What Is Advertising All About,Complete Guide About Advertisement

What is Advertising,this is simply process of persuading and influencing your product and services known to the specific marketplace and target audience. It is normally done with the use of television, internet, signboards, Commercials, posters, and Print publications etc.

What Is Advertising All About,Complete Guide About Advertisement

We can’t Live Without Advertisements.

They are very soul of commerce today.They are an essential part of modern trade so much so that it is not possible for us even to imagine a world without advertisements. It is inconceivable how trade can prosper without advertising. The smallest business enterprise has to be advertise people have to be informed through the press, through handbills, through painters and artists, through the cinema and by every other conceivable means.

A look at the advertisements in a newspaper gives us the impression of dullness. But look a little deeper, read a little more carefully, and you will find these advertisements very interesting, and very significant. Advertisements are the most interesting human documents of today. Like epitaphs on graves or an entry in a parish register they are stories of themselves. Every advertisement that is-mot merely an imitation is like a lyric; sometimes you will find the same poignancy of grief, the same lyric cry even the same pulsating emotion in an advertisement that you find in a poem. You will find mothers crying after lost sons, and fathers requesting them to come back, you will find enraged and injured people asking for help from the public, you will find flowers offered at the graves of those who have departed prematurely.

What Is Advertising All About,Complete Guide About Advertisement

And side by side as in life, you will find a handsome, well-to-do young man trying to find the girl of his heart, and a happier one actually marrying his, and declaring it joyfully to the world, while you may come upon, during your researches, upon some exquisite specimens of unconscious humour. The advertisement page of & newspaper is like a modern novel; it gives you a “slice from life” nev< mind if in a disconnected, almost unintelligible way, for is not life itself disconnected and unintelligible?

What Is Advertising,It’s All About Persuasion And Promotion of Your Product And Services

More interesting than these are the advertisements which are deliberate works of art, and have “persuasion” as their aim. Here you may see an artist employing all his faculties to a desired end-may be to make you buy a medicine, or a hat. He proceeds, sometime realistically, sometimes romantically enough, to bring about that lining suspension of disbelief in you which constitutes poetic faith. He may begin by relating his own adventures in a forest with some sands, and may go on the assure you that the secret of the wonderful medicine compounded for him by the sagas is still with him, and for the trifling sum of Rs. 5 meant .only to cover the cost-you may make e of his panacea. Or he may start with a frank avowal that his aim is to earn for himself as much as to help you, and may then proceed deliberately to display his wares. If you have leisure enough you will begin reading, and may be so fascinated as to finish the whole and listen to his long-winded arguments with interest.

What Is Advertising All About,Complete Guide About Advertisement

Features of Good Advertising In Modern World

The typical advertisement of today, however, is the sharp and ips one. The age we live in is a busy age, so busy, indeed, that we have no time to stop and stare. We are perpetually rushing on, and can gather impressions while rushing on so impetuously. The expert advertiser knows this, and acts accordingly. A good advertisement is the best specimen of brevity; it proves that if brevity is not the soul of wit,it is decidedly that of success in advertising. Not a word is wasted, :every stroke tells so that the advertisement has all the “economy of  affect” that many a good work of art would be better for having. The aim of the advertiser is to make the truth flash upon you like a sudden revelation. It strikes you, and is gone, but it sets a train of thoughts going. It has sown the seed, which will sprout in due course.

A good advertiser is always something of a practical psychologist; The aim of the advertisement is to make people buy the likings that you would like to sell and the advertiser does not care what means he uses to achieve this end. He will flatter his customers by appealing to their vanity or sense of economy, their snobbishness or their prejudices. He will win them over by an appeal to their selfishness or self-interest, on their better feelings, their most deep-rooted sentiments. Do you want to buy a soap? Why not buy Dew? Would you see a picture? “see ”  which has broken all records in bringing money to the producers! The advertiser studies the  Serial on which he has to work, finds out the most vulnerable point at those whom he would like to “persuade” and makes his attack.

What Does Genuine Advertisement Involve

 Advertising, therefore, does not depend so much on the quality of the goods you have to sell as on the quality of the mind that advertises. If you happen to be a little clever you can sell anything yam like at any price you like. There are genuine advertisements, no doubt, because without advertising how arc you ever to make your existence felt in the world of today? When there is but one shop selling the needs no advertising. But often it becomes necessary to cry at the of your voice to attract the attention of the customer to yourself, 2nd you must tell him how your goods are better than those of others; otherwise there is very little chance of your selling them in spite of their superiority.

What Is Advertising All About,Complete Guide About Advertisement

Genuine advertisements, therefore, there are, and wt need not conclude that a thing is bad because it is advertised. But there are some who start by assuming that the majority of people be hoodwinked if we take pains enough to be fool them and there is some truth in what they think. The ultimate aim of an advertisement is the profit to the advertiser. And even when the commodities advertised are genuine they become dearer, because the seller charges the buyer for the cost of advertising also.

Conclusion About What Is Advertising And What Does It Do

So advertisements may be more dangerous than live bombs, and may spread more misery than a pestilence. Yet we cannot do without them. The world we live in is too vast for us, too much complicated and complex. But for these advertisements we would lose our way in it. They are like so many Unger posts directing us which way to go in this vast world of ours they are a link between one man another so that if there is a chance for you in Dacca you can know of it in the West Pakistan and avail yourself of it. They may mislead you sometimes but more often they lead you aright. They help you to choose the best for you out of a heap if you have just a little of commonsense. And so one may say that apart from their obvious purpose, advertisements have another purpose namely that of testing your commonsense. Every advertisement is a sort of test paper for your commonsense.

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