What to bring on a trip: essential equipment

What to bring on a trip.What to take on a weekend trip , a trip or a holiday? What is the essential equipment to capture the best moments? Am I by myself, selfie-stick or tripod?

What to bring on a trip

These are some of the questions that many people ask themselves or that many should ask themselves before leaving for a weekend or a holiday. We’ll show you what you could or should always take with you! So here is the essential travel equipment.

Travel kit: what you need to bring with you

We will give you our advice for each category, and if it is true that a good mechanic can be recognized by the tools he uses, so too a traveler must bring the right tools with him on his travels


  • What to bring on the road: photographic kit
    • Camera
      • Entry level
      • Professional camera
    • Spare batteries
    • Spare SD memory
    • Easel
    • Remote release control (wireless self-timer)
  • What to bring on a trip: video kit
    • GoPro HERO9 Black
    • Spare battery kit
    • GoPro accessory kit
    • GoPro filters
    • DJI Mavic Air drone
    • Car drone charger
  • What to bring on the road: smartphone
    • Selfiestick + tripod
    • Smartphone lenses
  • What to bring on a trip: generic accessories
    • Backpack
    • Power banks
    • Multiple charger
    • SD card reader for smartphones
    • Foreign socket adapter

What to bring on the road: photographic kit

In our case, photographs are essential , we like to capture every moment of our journey, whether it’s a  holiday in Kenya  or a trip to the Tibetan Bridge  , it’s all the same for us, we have to photograph!

Here’s what to take on a trip, the equipment you must always have with you:


Entry levelObviously you have to choose the camera that fits your needs. between landscape photos, portraits, or wide angles, choose which category you like best, choose the camera, the lens, and start shooting!

If you’re just starting out, we recommend an entry-level camera at a low cost, capable of taking photos, videos, self-portraits and with remote control:

The  Nikon D3500

In order not to miss anything, a valid alternative could be the  Sony a6000 , a worthy rival for settings and versatility, as well as remote control via APP, a real gem!Professional cameraIf, on the other hand, you have clear ideas about your passion and want to invest more in yourself, the  Sony a7iii  is the choice we recommend making. A full frame mirrorless capable of capturing images and videos worthy of a professional, by combining a 28-70 lens you will have a professional camera capable of taking any type of shot

Spare batteries

You don’t want to be “on foot” with your camera while you’re looking for the shot of the century, right? Well, then spare batteries should be the second thing to pack in your backpack before setting off!

Here is a valid kit of batteries  and  multiple battery chargers , to make the most of every moment of your trip and always be ready to shoot!

These batteries are dedicated to the Nikon D3500 and similar, always check the compatibility for your camera, here are the offers for  Canon batteries  and  Sony batteries .

Spare SD memory

What if halfway through your trip or vacation your SD fails? Always carry a spare SD card , just in case! The shot of life is around the corner and we don’t want you to miss it.

NB choose the PRO series   dedicated to cameras with an advantageous quality/price ratio

EaselAn accessory for many “futile” but for others mandatory .

You want to put the convenience of not having to repeat every 10 minutes: “excuse me, could you take a picture of us?”, it would become really stressful , so the tripod becomes essential , as long as you put your mind at peace, it will clutter you up. In addition to making your photos more stable and defined , it will make your life soo much easier!

Here is a  comfortable, stable and light easel  , at an affordable price. We have personally tested it and we are still using it today for its quality/price ratio.

It takes a moment to open it completely, it is light and very compact unlike other models which, to reach acceptable heights when fully extended, are really cumbersome even when closed, such as the following:Which we always carry with us on our travels but which we are not always able to use. To open completely it needs more surface to rest on and is heavier, but it allows you to shoot up to a height of 180cm and is stable against any weather.

Remote release control (wireless self-timer)

You have arrived at the desired place, you have positioned your new tripod, set the self-timer of your camera and 3…2…1… CLICK! There it is, your epic photo, with the right light, completely out of focus !

How is it possible? You set everything up right! Focusing on a landscape and then placing the lens in front of you, with the self-timer and an entry-level camera, can cause this type of problem .

We have the solution for you!

What to take on a trip except a  remote control , it will save your photos!

