What Is Fashion Is All About In Our Life And Society

What Is Fashion, this is very interesting question for every society.The word fashion is used in various senses. Generally it denotes the common or customary way in which a thing is done and is applied to the manner, usage and custom prevailing at a particular place and time.

What Is Fashion Is All About In Our Life And Society

How Is Fashion Formed? The Psychology Behind It

Every age is distinguished from every other age by the presence of some common features which are but the expression of the communal life lived at that period. Some prevailing modes in dress and ornament,some peculiarity of thought and language or in the ways of life characterise each epoch and distinguish it from the previous and following ones. These features are not all of equal importance, some of them are deep and abiding and some are casual and superficial. When these are not mere passing shows, fleeting like the colours of an evening sky, but are the expressions of the communal life of the age, their value to the students of history and sociology is great. They indicate the taste, aspiration and outlook of the age and serve the landmarks in the social history of the period.

So fashion clings to every age. We then ask; How is fashion formed? It is generally set by influential men, the idols of the mass, who by reason of their wealth, position or other kinds of achievements have a sort of hold on the mass-mind. With them it is either a case of invention or discovery. Their admirers then take it up and then it is imitated by weaker minds and thoughtlessly adopted by the mass.

Thus the ball is set rolling. The psychology behind this adoption is interesting. It is at first an expression of admiration or worship, then of imitation, and lastly of indolent acquiescence, a desire to escape notice by conforming to the prevailing modes and by refusing to be Singular.

Here is a case. You are a poet and I admire your poetic talents. But I am not content with the spiritual affinity which exists between a poet and his admiring reader. I want some outward expression of my deep feeling of admiration, I must show to the world that I appreciate you. This is a peculiar trait in man who is always  outward expression. So I imitate your hand-writing, dress as you dress, follow your fashion of keeping hair and your mode of expression. Other admirers of the poet come and see me dressed in this way and say this is exactly what I was thinking of doing. I too will adopt this mode”.

Thus he shows to the world that there is a community of feeling among the admirers. They form a class of which this dress is the outward symbol. Then comes the stage of weak imitation. Because X.Y. and Z who are known men, have dressed themselves in this way, weaker minds imitate them and set the ball rolling. Lastly, the mode is taken up by the mass too indolent to be original and too shy to attract notice by being singular.Thus a fashion comes into vogue.

What Is Fashion? You Must Know That Fashion Changes With Time.

Fashion is but the expression of the communal life of a time. Hence it is a clear indication of social unity. But it not only indicates but promotes social unity. It is a powerful check on caprice and whimsically. If everyone acts, speaks and dresses as he pleases, then this mysterious organisation known as human society will vanish and man will real back to the vagaries of savage life. We do not properly appreciate the value of the unifying power of fashion because we are ignorant of the contrasted picture of the chaos of primitive life.

Behind all smooth working there is discipline and this sense of discipline is instilled into our mind in a very easy way by fashion. Fashion also serves as a stimulus in rousing us from moral torpor and enables us to shake off our apathy. When there is no strong incentive in our mind for doing good, we are often, as it were, goaded to it by seeing many people around us doing it. A prevailing good fashion not only checks the evil in man but serves as a good. In an age characterised by the fashion of building temples the miser would be tempted to build one. So in an age noted for humanitarian works, people will be induced to devote  the service of humanity.

Good And Bad Influence Of Fashion In Our Lives

But the evil influence of fashion is more noticeable than its benign aspects. It kills originality and checks all free and in. thinking. It ends in the stifling of reason and in the producing mentality. When in a society too many fashions sway, they in decadent character. The presence of fungus denotes the denotes the death of tree, so the presence of too many morbid fashions indicate social life is being sapped. In such a society the strong, upright man filled to the brim with wonder and divine discontent, is replaced by a weak-kneed generation, shallow and short-sighted, without incentive, accepting everything without examination, a of scorn and pity.

But not only we suffer by losing our capacity for independent, thinking, we inflict suffering on others. A man crashed n burden of fashion is invariably narrow and intolerant. In bon,tons,or the height of fashion we find a prevailing intolerance and con ill feeling and persecution. Because I do not conform to you thinking or to your mode of dressing, you persecute t* persecution is of various degrees, beginning from radicular and ending in social ostracism. This intolerance at my refusal to conform ways is all the more strange in a world where diversity and not is the rule.

Conclusion Remarks About What Is Fashion All About

But the most appalling effect of fashion is the deadening moral sensibility. Our capacity for distinguishing right and paralysed and we exult in inflicting pain and suffering on om creatures. An awful moral perversity comes to posses us. What man, blinded and brutalised by fashion, could have endured tin a frail girl dragged by sheer force into the burning pyre of her husband,  shrieking and jumping out of it and again thrust into it by her dear near ones? What other demon power could have induced a mother to  sacrifice her child before an idol which she called here God. Nothing shows more awfully than these the paralysing of our moral sense, universal liberty,equality and fraternity,the newspaper in modern times has come to exercise a tremendous influence on the public and private life of man.

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