How To Fix MacOS Monterey Errors

Update macOS Monterey finally came out for all! The system received pleasant changes, but, according to tradition, it became a headache for many, just like iOS 15. It is difficult to scare iOS and macOS users with something – after updating, in principle, everyone is ready for the most unexpected twists of fate. We looked for ourselves, read your feedback in our Telegram chat and made a small checklist on common errors in macOS Monterey and how to solve them.

Problems have accumulated in macOS Monterey. We figure out how to solve them


  • 1MacBook battery runs out quickly
  • 2The program on the Mac hangs
  • 3Internet does not work on MacBook
  • 4MacBook battery is hot
  • 5Unlocking with Apple Watch does not work
  • 6MacBook slows down after updating
  • 7Universal clipboard doesn’t work
  • eightAirDrop not working on MacBook

MacBook battery runs out quickly

Many of our readers have experienced battery draining quickly after installing macOS Monterey . Basically, nothing new: iOS 15 users have encountered the same problem. There are several methods for solving this problem.

The new macOS Monterey can drain your device faster

  • Close unnecessary applications. Make sure nothing is open. Force Quit Programs – Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner and select Force Quit by selecting any running applications.
  • Update apps. Older versions tend to consume more battery than newer ones. Open the Mac App Store and click Updates. Update everything at once.
  • Change your browser. Google Chrome differs in its functionality, but it also consumes much more resources. Better to use Safari instead – save battery power. Plus, the updated Safari is much more user-friendly than it sounds. Try it!

Some people are buzzing with the new Safari, but you just need to get used to it.

  • Reset PRAM and NVRAM. This way you can reset some of the settings while saving the data. Shut down your MacBook (Intel) and turn it back on, then press and hold Command, Option, P, R after the startup sound.

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The program on the Mac hangs

Accidental crashes are a classic problem with newer operating systems. Some programs crash on startup, while others crash during use. Your best bet is to update your apps: go to the Mac App Store and update them. You can also uninstall problematic applications and reinstall them.

Internet does not work on MacBook

Some readers have complained that after upgrading to macOS, Monterey stopped working Wi-Fi on MacBooks .

  • Reboot the Wi-Fi module. Click the Wi-Fi menu icon in the upper right corner and click the Wi-Fi switch.
  • Forget the network and reconnect. The best option is to delete the connection and re-create it. Click the Wi-Fi icon and select Network Settings , then select a network and click the minus sign. Reconnect.

Что будет, если сэкономить на ремонте iPhone и Mac

MacBook battery is hot

Most likely, it’s all about system errors.

The problem with overheating is probably familiar to all MacBook users. It hasn’t gone anywhere in macOS Monterrey either. At least for now. In this situation, cleaning files and applications is very helpful. If for some time you haven’t cleaned your memory and didn’t put things in order, then it seems that the time has come.

  • Go to the Apple menu at the top left.
  • Click About This Mac.
  • Select the ” Storage” tab , click ” Manage “.

See what it’s time to get rid of and clear your memory. This should help reduce the load, which will lower the temperature of the device.

Apple добавила в macOS Monterey турбо-режим для ноутбуков. Зачем?

Unlocking with Apple Watch does not work

Again twenty-five! But there is a logical explanation for all mistakes.

Many users have complained about unlocking Mac with Apple Watch not working .

  • Disable unlock. Go to ” System Preferences“.
  • Click on Security & Privacy.
  • Uncheck the box next to ” Use Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac.”
  • Restart your Mac and Apple Watch, and then turn auto unlock back on.

MacBook slows down after updating

Accept it: after the update, the device often slows down

Updating macOS always tweaks the system to be a little faster. But rarely does the expectation coincide with reality. If you notice that your device is slowing down, try restarting it, updating apps, or deleting unnecessary items from storage.

Universal clipboard doesn’t work

What if the clipboard is not working?

The clipboard on Mac is insanely useful for copying anything. For some macOS Monterey users, it does not work, as a result of which you have to look for working solutions. First, try rebooting the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, and rebooting your devices. If that doesn’t work, then reset your Mac clipboard.

  • Launch Terminal on Mac
  • Copy and paste the command pbcopy </ dev / null (no spaces)
  • Press Enter and clear the clipboard.

Подписывайтесь на наш Яндекс.Дзен: рассказываем о том, о чем еще никто не знает!

AirDrop not working on MacBook

The problem with AirDrop is very easy to solve

On macOS, Monterey often turns on AirDrop: it does not display nearby devices. Sometimes pressing the devices remained unanswered, which is also unpleasant. Make your device accessible to everyone.

  • Open Finder, choose Go .
  • Select ” AirDrop“.
  • Click ” Allow to be discovered by user“.
  • Click “All” and reboot your device.

Try disallowing your firewall to block all incoming connections, it should help.

Configure your firewall to fix AirDrop issues

  • Go to the Apple menu and click System Preferences.
  • Select Security & Privacy, click Firewall .
  • Click the lock icon and then enter the password.
  • Click Firewall Options, uncheck Block all incoming connections.

What problems did you encounter when upgrading to macOS Monterey?

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