10 Effective Ways to Overcome Lazy Reading Books

Many successful people say that they are nerds. For example, the father of our proclaimer, Soekarno. Armed with his broad insight from reading, he can become one of the defining figures of this nation.

No different from Soekarno, Bung Hatta also once expressed his love for books. He said, “I’m willing to go to prison as long as I’m with books, because with books I’m free.”

Reading books, in other words, is something very important. Our adage that books are windows to the world is a saying that still contains truth to this day.

However, reading a book becomes something very heavy. And unfortunately, in Indonesia, the habit of reading from an early age is still very lacking. As a result, many Indonesians do not like this activity.

However, it’s never too late to try. Here are 10 ways to overcome lazy reading that you need to try.

1. Read Book Reviews to Convince

Many people are reluctant to read a book because they think that the content is not interesting. Usually, they don’t like the cover that looks ugly to the less unattractive title.

Well, so that the negative views disappear, there’s nothing wrong if you read a review about the book. Try, look for reviews from readers of the book that you think is not interesting. Who knows, it turns out that the book has a very exciting plot even though the title is not good.

2. Trigger with Light Reading

The habit of reading is something that should be done since childhood. But when you are an adult, you can start habituation right now.

But because you are still a novice reader, look for light reading first. For example, reading magazines and poetry books.

That way, at least you won’t be surprised when you have to devour letter by letter to get an interesting discussion.

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3. Choose an Interesting Book

After being able to comfortably “devour” magazines and other light reading, move on to the next level of reading. Yes, start to read a book that is quite serious.

But first choose a book that can lift your spirits. For example, if you are still in high school, just read teenlit books. Meanwhile, if you are an adult and interested in becoming an entrepreneur, just read the tips to become an entrepreneur.

The point is, first find a book whose theme immediately appeals to you. So, you don’t need to spend too much effort to finish the book. This is important because the interest factor is a powerful factor to overcome lazy reading books.

4. Set Reading Targets 

Set a target to read in a certain period. In the early stages, you can target only 3 books within 1 year. After that, increase the number of books you are targeting to 5 to 10 books.

Later when you have reached your annual reading target, shorten the time period. For example, setting a target to read 1 book in 1 month.

With a target like this, you will definitely be more challenged. Your enthusiasm is more intense and you feel that what you are doing has a specific purpose.

5. Read Multiple Pages Per Day 

Are you still having a hard time reading a book for a certain period of time? Eits, no need to be sad. Because changing a habit is not easy.

If you often miss your annual or monthly goals, try to break down your goals into a daily plan. For example, you are now targeting 1 book in 1 month. However, since you’re always procrastinating, just change that goal to reading 5 to 10 pages per day.

With a broken target like this, it is more likely that you will be able to achieve the target. You will also not feel burdened because every day you only need to read a few pages from the book.

6. Promise Rewards for Yourself

It is not an easy thing to overcome lazy reading books. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with promising a reward for yourself.

For example, you set a goal to read 1 book in 1 month. Once the target is reached, you can use your savings to buy something you like.

Or, if you have been successful with your reading target, indulge yourself for 1 day. In that 1 day, you are free to buy ice cream, snacks, to relax all day long. The point is, give yourself something nice.

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7. Always Carry Books Everywhere

Make books your friends. Bring him to the various activities that you live. Thus, you will be more comfortable with everything related to books.

In addition, you can also take advantage of the unused time to absorb the information in the related book. For example, every day you go to school by bus. Instead of just playing on the bus on the bus, it would be better if you just read.

Or, if you’re jogging, carry a book in your backpack. Later when you rest, you can sit back and enjoy the book a little while drinking the fresh juice you brought.

8. Reading Together 

Some people actually feel lazy to read books because they have to do it alone. These people are usually extroverted. They are more comfortable working together than alone.

So, if you have this tendency, do a reading together. Invite your friends who also want to devour various books.

Or, you can also read on the sidelines of the arrival of friends. Discuss the book you read with your friend. If your friend happens to be interested, your spirit will certainly be encouraged by it.

9. Avoid Books with Heavy Themes

One very important way to overcome lazy reading is to prevent the trauma of doing these activities. Yes, traumatized. The trauma of reading can be due to the selection of books that are too heavy for the readers.

As a result, readers will associate this habit with feeling dizzy when devouring a book with a heavy theme.

So, follow this advice by reading books through separate stages, starting from reading magazines, light novels, to books that are serious but the discussion you enjoy.

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10. Challenge Yourself

Are you used to reading books that are quite heavy? If so, don’t be complacent. Challenge yourself to gobble up other books whose themes might be unusual.

In this way, your hobby of reading will feel very exciting. You will also gain much more insight by giving the challenge to yourself.

What’s the profit? Of course yourself. Because the more insight you have, the more opportunities and opportunities you can take advantage of.

If you are a student, the habit of reading will make your grades increase. Meanwhile, if you are an employee, the habit of reading books, especially career books can make you a successful employee.


Reading books is an activity that has many benefits . You can get not only new insights, but also inspiration, motivation, and an unusual point of view.

But many of us are lazy to do that activity. Therefore, it is necessary to change habits. Please follow the 10 ways to overcome lazy reading above so that you can become a book connoisseur.


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