It’s small and simple to use, just point, click and you’re done.

It also has a good range (about 6 meters, tested) and costs very little for all the effort it will save you: in fact, in addition to putting your photos in focus, it will save you from entering and exiting the pool every minute (without the anxiety of continuous shooting), or breaking your foot climbing a rock in the mountains while staying inside the shooting countdown.

In short, to ALWAYS carry with you!

What to bring on a trip: video kit

During our travels, our eyes see beautiful things that sometimes photographs fail to fully capture , and we would like to be able to better tell everything we feel and experience.

So we opened  our Youtube channel  where we try to bring you even more with us.

Here’s what we take with us to record our videos on every occasion:

GoPro HERO9 Black

GoPro is the queen of action cameras, and is part of that segment of video cameras that combine video quality with compactness and resistance for any situation!

In fact, you can record sports videos but also use it for a vlog , shoot fantastic timelapse or dynamic timewarp , in short, it’s fun.

Obviously the best GoPro is the latest of its generation, the  GoPro HERO9 Black !

Spare battery kitBy now you understand it, we are terrified of not being able to make it to the end of the day and missing a breathtaking sunset or having to give up some shots due to not having enough batteries , so here is this  battery kit  that has saved us many times:GoPro accessory kitObviously in order to make the most of your GoPro you will need the right accessories at the right time, this solution combines some of the  most used GoPro accessories  to record hours and hours of video, at a very affordable price !GoPro filtersThe GoPro is in itself a fantastic product, but to take full advantage of it, in different light conditions and colors, we recommend the use of  special filters , as if they were sunglasses in the brightest hours.DJI Mavic Air droneWe don’t feel like defining the DJI drone as a member of the inevitable travel equipment, but being part of our material, we decided to include it in the video section.

 To record breathtaking videos and capture images from a different perspective, we rely on the expert hands of DJI who never disappoints us with its  Mavic Air , the price is prohibitive but there are those who cannot do without it, and we understand it perfectly.

Car drone chargerUnfortunately DJI has not yet manufactured compound chargers , i.e. with the transformer separated from the cable, it is therefore mandatory to buy a charger with a plug , and given the poor battery life, using the car cigarette lighter can be really useful with this  car charger .What to bring on the road: smartphoneIt is not always necessary to use a camera to be able to take beautiful photos, it is the hand that takes the real author of each photo, here is for you what to take on a trip if you shoot with your smartphone .

Selfiestick + tripod

In recent times it has almost gone out of fashion, but it still remains one of the tools to carry with you during a trip or a trip, to be independent in terms of photographs, using a  selfiestick  like this will give you double the possibility of shootingSmartphone lensesThe cameras of the latest smartphones provide an already very positive service, if you don’t want to spend money on a professional camera but want to get more out of your smartphone, these  lenses  can be right for you.What to bring on a trip: generic accessoriesAnd finally, here are the accessories that we believe will help you on your travels


It is not easy to find the right backpack for every situation, for us the backpack must be roomy in height to contain the tripod, but not too wide or it will not fit into the hand luggage measurements on the plane, at the same time it must be water-repellent enough and have pockets and zippers to divide our accessories from clothes and toothbrush.

Hard to find right? And yet, here it is, this  backpack  is ideal for the use to which we submit it, and to remain consistent, the price compared to the competition is really affordable for the advantages it brings!

Power banksHow can you leave without a reserve charge in your pocket? We don’t know, and in fact we always carry a  powerful Powerbank  with us . Make your choice based on the mAh in the product description, the higher they are, the more charge you will have!Multiple chargerImpossible to leave without a multiple charger , arriving at the end of the day and having little time to charge all the photographic equipment, power banks and smartphones is a now recognized problem, so here is a  multiple USB charger to our rescueSD card reader for smartphonesIf your camera is not able to transfer photos via wifi or bluetooth, or if you prefer to be more comfortable viewing them from the screen of your smartphone, an  SD adapter  is the one for youForeign socket adapterEvery country has its own electrical sockets , and leaving with peace of mind to be able to charge our electronic material is now mandatory , so here’s what to take on the road to solve your problems, a  multi-socket charger  for every need


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