What is meant by healthy habits and lifestyles?

What is meant by healthy habits and lifestyles?
Healthy habits and lifestyles are understood to be those that encourage and promote healthy eating, the development of physical activity, family life and outdoor activities. Also considered are those behaviors and actions that aim to help prevent, reduce or reverse the risk factors and behaviors associated with non-communicable diseases.

The identification of risk factors, unhealthy behaviors and associated non-communicable diseases will be the subject of a resolution issued by the   Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development.

What should the State bodies do within the framework of this system?
The organs of the State administration with competence in these matters, will try to incorporate in their policies, plans and programs, measures that aim to inform, educate and promote the prevention of risk factors and behaviors associated with non-communicable diseases, derived unhealthy habits and lifestyles.

Can any company participate in Choose Living Healthy?
No, in order to participate in the system and use the symbols, companies and private institutions must comply with the standards that are set in terms of advertising, promotion and corporate social responsibility. Every agreement with private organizations must include the commitment to respect and comply with these standards as a minimum.

What are the goals of Choose Living Healthy?

  • Promotion of healthy eating to improve integral nutrition and decrease overweight.
  • Promotion of sports practices.
  • Dissemination of outdoor activities.
  • Family development activities, recreation and free time management.
  • Self-care actions.
  • Information, education and communication measures for the dissemination, incentive and promotion of healthy habits.
  • Contribute to reducing obstacles that make it difficult for the most vulnerable people to access healthy habits and lifestyles.

Which organism coordinates the system Choose to live healthy?
The Executive Secretariat of Choose Living Healthy must coordinate the various State agencies in the implementation of the policies, plans and programs that are part of the system. This secretariat depends on the Undersecretariat of Social Services of the Ministry of Social Development . The evaluation of the implementation of the system is in charge of the Undersecretariat of Social Evaluation, also dependent on the Ministry of Social Development .

What requirements must state policies meet to be part of the system?

  • Design and carry out initiatives that have one or more of the objectives of the system.
  • Establish goals, evaluation mechanisms, and objectives.
  • Consider for its programs, procedures for registering information on beneficiaries and applicants, which allow the measurement and evaluation of, at least, processes and results, such as coverage, effectiveness and quality.
  • Have financing.

Who decides which policies, plans and programs enter the system?
This decision is made by the President of the Republic annually. They will elect those that meet the requirements, following a proposal from the Interministerial Committee for Social Development and a report from the Executive Secretary Choose Living Healthy, prepared for said Committee.

Are there evaluations of the programs that are part of the system?
The programs that are part of the system are subject to evaluations, without prejudice to the authority of the Budget Office to carry out, directly or through third parties, evaluations of their impact.

Can agreements be established with other state agencies?
The Ministry of Social Development may enter into agreements with municipalities, with other organs of the State Administration or with private entities for the operation and financing of the System.

The agreements with private for-profit entities must ensure compliance with the standards in terms of advertising, promotion and corporate social responsibility and must guarantee the possibility of terminating the aforementioned agreements if non-compliance with the standards is verified. The administrative bases that give rise to these agreements must ensure free contracting.


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