10 Qualities of A Good Citizen And Ways To Be Good Citizen

Qualities of a good citizen is very important question for every human being.He is one who never inflicts pain.He is harmless and never tends to do anyone harm. His constant efforts are directed towards removing the obstacles which hinder the free action of those about him. He carefully avoids whatever may cause a jar or jolt in the minds of his companion. He constantly endeavours to put everyone at ease and to make everyone feel at home. For this reason, “he is tender towards the bashful, gentle towards the distant and merciful towards the absurd”. A true citizen is never mean in his disputes, never takes an unfair advantage and never mistakes personalities for argument. In a word, the true citizen is first and foremost, a true gentleman.

10 Qualities of A Good Citizen And Ways To Be Good Citizen

He Always Love And Respect His Neighbours

A good citizen loves his neighbours as himself. He is not like lord Byron, whose motto according to Macaulay was, “hate his neighbour and to love his neighbour’s wife”.He lives in perfect harmony with all the inhabitants of the street.He never tries to pick over petty affairs; never insults his companions; and never anybody wantonly.He is not ambitious to torment or torture his neighbour; and he never delights in the sufferings of others, ike is sympathetic, broad-minded, and liberal.

A person who spits in the street without caring what harm his may do to others; who plucks flowers in the municipal garden; dirt or rubbish in the bazaar ; feels jealous of his next door ]r is disloyal to his city ; neglects personal and general hygiene be called a good citizen. Similarly a person, who suffers from infectious disease, say cholera or plague, and who persists in staying at home secretly, is not a good citizen. A person who sets fire neighbour’s house because he is jealous of his enormous wealth cannot tolerate the success of his neighbor’s house because jealous of his enormous wealth ; or who cannot tolerate the of his neighbour’s son in any department of life does not to be called a true citizen.

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He Always Encourages others And Has Brotherhood

A true citizen has always the welfare of his city at heart. He gives vote to the best and the most capable candidate at the election. He sees to it that his city does not suffer from insanitary conditions.If a road is in a wretched condition or a street is exceeding dirty, he brings these facts to the notice of the municipal or corporation and its counsellors. He is ever watchful to see that the streets of his city are not crowded with dirty beggars: that the roads of his city are kept in perfect order:that no heaps of rubbish are allowed to collect near any place where people live: and that the city is properly illuminated at night.

He Always Protect The Rights of Others

But though a true citizen is loyal to his city this is not to say that he is a self-centred being, who does not care for the outer world, For instance, it would be wrong to suppose that a good citizen is not disturbed to see people suffering from “The epidemic in the next city. A true citizen always regards’ himself as a “citizen of the world”?As Goldsmith puts it, “A philosopher, who was asked as to what country he belonged, replied that he was a citizen,of the world.A good citizen is never narrow-minded in his loyalties. He does not consider himself  to be a native of one particular spot, or to be a member of one patty society.He always regards himself as an inhabitant of the globe and as a member of that grand society which comprehends the whole human race.

10 Qualities of A Good Citizen And Ways To Be Good Citizen

He Always has Public Spirit: 

A true citizen is. not a bigot. He may belong to any community or creed, he is never jealous of those who profess a different creed. If he is a Muslim he is wise enough to see that Christian are as perfect gentleman as any other member of his own faith. If he is a Christian, he respects all Muslims as he does the members of his own community. He is always above communal considerations and jealousies. He is always anxious the different communities should live like peaceful and intimate friends. He is a ‘ born enemy of communal rivalry and of communal competition. When passions run high, he never makes matters worse by instigating people to fight among themselves, but advises them gently to settle and sink their differences, “to forget and forgive”. It is never his ambition to fish in the troubled waters; he is for the “olive branch” rather than for” the apple of discord”.

10 Qualities of A Good Citizen And Ways To Be Good Citizen

He is very Responsible for right ordering of loyalties

These are some qualities of a good citizen.Lastly, a true citizen is always loyal to his city. He is ever willing to serve it like a faithful soldier. If his city is invaded by an enemy, he is the first to lay down his life for it. If his city is devastated by famine, flood or fire, he is the first to volunteer his services to the distracted humanity. Like Wordsworth he is moved to pity when he hears the still sad music of humanity”. He is never tired of doing a fellow citizens.He is always anxious that the inhabitants of his city should be considered as the most cultured and refined people to be  met with anywhere.He knows that to help others to achieve perfection is to help himself in reality for to make the whole world cultured is increase and hasten our own happiness. Thus the good citizen never tries to leave others in the lurch he always carries others along with him in his march towards perfection.

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