11 best programs for reading books on a computer

Printed books, magazines and newspapers fade into the background. Electronic alternatives dominate. Therefore, the search for a comfortable reading application is more relevant than ever, because the selection criteria are different for everyone. For some, the interface and design become the determining factor, while others are looking for a platform that supports many formats.

We make it easy for you. In the text, we give the top PC readers with their advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours.

Readers for Windows

Windows is considered the first most popular operating system in the world . According to a NetMarketShare study, 4 billion people work on it, so reading software is always on the agenda. About five of them – in general terms.

Cool Reader

The popular appendix is ​​an expanded book. The interface can be customized by yourself by choosing an endless scroll or turning pages. The lion’s share of the functions of the PC reader are focused on the choice of appropriate visual components (fonts, page layout and size, availability of additional functions), which will ensure comfortable reading of works.

Thanks to the presence of a speech synthesizer, the text can be played in audio format or integrated into the MP3 format. However, pdf files are not available for voice acting, and in the case of other formats, the awkward work of the voice assistant may be observed.

Among the advantages of the application:

  • automatic page turning function;
  • the ability to change and smooth fonts;
  • the presence of a built-in archiver, so that the downloaded files do not need to be unpacked through third-party utilities.

In general, the reader is not bad, but a couple of shortcomings spoil the whole impression:

  • when the night mode is activated, the background is not black at all, but with a dark blue tint and numerous spots. It distracts from reading and puts strain on the eyes;
  • when you exit the application, settings and bookmarks of books often fly off, and therefore the next reading session you will have to look for the page on which you stopped.

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ICE Book Reader Professional

This is a Russian-language application with a wide range of settings. They are focused on comfort. A program for reading books on a PC allows you to select the desired design, adjust the size and style of the font. The software has a built-in format converter and a function for sorting books according to several criteria: author, genre, and others.

The app is optimized for Windows 10 and comes with a speech synthesizer. Books can be read and listened to. But, when opening voluminous works, there may be freezes and problems with page turning.


The advantage of the program is the access to popular online book catalogs. Through them you can download more than 40 thousand works from the section “Classical Literature.” The software has the function of syncing a book collection from cloud storage OneDrive and Dropbox. Due to this, you can upload books previously saved in the cloud and read from different devices: you just need to open a storage account and download the desired work.

The eBook reader on your computer supports the most popular reading formats: EPUB (DRM-free), FB2, MOBI, HTML and TXT. It is optimized to work with smartphones and tablets.

STDU Viewer

This program is held in high esteem due to the support of more than 20 formats. It allows you to open large files and layouts created in Photoshop. The software has about 25 different settings, with which you can “adjust” even small details to your own preferences.

In the program, you can leave notes, search the book, and even transform the display options. With such a wide functionality, STDU Viewer does not create a strong load on the PC.

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Sumatra PDF

In addition to the main “book formats”, the program allows you to open comics in CBR and CBZ. Unlike other reading apps, Sumatra PDF can be downloaded to external media to use on any device. The software allows you to open several tabs with books and, if necessary, switch between them.

The program can only configure the display of text and the appropriate font size. The rest of the functions can only be adjusted by opening the “Program parameters”.

Readers for macOS

If you prefer Apple technology , you should take care of a user-friendly reading application. In the case of MacOS, there are three most simple and understandable readers that will appeal to every reader of literature.


The utility tops the list compiled by MacBook users . And there are several reasons for this:

  1. First, it supports 30 formats, including EPUB, FB2, HTML, IMP, LIT, LRF, as well as the function of converting files in the program.
  2. Secondly, it is an intuitive interface. There is a separate sector with a list of books from the storage, a clear distribution of functions on the top panel. You can also disable modules that you do not plan to use.
  3. The presence of a system for searching and sorting files by name, author, genre and word / phrase.
  4. If necessary, you can enable separate settings for each song.

But, at the same time, the utility is not without its drawbacks. The book is available for download only through a browser, after which it can be opened in the program. Also, when downloading books in a number of formats (RB, RTF, SNB, TCR), errors may occur.


This reader is rightfully considered one of the best, because it has a stylish interface, synchronization between iOS devices. They are suitable for those who would like to explore the worlds of the next fantasy, and not study the settings.

The utility supports only two formats: ePub and PDF. But all files can be converted to appreciate the thrilling plot of the novel.

Among the advantages of the reader can be noted a set of functions. They are in the table:

Function Parameter
Skeimorphic design (in the form of infographics) +
Night mode +
Font selection +
Navigating and creating dictionaries +

All two supported formats are considered a disadvantage of the program.


Intuitive software that opens books in the form of tabs. Here you can create bookmarks with notes while reading, write comments, search by phrases. The system of tabs is capable of combining several books, which will allow you to study information in parallel from several sources.

