What Is Recreation,Complete Note About Recreation

What is Recreation,it means enjoyment as well as refreshment after toil. Our is age of science. In towns and cities we find a good deal of din noise, hustle and bustle, hubbub and uproar, tumult and commotion. In factories and mills we find a good deal or shrieking, g and grinding noise produced by engines and wheels. After the and strain of the day, the labourer in the factory, the clerk in the teacher in the school the blacksmith in the smithy and peasant on the field, need to refresh themselves in order to soothe over-strained nerves, gladden the over-burdened heart and clear up line depressed spirits.What Is Recreation,Complete Note About Recreation

The brain is tired, the body is fatigued and the spirit is depressed. In order to do away with mental strain, physical exhaustion, and bodily weariness we require some sort of amusement to cheer up our spirits. In this work-a-day life of ours we need a pause for rest and relaxation and also for creative activity. The body needs relaxation and the mind needs rest. Leisure is the essence of life: without it life is dull and drab. Ample opportunities of recreation should be provided by the Slate to every individual the development to his personality.

From the very early times man felt the need of recreation ancient Greece and Rome there were public entertainments 01 spectacular type-competition in “music, drama, rhetoric, dancing games, elaborate, delightful and picturesque pageants, athletes contests, chariot races and gladiatorial contests. In China and sub-continents there were national festivals games and spot feats of strength and muscular activities. In Spain there used to be  fights and in England bear-baiting. In modern times we have commercial recreation as well as organized community recreation, for example, theatre, cinema shows, amusement parks, dance hall, cabarets night clubs, etc. Indoor and outdoor games also provide recreation to many. We have now-a-days swimming pools, golf link skating links, race courses and tennis clubs.

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England, America, Russia and Germany have realised ll importance of recreation in the rejuvenation of national life. America provision is made for swimming, boating hiking, game sports, dancing, festivals and plays.’In England we find tennis court polo field and golf links.

The Cinema is the most popular form of entertainment and recreation in the cities. Formerly theatres and music halls provide amusement to town-men but now the cinema caters to the need of the public. As a source of amusement and recreation the cinema surpasses the amusement of the past. We witness on the screen scenes of breath­taking adventure, blazing romance, hair-breadth escape, blood -curdling events, flaming love-tragedy or heart-breaking tragedy.

We have in the motion pictures sparking wit, lively dialogue, fun and mirth, repartee, witty retort, jokes, quips and cranks; again there is plenty and to spare of romantic love, excitement, suspense, intrigue The cinema satisfies our love of picturesque and the delightful.we forget our perplexing cares and worries for the time are transported in a fairy land where love reigns romantic chord in us is touched and we forget the grim r everyday life. The cinema fans see the pictures with rapt attention. Thus the cinema provides the people with entertainment.It provides them with relief after the day’s tension.

The Television is another source of amusement. We have only to switch the television set and we can hear classical music, vocal and music, orchestra, symphony, opera, news, views and We can thus while away our dull evenings in the summer listening to the radio talks. The radio has provided to millions of men and women;

Hiking has become very popular in Europe. It provides recreation to a large number of men and women. While starting, the excursionists see that he has a thermos bottle, a walking stick, a camera sack and binoculars, a torch and other necessities. The clear blue sky winding road, a flowing stream that is all they need, liters minds with images of lakes, streams, flowers, trees, hills and landscape and when they return they feel refreshed. They enjoy the perfume odour and fragrance of flowers in the countryside. Thus in every town of Europe we find that on Sunday and holidays private buses, lorries and vehicles carry workers and excursionists beauty spot-may be the sea-shore, the quiet countryside or for a breath of fresh air laden with ozone.

Conclusion What Is Recreation Is All About

When we are pent-up within the four walls of our house on a rainy day or a stormy night we can our leisure for mental recreation by fight literature.The idea of recreation in modern times is self-activity. It is now felt men and women should enjoy through their own efforts, not through the effort of others. We can have plenty of recreation by reading books, painting pictures, going out on trips and excursions, cricket and taking part in all athletic sports.. Creative activities express the man. It is all necessary for the harmonious development of mind and body.

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