Why Is Anatomical Position Important;6 Facts You Must Know

Why Is Anatomical Position Important.Anatomical position is a position used as a reference point to establish relationships between different parts of the body.Anatomical terms such as anterior and posterior, medial and lateral, abduction and abduction always refer to the anatomical position.

Why Is Anatomical Position Important;6 Facts You Must Know

  • A person who is in the anatomical position:
  • He is standing upright
  • with the head straight, eyes and palms facing forward, arms at the sides and fingers extended, feet forward and perpendicular to the body.

Why Is Anatomical Position Important;6 Facts You Must Know

1. It helps us to study the human body . They are imaginary lines that begin in certain recognized anatomical structures in order to divide the human being into planes to locate anatomical structures or pathological lesions

2. It is necessary to adopt a standard anatomical position for the best description of our body, since it can adopt different positions or vary any of its parts in turn with respect to the rest of the body, which would complicate the description and study of the human body.Once the anatomical position is defined, it is possible to quickly locate each of the parts, organs and cavities that the human body presents. The standard anatomical position can be carried out in a living or dead human.

3. The anatomical position has to do with the spatial references that allow us a good description of how the tissues, organs, systems and other structures of the human body are arranged.

4. Position of the human body, upright with the palms of the hands turned forward (supinated). It is used as a reference position to describe the location or direction of various structures or parts, as established in the official anatomical nomenclature .

5. Maintaining a standard anatomical position allows a better study of the human body,

6.The anatomical position of the human body is governed by spatial references that allow the description of the arrangement of both the systems of the human body and the tissues and organs that compose it.

The standard anatomical position is that the person should be upright with the head and necks erect and the gaze will be directed to the front. The arms will be dropped on both sides of the body extended towards the ground and with the palms of the hands facing forward. The legs should be extended and slightly apart, with the feet and ankles extended.

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