Benefits of the Clearview app:

  • suitable for working with popular book formats (DF, EPUB (no DRM), CHM and MOBI);
  • extensive functionality includes intuitive book management, the ability to switch between windows, search for a book by title / author / publisher. Due to this, you can find the necessary work by the author, a fragment of a phrase or file name;
  • it is possible to customize fonts and colors;
  • each of the formats is available in four reading configurations (page shift or continuous scrolling, one page or two columns). For example, PDF files can be read by quickly flipping pages. Or, conversely, use automatic mode, in which pages will replace each other after a specified period of time.

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Reading software for Linux

The Linux operating system came to us from the nineties, therefore it is rarely found on a home computer. However, it was she who was used to develop the lion’s share of domains. Also, the Linux kernel is involved in the Android system. Based on this, the system and consumer software are relevant until now.


The most simple, but interesting PC reader is at the peak of its popularity among Linux users. It supports five main formats for virtual books, and also provides comic reading capabilities. Among the features of the utility:

  • the function of switching between the library and a specific book;
  • the “Information” key allows you to familiarize yourself with the contents of the document. Create bookmarks or read previously saved ones, as well as get search results;
  • three types of color schemes are available, one of which is dark;
  • the ability to activate the full screen by selecting this function in the settings.

Among the advantages are:

  • convenient book search (by code, title, quote);
  • a wide range of filters by genre and other parameters;
  • import from online services Google Books and Open Library is available.

As a disadvantage, users note the inability to change fonts and background, which is not always convenient for reading.


The utility provides work with ten different formats, which is convenient for reading books, comics and various kinds of documents. The application interface allows you to customize or select the color scheme and style of fonts. Another advantage of the program is the presence of a built-in translator that works according to Google Translate algorithms. You can turn pages or select the necessary piece of text using the touchpad, just moving your finger.

Among the advantages of the reader are:

  • GTK eBook viewer built with GJS and Epub.js.FeaturesView EPUB files that provide two-page viewing and scrolling;
  • four reading configurations: light, gray, dark and inverted;
  • reading progress slider with chapter labels.

The most significant drawback is the periodically disappearing icon of the utility from the taskbar, since bugs with voice acting and incorrect search were fixed during the last update.


If the KDE graphical environment is installed on the PC, you can use the cool reader that is built into the software to read books. The program is designed to work with PDF files and view images. The developers claim that with this utility, you can quickly comment on fragments of text, leaving thoughts in notes. And also use several options for scrolling sheets and customize a theme that will not be distracted from the content of the book.

Advantages of the reader:

  • convenient navigation;
  • file review elements are available (notes, lines, polygons, ellipses, selection, stamp, text underline);
  • supports a number of popular formats – PDF, Epub, DjVu, DVI, PostScript, FictionBook, ComicBook, XPS;
  • lack of advertising.

The disadvantage is the lack of reviewing of the Russian-language text, since for files with Cyrillic, the review notes are simply not displayed.

Reading services

As practical as PC readers are, sometimes there is no way to install an application. Then online services come to the rescue. Three of them are in your piggy bank.


Visitors to this platform gain access to books that have become timeless classics. The service is paid, but you can try a trial subscription for seven days. At the same time, access to the section with classical works remains free on an ongoing basis.

The platform contains a large number of works (over 5000) in Russian, Spanish, English and other languages.

Among the advantages:

  • optimization of the reader for Windows 10;
  • a section with a book in audio format is available;
  • The Recommended category is generated based on the books you have read. You can easily find a continuation of the desired novel or familiarize yourself with other works of the author.

However, the platform provides files only in two formats (EPUB or FB2), which is not always convenient. To read contemporaries, you need to subscribe. Its cost is $ 4.5 per month.

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Google Play Books

Allows you to add books to the library, and then read online. You can also use an extension for Chrome (which is called Google Play Books), thanks to which you can read without connecting to the network. The plugin basically repeats the design of the web version, so the functionality is preserved.

Among the advantages of the reader:

  • the function of syncing the library on devices with one account,
  • a wide selection of classical and modern literature,
  • intuitive interface and laconic design.

But when choosing this service for reading new works, you should remember that their lion’s share is protected by copyright law. First you need to buy, then read.

Kindle Cloud Reader

The reader was developed by the Amazon Kindle, because books are taken for reading through the Amazon application from a browser or Chromebook. A unique function of the service is fixing the last read page, remarks and notes. With a new session, the readings continue to read from the point where they left off.

The undoubted advantages are a simple and intuitive interface, the ability to customize the fonts of the books and choose the layout of the pages. The main drawback is the lack of a function to download your books, and therefore the range of books is limited to only those that you purchased on Amazon.

The selection of a suitable reading application is as individual as the preference for different genres or configurations of books: format, cover, binding. The decisive role is played by the number of settings with which you can create a page design and reduce the burden on the eyes to the maximum.

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