What to take with you on a trip with a child

Hiking is the best way to relax from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and go away for a while. In addition, this is a great opportunity to show the child life away from gadgets and the benefits of civilization. But before you start packing a hiking backpack, you should find out in detail how to properly prepare for a cross-country trip with children.

Check your options

If you have never gone on long hikes before, you should not rush to the nearest sports store and buy all the equipment. It is better to try your hand at a campsite not too far from your home, limiting yourself to one or two nights. Only after such an experiment will you be able to decide whether you like active recreation in nature, or sleeping on a soft bed is more suitable for the moral well-being of the family.

What will you need on a trip with a child?

To ensure comfort during overnight stays in the open air, it is necessary to prepare:

  • a tent (it is advisable to give preference to models with through ventilation, strong seams);
  • mat-bed (it should be understood that inflatable mattresses have a low heat retention rate, so it is better to give preference to products made of foamed PVC or a similar material with good thermal conductivity);
  • sleeping bags with convenient fasteners and appropriate sizes;
  • tableware for each hiker(a mug, a spoon, a fork, a knife, a plate in the optimal case made of metal that is impact-resistant and wear-resistant);
  • kerosene forcing or gas stove (despite all the romance of cooking on a campfire, a more practical solution would be a device that allows you to cook food regardless of the weather and conditions);
  • airtight food containers that will protect your food and drinks from pesky insects and animals;
  • repellents, means of protection against UV rays;
  • a first aid kit with medicines for first aid (means for treating wounds, injuries and bruises, antihistamines, etc.).

It is also important to take care of provisions when you go on a long hike with a child. You can take different cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat), pasta, stew, snacks (bread, dried fruits, cookies, etc.) with you. Do not forget about a sufficient supply of clean drinking water.

If you are traveling with a child of preschool or elementary school age, it is recommended to consider an option with a car-pedestrian format of the trip: get to the parking lot by car and make radial expeditions from there. In this way, you will introduce children to the delights of an active lifestyle, without sharply cutting off the baby’s habit of enjoying the benefits of civilization.

What to do in your free time ?

Going on a hike with a child, you should prepare entertainment for him during walks and stops. Collecting a herbarium, active games with a ball, rackets, and water pistols will be an excellent solution. Particularly inventive parents can prepare a quest for their children in advance with a treasure hunt on the map (treasures can be sweets, toys, etc.).


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