Great Essay on Right Use of Wealth In Daily Life

Right use of wealth in daily life have very much importance.In every age and in every country and by all sorts of people wealth has often been condemned as evil. Yet nothing is sought after which more earnestness and greater devotion than this much-maligned ling. From this it seems that much of what has been said of wealth is mere cant and a great deal of the praise of poverty is merely conventional, having come down from a less happy past or from ascetic notions of self-imposed poverty.

Wealth is not by itself the evil ling which it is often painted to be. In fact very few things  are themselves bad. Their goodness or badness depends upon the use we make of them. Wealth misused is no doubt a source of great danger, but rightly and properly used it confers various benefits and blessings on man.

This is evident from the derivation of the world itself. Wealth comes from wheel which means welfare or happiness. That which brings prosperity, welfare or happiness is wealth. But as in this world riches are often seen capable of doing it in a more direct and tangible form, so wealth came to mean riches. Whenever therefore wealth is used to make man happy and good we have the right use of the things. This is :he test by which we should judge the use or misuse of wealth.

The Right Use of Wealth And The Meaning Of Actual Wealth

Wealth should be used to make men happy and prosperous. It  may be so used for benefiting our own selves or in doing good to others, and in both cases it is rightly used. Life is one long struggle and in this fight both body and mind must be kept fit. Whatever is legitimately spent for this purpose is rightly spent. Good food, sanitary houses and clean clothes are all necessary for preserving our health. Care of health is the first of our religious duties and therefore there is nothing wrong in spending money for the preservation of our health.

Only we must see that the expenditure is legitimate. But not only the body but the mind also must be kept in a perfect order. Healthy Mind in a healthy body’s an ideal to be aspired after. So not only the body but the mind also must be given proper food but the food of the mind is knowledge.Hence money is well spent which is spent on extending the bounds of our knowledge. Good books,well furnished libraries and laboratories, treasures of art and extensive travels.are all necessary for developing our mind.

When Wealth Is Used To Make Men Happy It is The Right Use of Wealth

outside ourselves and the charmed circle of our families lie our village,our country and the world at large. Wealth is rightly spent in removing the wants and suffering of our fellow creatures and in bringing the wants and suffering of our fellow creatures and bringing light and joy to their hearts.

So also whatever is spent on extending the bounds of human knowledge, in dispelling the darkness of ignorance and superstition from the heart of men comes right use of wealth. The establishment of schools, colleges and libraries, laboratories, museums and other agencies for spreading knowledge a are steps towards this ideal and no one should question the propriety of spending money on these heads. Money thus spent is spent in  a nobler way than when it is spent on ourselves.

So The Right Use of Wealth Is Also Bringing Peace And Promoting Love Among People

Lastly, whatever is spent in making war impossible and in  bringing peace and in promoting good-will and love among nations is spent honestly. War is one of the greatest scourges of human existence, no price is too great which is paid to stop it. Noble the greet inventor of dynamite could not have used his wealth better than  founding what are called Nobel Prizes, the aim of which was to establish peace and good-will among nations. He lives today in the heart of posterity more by these Prizes than by his dynamic.

Final Conclusion: Why There is Need of Right Use of Wealth

In fact, whatever is done to break down the barriers which separate man from man and nations from nations, whatever is done to alleviate human pain and suffering and to extend the bounds of knowledge, whatever brings joy to life and makes it more tolerable and peaceful is right.

And wealth spent in this cause is nobly and rightly spent. Wealth appears like a benign deity showering untold blessing on mankind when it is used in these ways, but it is a veritable demon when it is used to inflict pain, to darken life and to injure body  soul. It is because wealthy men have got this tremendous capacity wrong and injury that wealth has been decried in all times. But wealth by itself is not wrong. It saves man from many evils of life, discontent, envy, petty meanness and narrowness trouble less a wealthy man than a poor man.

Creating a guide on the “Right Use of Wealth in Daily Life” in a tabular format involves organizing information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Below is an example of how such a guide might be structured:

Category Principles Examples
Budgeting – Allocate funds wisely. – Set aside a portion for savings and investments.
– Plan for both short-term and long-term needs. – Monthly budget for groceries, utilities, etc.
Savings – Save a portion of income. – Automatic transfer to a savings account.
– Have an emergency fund. – Set aside money for unexpected expenses.
Investments – Diversify investment portfolio. – Stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.
– Invest according to risk tolerance. – Higher risks for potentially higher returns.
Philanthropy – Donate to causes you care about. – Regular donations to charities.
– Volunteer time and resources. – Participate in community service.
Luxuries – Spend within limits. – Occasional fine dining or vacation.
– Avoid unnecessary debt. – Use credit cards judiciously.
Education – Invest in learning and skill development. – Take courses, attend workshops.
Health – Prioritize health and wellness. – Regular health check-ups, gym memberships.

This table provides a structured view on how to use wealth effectively, covering aspects like budgeting, savings, investments, philanthropy, and personal spending on luxuries, education, and health. The principles column outlines general guidelines, while the examples column gives specific actions or decisions that fit under each category.


Wealth, when used wisely and purposefully, has the potential to create positive change in our lives and the lives of others. By balancing personal needs with social responsibility, engaging in philanthropy, investing in education and personal growth, practicing responsible financial planning, and cultivating gratitude and contentment, we can make the right use of wealth in our daily lives. Let us remember that true wealth lies not in the accumulation of material possessions but in the positive impact we can make on the world. So, let’s use our wealth wisely and strive for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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