for reading books from smartphones and tablets. In fact, by installing it inside your smartphone, you will transform it into a device for reading eBooks, anywhere and at any time. Being owned by the largest e-commerce ever, Amazon , any book you buy in the store will be automatically synchronized within the Kindle library.

The application ensures maximum comfort during reading, allowing the user to adjust some important screen and text settings , personalizing the screen to the maximum. Furthermore, while reading, you can also highlight phrases or words and share them, if necessary, with other users. If you want a noteworthy experience, you should definitely try Kindle, available free for Android and iOS .

Which Kindle to buy

Wattpad (Android / iOS)

Wattpad can be considered a social narrative platform capable of connecting millions of people thanks to published stories. In fact, if in addition to loving reading books, you are also interested in writing and want to share your stories with other people, this application will certainly be for you!

On Wattpad you can find stories of all kinds , from novels to horror, but also much more. Thanks to the community , then, you can compare yourself with thousands of people, readers or writers, all lovers of the world of books. In addition, you can customize the library, organizing the books according to your preferences.

Wattpad also offers its Premium version , which allows you to unlock some additional features such as, for example, the elimination of advertising. To get started, download the free version for Android or iOS .

Kobo (Android / iOS)

Kobo can be defined, in no uncertain terms, the direct rival of Kindle. In fact, the noteworthy user experience, the numerous features made available to the user and the vast library, mean that many users use it and are satisfied with it.

With Kobo, you can change the screen dedicated to reading, i.e. text size and font , day / night mode and background color . Thanks, then, to the synchronization of the reading, it is possible to interrupt the session at any time with the possibility, subsequently, to resume from the same exact point.

Using the application, available for free for Android and iOS, you can also read several previews of the books, with the possibility, therefore, to immediately notice if they could be right for you and proceed with the purchase.

Kobo or Kindle? Which one should buy

ReadEra (Android)

Are you looking for an application that acts as a reader of books of any format? Then you should definitely try ReadEra , an application available for free for Android that will allow you to read books and documents in a very simple way.

ReadEra, in fact, does not require any registration, subscription or purchases and does not feature advertising. All you have to do, then, is just import all your books in the different supported formats (PDF, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, RTF, MOBI, AZW3, DJVU, FB2, TXT, ODT and CHM) and get ready to read!

In addition, you can customize the reading screen to get the most out of the user experience and organize the library according to your preferences.

Epub Reader (iOS)

Epub Reader represents a valid alternative to the application presented a few lines ago. In fact, it allows users to view books and documents in different formats, in a completely comfortable way and with several integrated features available. The application, available free for iOS and iPadOS , supports viewing of PDF, EPUB, CHM and RTF.

Furthermore, Epub Reader allows you to change the reading screen either by adjusting some parameters, such as the color and size of the text, or by taking notes or highlighting the content and adding convenient bookmarks .

Read books with an Ebook Reader

So far we have shown you what are the best applications for reading books on smartphones and tablets. What if I told you that there are devices that can simulate a book and give an unprecedented smart reading experience ? If you are interested in the subject and would like more information on these devices, I invite you to read our detailed guide in which we show you the best Ebook Readers to buy .

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