Appendicular Skeleton Bones List;126 Bones You Must Know

Appendicular Skeleton Bones List.The body of any person rests on the skeleton. We can say that the skeleton gives our body support from the inside. And the skeleton itself consists of more than 200 bones. Different bones differ from each other depending on where in the body they are located and what kind of work they have to do.The skeleton of an adult human being constitutes 30-40% of the total body mass ( body mass.

Appendicular Skeleton Bones List;126 Bones You Must Know

The appendicular skeleton, on the other hand, represents the set of bones that form the shoulder girdle (or shoulder girdle ), the upper limbs , the pelvis and the lower limbs . Overall, it includes 126 bone elements:

  • The 4 bones of the shoulder girdle, which are the 2 shoulder bladesand the 2 collarbones ;
  • The 3 bones of each upper limbhand excluded, which are humerus , radius and ulna ;
  • The 27 bones of each hand, which are the carpal bones, metacarpals and phalanges of the fingers . The two hands , therefore, contain the beauty of 54 bones;
  • The 2 bones of the pelvis, which are the iliac bones;
  • The 4 bones of each lower limbexcept foot , which are the femur , the patella , the tibia and the fibula ;
  • The 26 bones of each foot, which are the tarsal bones, metatarsals and phalanges of the toes . The two feet, therefore, contribute to the total number of bones of the skeleton with as many as 52 elements.

The appendicular skeleton includes the skeletal elements within the limbs, as well as the pectoral and pelvic supporting shoulder girdle . The word appendicular is a noun adjective, which itself means a part that is attached to something larger.

The appendicular skeleton of 126 bones and the axial skeleton of 80 bones together form the complete skeleton of 206 bones in the human body. Unlike the axial skeleton, the appendicular skeleton is not used. This provides a much greater range of motion.

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