Road Trip with 2 Year Old;10 Traveling Tips You Must Know

Road Trip with 2 Year Old.If your family includes small children and you have to take a road trip, you should consider certain important aspects that guarantee the safety and comfort of the trip, as well as useful elements for their distraction during the journey, in order to make the experience a great one adventure.To travel with children it requires a lot of foresight and patience, especially when it comes to young children , who require more care and attention.

It is advisable to have everything that may be needed in a very organized way and to take a planning that includes moments for their distraction and relaxation, so that they are not exhausted or annoying on the way.It will be very useful to follow the following recommendations for road trips with young children.

Road Trip with 2 Year Old;10 Traveling Tips You Must Know

Car in good condition.

Make sure the car is in excellent travel condition. It is extremely important that you do this before taking any road trip, whether with or without small children . The car must undergo a thorough inspection in order to confirm that everything is working well or to correct any problems in a timely manner.

CAR sleeping

It will be necessary to check the shock absorbers, the brakes, the battery, lights, oil levels, brake fluid, the tires, confirming that they are in good condition and have the correct pressure, as well as ensuring that the spare wheel is taken. In case the car needs replacement tires, then it is possible to buy cheap Madrid tires , an excellent option to avoid spending too much on them.

Car seat according to the age of the children.

It is essential to have an approved safety seat according to your age, weight and height. Failure to use them can result in fines and endanger the safety of children.

Make sure you buy a chair that is suitable for the child’s characteristics, which guarantees his or her safety and comfort at all times, it must be perfectly adjusted to the anchor of the car. Before starting the vehicle, make sure that the harnesses and the belt are correctly positioned and do not interfere with you.

Other useful tips for traveling by car with children;Road Trip with 2 Year Old.

In addition to safety, there are other things that must be taken into account when undertaking a trip by car with children, according to the pediatric service of the Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya:

  • Schedules: it is important to have schedules marked, as good planning is essential to avoid crowds.
  • Traveling at night:it is also advisable that the schedule encourages children to travel asleep, since this way they will be able to rest and the driver will have less potential source of distraction. In that case, you should travel at night, especially on long trips, since the children will sleep and that will make the journey more enjoyable and will prevent them from being restless or continually asking about arrival. It is advisable to bring a pillow so that they are more comfortable and do not hurt their neck.
  • Bring a backpack for the road: itis advisable to have a backpack with water (with a pacifier, so it does not spill), cookies, fruit or some other snack. We can also bring some clothes, in case the temperature changes or if it gets stained.
  • Putting them comfortable clothes : conditioning the cabin and children’s clothes is essential for them to travel comfortably, especially if it is a long trip.
  • Kit: experts advise including a kit with a thermometer, gauze, bandages and antiseptic to heal wounds; physiological saline to clean the nose or eyes; and some pain reliever medicine such as ibuprofen or paracetamol for possible pain or fever. This type of kit can be found complete in specialized stores in the automotive sector or in large stores.
  • Make stops: whenever you travel by car it is convenient to go out to stretch your legs, but it is even more necessary if you are traveling with children. Breathing fresh air, going to the bathroom and even eating something is essential so that the trip does not become so heavy and both the driver and his companions disconnect from the road. Professionals advise stopping every hour and a half or two, as stops are essential for children, especially babies, since a prolonged incorrect posture can be harmful for them.
  • Dizziness: it is common for children to get dizzy in the car, so ventilating the vehicle, driving smoothly and that the child has not eaten in excess will be the key to avoid it.

Finally, it is also advisable to have a playlist prepared with songs or stories that they may like and entertain them. Preparing a game that can be played out loud is also a good idea.

In addition, it is essential to check both the car and the restraint systems before leaving.Once all these objectives have been met, it is time to start the trip, enjoy the road, family time and, above all, the holidays.

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